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Emoji With Star Eyes Meaning Examined in 12 Different Context

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Are you new to using emojis? especially the star-eyes emoji? Emojis were invented from pixels to help humans express their emotions better. This is because a lot of things said in text format could be read differently from their actual meaning. For example, the question ‘Are you ok?’ could mean different things to different people. It could mean someone cares and wants to know about your welfare and on the other side of the coin, it could mean getting scolded with words like, ‘Are you out of your mind?’

On different levels and expressing different types of emotions, the emoji with the star eyes meaning includes awe, enthusiasm, starstruck, dazed, passion, and a host of other things.

To use the star eyes emoji effectively, we will be discussing the different meanings that the star eyes emoji represent. Let’s look at the emoji with the star eyes meaning.

The Meaning of Star Eyes Emoji

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The star eyes emoji is a unique emoji that can help you express different emotions or feelings at any given time, depending on the context of the conversation. The meaning of the emoji with star eyes is discussed further below.

1.  It Shows Excitement

One of the most common interpretations of the star emoji is excitement. It is used mostly to back sentences like “I’m now a graduate.”  This statement describes the excitement with a combination of other emotions that will be discussed as you read on.

2. It Describes Happiness

Emoji with star eyes means happiness, which literally lights up our eyes. There is something called half-smiles that’s used in psychology to help people overcome dark emotions. Now, when someone is half smiling, the person’s eyes don’t sparkle but happiness is a different ball game. Happiness truly lights up everything in you, especially your eyes; therefore, the star eyes emoji was made to properly communicate your true happiness to another person.

3. It Means Starstruck

Emoji with star eyes meaning include being starstruck. Surprisingly, when some people meet their favorite celebrity, they suddenly lose their ability to speak; not only that but they also just stare at them to the point where they unconsciously drool because their mouths hang open. This sudden behavior is what it means to be starstruck and the star eyes emoji is the best way to properly articulate being starstruck.

4. It Shows Anticipation

This can actually be deduced from the context of the conversation. Emoji with star eyes includes anticipation. When statements like ‘I can’t wait’ are used, they are almost always accompanied by the star eyes emoji. This is because anticipation is a determination that the star eyes emoji communicates without inhibitions.

5. It Illustrates Awe

Awe is a way of expressing adoration, and in specific scenarios and contexts, it is seen as worship. It’s a combination of being amazed with a little dose of dazedness, all in a positive way. The star eyes emoji can illustrate that emotion.

6. It Shows Fascination

Emoji with star eyes meaning include fascination, where one is held spellbound by something like a melody, image or act of kindness. The star eyes emoji effortlessly portrays the interest you have in a person or conversation and how fascinated you are by it.

7. It Describes Surprise

Surprise is an emotion you feel when you get something you didn’t expect. It could be on different spectrums; that is, it could either be happy or sad. In the case of the emoji with the star eyes, it only depicts a happy surprise, where you get something mind-blowing and truly love it.

8. It Means Passion

When one is passionate about something, he or she tends to talk about it a lot and feels very strongly about it. In the online space, when someone posts about a certain thing a lot of times, it’s most often interpreted as ‘like’ that could also be seen as passion. The star eyes emoji helps us convey our passion for something with just one click.

9. It Illustrates Thrill

You might think the star eyes emoji only explains excitement, but what about extreme excitement? Thrill, which means extreme excitement, can equally be described using the star-eyes emoji. There are ranges of each emotion that is felt by a person. You might be wondering if the star eyes emoji is capable of helping others understand how high or low your excitement may be, but not to worry.

The star eyes emoji can communicate the height of your emotion depending on the context it is used in and how many of the star eyes emojis you use. Most people use more than one, just for the sake of emphasizing themselves.

10. It Describes Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is often felt when one is motivated and eager about something. It’s an intense emotion that can also be described by the star eyes emoji. For example, someone who really needs a promotion at work will do all that is important to get it. The need for a promotion will motivate the person to work harder and smarter to get it. Using the star eyes emoji when trying to convey this need for a promotion will help others understand the emotion there.

11. It Shows Impressiveness

Emoji with the star eyes meaning include impressiveness towards something or someone. When one is impressed by someone else’s achievements, the star eyes emoji is one of the best emojis to use. For example, the word ‘congratulations’ is most definitely almost always accompanied by the star eyes emoji, as it elaborates on how impressed you are by the person.

12. It Shows Astonishment

One of the good things about the star eyes emoji is that it helps one express different ranges or intensities of emotion. In the case of astonishment, the star eyes emoji brings to light that great or extreme surprise that almost always makes you shout out loud. Emoji with the star eyes meaning entails emotions like astonishment that words could fail to explain.


Emoji with star eyes meaning includes a lot of different emotions and it can be used to describe not just one emotion in a context but also different emotions in the same context. Learning about the star eyes emoji and what it means will put you in a better position where you can put an emoji on what you feel and better communicate your thoughts and feelings to those who care to listen.

One good advantage of using the star eyes emoji is that it can mean different things in different contexts and it’s all about positive energy.





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