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14 Fantastic Shoes Similar to Yeezys

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Thinking of fashionable and stylish footwear? Have you seen Yeezy? You’ll certainly agree that it is one of the most fashionable pieces of footwear you have ever come across. There is no way we can talk about the different iconic sneakers that exist without Yeezys popping up.

Yeezy shoes are luxurious footwear for people who are looking for ways to combine luxury, class and elegance Yeezy does the job. You can wear this shoe and feel comfortable and confident all day. The sneakers come in different designs, colors and models, so the brand offers people a variety of options to choose from.

As long as everyone might love and desire to own a pair of these shoes. It might not be possible because it is a luxury item, and everyone might not be able to afford to own one. Even though the price might be a little expensive, it is still highly in demand.

Do you even know how this shoe came into being? Yes, there is a story behind every piece of fashion that you see today and I think it will really be interesting for us to learn about how these sneakers were invented and the brain behind this lovely footwear. Considering in brief the history of Yezzys Sneakers is necessary. Let’s delve into it.

History of Yeezy Sneakers

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Kanye West, a popular American wrapper, song writer, producer and fashion designer, invented the Yeezys sneaker, which has now become very popular. I would like to consider him a fashion designer in this article since the subject of discussion is fashion. This American fashion designer created a new design of sneakers. The first brand of the new design that he released was in 2009, when he partnered with Nike. The new brand of sneakers he released is known as Nike Air Yeezys.

His sneakers were the first type of sneakers that were not designed for athletes or meant for sporting activities. The retail price for each piece of footwear was $215. The lunch of this shoe was successful and it served as the breaking ground for the several other models that were lunched after.

The journey continued in 2012, when the second model of the Yeezys sneaker was released by Nike and Kanye. Each pair sold for $250. The second lunch witnessed great success as the shoes sold out like hot cakes. It was in high demand by people and the most demanded was the colorway, which was resold for a whopping sum of $10,000. Wow! Crazy, right?

However, Kanye’s partnership with Nike soon ended because Kanye demanded to be paid royalties, which Nike did not oblige. Since he would not be paid royalties by Nike for the sneaker’s designs, he developed with Nike, he left to another popular competitor brand known as Adidas in 2013 because Adidas offered to pay Kanye West royalties for his designs with them and also gave him control over the Yeezy sneakers.

His partnership with Adidas birthed a new design of Yeezy, known as the Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 Lineup. Each pair was sold at a retail price of $350. This shoe also recorded a huge sale, just like every other Yeezy shoe.

The year 2015 was a great one for Kanye West as he dropped another design in mid 2015. The invention of the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 was hugely received by sneaker lovers in town. This was the shoe that earned the award of shoe of the year at the Footwear News Annual Achievement Awards.

In later years, many other Yeezy sneakers were released by Kanye West and they continued to be greatly sought after by people. In 2018, Kanye made a declaration that Yeezys should be made available for everyone who desires to own them. This resulted in a more frequent release of Yeezy sneakers. These days, the shoe is now readily available and can be easily purchased from different fashion stores by people who desire to own a pair of Yeezy.

Today, when we talk of fashionable sneakers, Yeezy sneakers will definitely be on people’s lips. Kanye West has come up with different Yeezy sneaker models and designs and they continue to remain iconic fashion items in the footwear industry. Now that we are familiar with the Yeezy sneakers, let us look at some other designs of sneakers similar to Yeezys.

14 Fantastic Shoes Similar to Yeezys

1. Adidas Originals Men’s Tubular Dusk Running Shoe

There are several shoes similar to Yeezys and one of those shoes is the Adidas Originals Men’s Tubular Dusk Running Shoe. The shoe is made of textile and synthetic materials, bearing a very close resemblance to Yeezys. It is a cool set of fashion items and it is very comfortable to wear and can be worn on any piece of attire. The price of the shoe is pocket friendly and there are 16 different variable designs of this shoe.

2. Nike Zoom Fly

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The Nike Zoom Fly is definitely a great option if you are looking for shoes similar to Yeezys. It’s affordable compared to the original Yeezy. These shoes are also very comfortable and fashionable at the same time. There are different colors of this design that one can choose from.

3. Adidas Men’s Questar Flow Sneaker Running Shoe

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The Men’s Questar Flow Sneaker Running Shoe is another sneaker that belongs to Adidas and is one of the shoes similar to Yeezy. The shoe comes with an ortholite sock liner and a soft step. The classic model of running shoes was what inspired the invention of this shoe model. The soft step that the shoe has makes it very comfortable to wear. They are fancied by Yeezys lovers because the shoe looks so much like it and also lasts longer. The sneaker is available to buyers in 33 different colors at varied prices.

4. Adidas Ultraboost 20 Running Shoe

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The Ultraboost 20 Running Shoe is an amazing sneaker designed by Adidas. It can be classified as one of the shoes similar to Yeeze. The shoe has amazing features, such as the boost midsole, which provides perfect cushioning and helps the feet relax better, which enables it to be worn by one for an extended period of time. The Primeknit and textile upper that the shoe has provide flexibility to the feet, making them breathable. It is a set of classy pieces that provide comfort to the wearer.

5. Maison Margiela Future High Top

This design of sneaker is similar to the Yeezy Boost 350 and it’s also affordable. The shoe is a high-top sneaker that comes with excellent features such as touch strap fastening, a lace up front fastening and a rear pull tab.

6. Nike Men’s Epic React Flyknit Running Shoe

These are other cool sneakers from Nike, one of the shoes similar to Yeezys. These shoes provide great comfort to the wearer and they come with nice features that make them a lovely piece of fashionable and trendy footwear. It has a traction patterned sole modeled heel. It can easily be worn and removed from the feet by the wearer. The shoe exists in 14 different colors.

7. Nike Men’s Roshe Run

These shoes are another set of amazing designs by Nike. If you are looking for quality, comfort, and class, these sets of footwear will certainly meet your needs. The shoe is very similar to Yeezys. The shoe is very flexible and can be worn for different purposes, including sporting activities. They are available in 13 different types at varied prices.

8. The Apl Techloom Pro

This sneaker is fantastic footwear that is similar to the iconic Yeezy shoes. These shoes have excellent features, such as a comfortable knit upper. These shoes are both stylish and affordable. One can get the shoe without having to break the bank. This shoe is very comfortable and is among the shoes similar to Yeezy.

9. Adidas Men’s Lite Racer Adapt 3.0 Running Shoe

I found the perfect set of shoes for my athletes who love Yeezy. Yeah, so this shoe is fit for sporting activities and exercise and yes, part of the shoe is similar to Yeezy. It is a lovely shoe that can be worn and pulled off with great ease.

10. Adidas Men’s Tubular Doom Sock PK Running Shoe

This is for you if you want to keep it cool and stylish. This is what the Men’s Tubular Doom Sock PK Running Shoe offers you. It is also very comfortable and durable and it is similar to Yeezy. It has a textured upper that makes it fit for sport. It also comes with a foldover tongue, which makes it comfortable on the feet of the wearer.

11. Puma Ignite Evoknit Men Running Shoes

Everything about it speaks of comfort. This is the type of footwear that everyone wants to have because everyone wants to be able to wear things, they are comfortable in. It is certainly among the shoes similar to Yeezys and it has amazing features. For example, the evoknit upper sock and ignite foam found on the shoe make it more comfortable for the wearer. The outsoles of the shoes are made of rubber and are long lasting.

12. Mark Nason Women’s Sneaker

I found a specially designed pair of sneakers for ladies and they are similar to Yeeze. This is a unique piece, particularly designed for women. The shoe comes with amazing features, such as a breathable knitted upper, which allows the shoe to feel comfortable on the leg of the wearer. It also comes with a sir-cooled memory foam, which adds to the comfort of the shoe. It has a lightweight sole, which makes it flexible for movement.

13. New Balance Men’s 247 V2 Sneaker

This is another lovely set of shoes for people who love suede shoes. This is because this shoe has a suede top. It is among the shoes similar to Yeezy. It also has other amazing features in the midsole, which makes the shoe more comfortable on the feet. The shoe is also lightweight and flexible. It is a great choice of footwear that can also be worn during sporting activities.

14. Feetmat Men’s Non-Slip Sneakers

Finally on the list of shoes similar to Yeezys are the Feetmat Men’s Non-Slip Sneakers. It is very comfortable and comes with an upper breathable mesh and is lightweight, making it flexible for use in different activities.


It can be concluded that Yeezy is an iconic sneaker among the several sneakers that exist. Also, this brand has created a large market for the product, which is why it is still highly sought after by many people regardless of the price. Also, Yeezy has created a great legacy for other shoe brands which is why we have other shoe designs that have been inspired by the Yeezy sneaker brands.




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