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10 Attractive Shoes Similar to Hey Dude


What’s the big deal about Hey Dudes? It is a go-to, especially if you are looking for a slip-on or lace-up loafer style of shoe that ticks all your boxes. It is a shoe brand that is constantly in demand and widely known for its quality, durability, functionality and comfortability.

These shoes are superior ones made with organic cotton, recycled leather, plastic, cord and power soles. They feel very light on your feet and can be worn every day to work, to the gym or to casual occasions with different outfits. They are machine washable, easy to clean and come in a variety of styles for both men and women.

However, they are not particularly affordable, so most people look for other shoes similar to Hey Dude.  If you are looking for some shoes like Hey Dude, you should want something that meets the quality of premium Hey Dude shoes in material, comfort, versatility, design and strength. You should check out other features such as lightness, attractiveness, durability and strong soles.

While Hey Dude is committed to sustainability, these Hey Dude look-alike shoes aren’t exactly eco-friendly, though most of them are made with about 15% vegan leather. There are plenty of shoes similar to Hey Dude; they may be difficult to find but we are certain that there are several great alternatives out there.

With these alternatives, you can choose your own style, size, color and patterns good enough for you to follow the trend, plus everyone should have at least one Hey Dude alternative in their wardrobe. So, whether you are looking for something more affordable or something similar to Hey Dudes, this list below will be of great help in your search.

10 Shoes Similar to Hey Dudes for Men and Women

1. Star Merx women’s Canvas loafers

The Starmerx Women’s Canvas Loafers, featuring a slip-on, lace-on style, are one of the shoes similar to Hey Dude. Their style makes it easy to put on and take off and their versatility makes them able to be worn in different settings, such as to work, on casual occasions, and while running errands.

Starmerx are constructed with premium material for a smooth and comfortable walk. They are made with premium canvas and have a cushioned footbed, including a lightweight EVA outsole.  These non-slip properties help to provide traction for the feet in slick situations.

They come in ten different colors, including white, black, yellow, sky blue, purple, navy, gray, fuschia, pink, etc. Sizes available range from 5 to 10.

2. Naturalizer Marianne loafer

The Naturalizer Marianne loafer is one of the best shoes out there, similar to Hey Dude. It is a slip-on shoe with a casual sport style and is great for those constantly on their feet. Naturalizer is known for its comfortable, fashionable and feminine styles available in breathable materials like velvet, suede, corduroy and leather, including a cushioned footbed, which makes them perfect for wearing all day long.

Therefore, Naturalizer Marianne is a great pick if you are looking for these features. Additionally, you have a variety of colors to pick from and varying sizes that can accommodate its wearers.

3. Firelli W. Casual slip-on canvas loafer

Women’s Firelli Canvas is one of these Hey Dude dupes that provide excellent value for the money.  It is a walking flat shoe built with high-quality materials that can be worn for numerous activities, including walking, traveling, lounging, and driving.

The Firelli women’s loafer is made of soft, breathable canvas fabric that is super easy to clean. The shoes have comfortable linings on the inside and a cushioned footbed that supports you while walking. Its outsole is made of EVA rubber with grooves at the bottom. It also features a convenient slip-on design, making it easy to put on and take off, so you don’t have to deal with zips and laces.

Firelli goes well with different outfits, including dresses, skirts, shorts and jeans and is available in five color options: green, yellow, black, gray and navy. Sizes range from 5 to 10, including a 9.5.

4. JABASIC Women’s Penny loafers

alp yıldızlar, pexels, 15127337.jpg

JABASIC shoes are breathable and comfortable, like Hey Dude. It is specially designed for fashion and high function with its superior quality materials and blended design. The JABASIC women’s loafers can make you look more attractive on any occasion and comfortable for different occasions, such as working, lounging, shopping and other outdoor activities.

It is made of fiber and a 100% synthetic upper, which enhances its stability and long life. JABASIC shoes are convenient to wear and remove, especially with their elastic and soft texture, which can make you feel like walking on cotton.

Its footbed has a perfect fit, specially composed of EVA and cushioned memory foam. Its bottom has high quality soles made of a special sponge, and its soles are hollow-carved, very flexible, non-skid and comfortable. It will let your feet feel more comfortable while walking, especially on hot days. It also has a waterproof design, which makes it suitable to wear in the rain. It boasts various colors for you to choose from for each day’s outfit and comes in various sizes.

5. Bruno Marc men’s casual slip-on loafers

Bruno Marc loafers are the best similar shoes to Hey Dudes. It is the lightest one on the list, with a breathable and water-resistant EVA sole and footbed to encourage air circulation, a stretchy knitted upper, plus arch support that helps to alleviate pressure on the heel. It is simple, clean, extremely comfortable with traction on the heel and soles, and good for flat feet and plantar fasciitis. Its ethylene vinyl acetate sole makes it super durable and long-lasting.

If you are looking for comfort, style and durability, then Bruno Marcs Men’s Canvas Stretch Loafers should be your top pick. It offers comfort all day long, whether you are standing, sitting, or walking. With its Moc toe style, it gives a casual look and adds to its attractiveness and versatility; it can simply be worn casually or with business attire. The shoelaces are made of cotton and can be adjusted anytime to fit your liking. Overall, its upper materials are water-resistant and can be worn while wet.

6. Crocs Santa Cruz

The Santa Cruz loafers from Crocs are considered one of the best dupes of Hey Dude. These shoes are made with imported, high-quality fabric, 100% textile, in complete absence of leather or canvas. It has a sole that provides sufficient support for the feet.

Crocs Santa Cruz are convenient slip-on shoes with a sleek look that makes it easy to be paired with different outfits and worn for different occasions, especially as office wear or beach wear, though they are not water resistant.

7.  Franwillor men’s slip-on casual loafers

elif dörtdoğan, pexels, 18031041.jpg

If you are looking for casual shoes that tick all your boxes while being similar to Hey Dudes, then FW men’s slip-on loafers should be one of your choices. It is very comfortable and can be worn with any outfit because it comes in various colors and sizes and most especially at a good market price.

These shoes are made from good quality canvas with a soft, skin-friendly lining and string phylon soles. Its phylon soles quickly absorb moisture from your feet and make it easy for you to walk faster without friction or pain.

They are also easy to clean and so lightweight, comfortable and pain-free that you can wear them all day long at home or in the streets. These shoes are long-lasting because they work perfectly in all weather conditions, with heat or water, because of their resistant nature and they provide you with a good look and a feeling of comfort and freedom when you wear them.

8. Clae Porter knit

If you are looking for attractive summer shoes with an incredibly supportive footbed, then Clae Porter Knit is your go-to. Clae Porter knit is an amazing shoe similar to Hey Dude; in fact, its most amazing feature is a cool cork footbed and insole with cushioned foam for supporting the feet, legs, and back.

It is one if a kind because it feels so comfortable on the feet while being eco-friendly and sustainably made out of recycled plastic waste from the ocean. Clae is a super casual slip-on shoe without laces. It has this clean, sleek look that can be great with a pair of shorts, polo or trousers.

9. Skechers men’s moccasin sneakers

Skechers sneakers are one of the many shoes that are like a Hey Dude clone. At first glance, it is pretty difficult to differentiate from a real Hey Dude, yet it is slightly different from Hey Dudes. Skechers are casual sneakers with a goga footbed and an upper part made of canvas. It has memory foam, which helps to provide a perfect, comfortable fit and allows for better arch support than Hey Dudes.

However, despite its good lookalike, its insoles are irreplaceable and provide little traction for the feet, unlike Hey Dudes.

10. Reef men’s coast sneaker

Reef men’s sneakers are another shoe similar to Hey Dudes. They are almost like the Bruno Marcs pair, having a stretch lace system and a round moc toe, as well as a very lightweight upper made from a breathable material and memory foam footbed.

Its footbed is so comfortable that it feels like you have been wearing bedroom slippers. It also prevents friction that easily causes blisters on the feet and is sweat-resistant. Reefs are great for casual occasions with your favorite clothing and come in different sizes for men.


There are so many reasons why Hey Dudes are so popular and revered but so far, Bruno Marcs casual loafers are the top pick and most recommended for both men and women among all the shoes similar to Hey Dudes because they look and feel almost the same. They are attractive, affordable and functional.

Apart from Bruno Marcs, you should go for other lookalikes with a round Moc toe because it has that feel of Hey Dude and more because everyone deserves a shoe similar to Hey Dude in their collection.

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