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7 Signs He Finds You Attractive

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Love is a beautiful thing. Being in a relationship with someone you love is more beautiful, and attraction is one of the spices of a beautiful relationship. Attraction in a relationship is a chemistry that triggers one’s emotions, especially at first sight.

When a man desires you, anything can make him find you attractive. It can be your physical appearance or because of some desired characteristics, which can lead to mutual interest and deep intimacy.

When a guy finds you attractive, it can be evident in his actions towards you. Attraction involves the interplay of various dynamic elements that evolve and grow over time.

Time in that relationship is what will prove if that attraction can be sustained into a fulfilling connection between you both or not.

It feels surreal and confusing when you can’t say if a guy finds you attractive or not. There is something so beautiful about knowing if he finds you attractive or not. It keeps you in the know about whether to respond or not.

This article is to educate you on the possible signs you’ll see and to let you know that a guy finds you attractive.

7 Signs He Finds You Attractive

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1. He Makes intense eye contact with you.

Our eyes are the windows to our souls. We look deeply at whatever we like. It’s in our nature. Same thing when a man finds you attractive and can’t get over you or enough of you; he looks at you with love.

His pupils will dilate when he looks at you. He lavishes his gaze on you either when you’re walking, swimming, running, riding, or doing any other activity.  He finds you very irresistible.

Most times, you catch him making intense eye contact with you or stealing a glance at you with a smile, even when you’re not aware.

This is one of the signs that he’s interested in you, finds you attractive, and wants to connect with you on a deeper level.

And for the shy one, he might just look at you, make eye contact briefly, and then look down to avoid being embarrassed, or you might catch him.

So pay attention to a guy who looks at you with his pupils dilated. This is an involuntary response that occurs when the body is flooded with emotions and dopamine, which is associated with pleasure and happiness.

It happens when someone is attracted to another person. That can be a sign that he finds you attractive.

2. He Tries To touch or lean On You When Talking

One of the signs he finds you attractive is that he leans close to you and possibly touches you lightly on the shoulder or arms anytime you’re talking or close.

This comes out of his desire to be closer to you. He likes putting a hand on your arm or gently letting his touch linger when your hands meet.

He would want to lean on you during conversations.  For any opportunity to be together, he finds it so convenient to sit next to you.

This shows that he can’t resist you. Even when he knows it looks weird to always glom onto you, he can’t just stop himself! It shows that he’s interested in you or what you’ll say.

This touch or action is a non-threatening way of showing that he likes you and is comfortable around you. It’s just an unspoken gesture that indicates his interest in your life and relationship.

So it’s very important to pay attention to his body language and verbal and nonverbal communication. Sometimes this has no sexual tone, such as placing his hands on your shoulder.

These light touches send a message of comfort and familiarity. They are subtle ways of expressing his attraction.

3. He notices or remembers Every Detail About you

If he remembers every small detail about you, it shows that he’s interested in you, pays attention to every detail about you, and finds you attractive.

One of the things that cracks up a relationship is when the guy forgets every tiny detail about you. Forgetting the important key days in your life, like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Such a relationship is bound to fizzle out when he stops to notice small details about you, like your new hairstyle, new dress, achievements, etc.

A guy who finds you irresistible will remember every detail. He will even point to any changes in you—hairstyle, new nail makeup, perfume, fashion, etc. It’s more like he’s into you all day long.

He pays attention to you. That shows that you’re important to him, and he finds you attractive.

4. He Doesn’t Like Other Guys Around You

Another sign that a guy finds you attractive and can’t get his mind off you is that he doesn’t like to see other men around you.

He becomes territorial over you, seeing other guys around you as threats. When you see a guy behaving this way, there’s a sure probability that he finds you attractive.

Although if this attitude isn’t checked, it can cross the line into toxicity and possessive behavior, in milder forms, it’s usually manageable.

A guy who finds you attractive will not feel comfortable seeing other men around you or seeing you talking or flirting with other men.

He does this to possess or defend what he wants. He will eye these men up like he’s an animal stalking its prey or assessing the competition. All he wants is you all to himself.

5. He Makes You Laugh And Laughs At All Your Jokes

Laughter is like medicine for our souls. The power of a smile can even melt the hardest of hearts. A happy life also includes laughter.

A great way to be sure a guy finds you attractive is that his presence will always be a source of laughter. He will find every means to make you laugh and will also respond to your jokes, whether they are funny or not.

Because he finds you attractive, everything about you will make him happy.  He makes you laugh because he finds you attractive, cares about you, and enjoys your company.

Laughter can be deeply tied to a romantic relationship. A shared sense of humor and the ability to make each other laugh are powerful indicators of deep connection.

Each time we laugh, it releases endorphins, creating positive associations and fostering attraction. There’s a way he will crack jokes with you, and it can be seductive, out of attraction, or increase romantic tension. If you find him doing this around you often, then he’s likely into you.

6. He’s All Over Your Social Media

In the bid to show how much he cares about you, a guy who finds you attractive will find his way on all your social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, you name it.

Many see this as stalking, but it’s one of the big signs he finds you irresistible and wants to know many things about you. He wants to be on top of his game. He may even get desperate enough to start scouring your friends.

A man who is infatuated with you and finds you attractive can do anything possible to get close to you.

7. He’s There For You When The Chips Are Down

A guy who finds you attractive will stick to you and be there with you even when others are gone. He’s the reason for the quote, ‘a friend in need is indeed a friend.’ He stays to help you pull through.

A guy who just finds you attractive, irresistible, or likes your personality is going to be there when the crap hits the fan. This is one of the strongest signs he is into you and finds you attractive. He will help.

You find your way out of the whole challenge. He constantly stays with you when the chips are down. This is the case even when there’s no clear benefit to him. He cares, just because he’s extremely into you.


In the world of today, where many relationships have been abused, deciphering a man who finds you attractive can be a tricky one.

While some men can openly express their feelings, others do the same through gestures. Knowing these signs will help equip you to navigate this path and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead while maintaining your values and expectations.

However, it’s also good to be aware that all the points listed above might not be present in every case. Or you can just be there or more.

However, if you observe some of these signs in a man, it’s a sure indication that he finds you attractive

Seeing these signs in him shouldn’t also be the reason why you lose your senses and fall victim. Pay attention to his behaviors aside from finding you attractive.

Also, trust your instincts. Attraction shouldn’t be the basis of a healthy relationship. There is more to having a great relationship than just feelings and emotions.

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