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13 Lovely Shoes that look like Converse 

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Converse is one of the perfect footwears you can never go wrong with. Really, everyone I have met loves to converse. Of course, what’s there not to love about that shoe? Converse is just a set of perfect footwear that can be worn to different occasions, such as church, school, the office, sporting activities, and a lot more. Maybe it won’t be wrong to call it a multipurpose shoe. Converse are very comfy and give the wearer a smart, elegant look.

Converse are very popular footwear because who doesn’t know Converse? If you don’t own converse, you must have seen it being worn by people around you. Well, that’s not what this article is all about; it’s just to emphasize how popular the converse is.

It’ll be interesting to find out and learn more about this popular footwear. Getting to know how Converse came into being sounds like an interesting one. Definitely! Let’s dive deep into a brief history of converse.

A Brief History of Converse

Converse was created by Marquis Mills Converse in 1908 in Malden, Massachusetts. Marquis Mills used to be a manager in a company that manufactured footwear before he established his own footwear manufacturing company, where he started producing foot- wear using rubber. His goal was to produce shoes that are stylish and comfortable to wear.

Marquis Mills saw potential in his shoes to be used and adopted for sporting activities and this is why he started making shoes for sports, which led to the invention of the popular all-star converse. It can be said that Converse was originally created to be worn by basket ballers and not meant to be generally worn as we see it today.

This shoe was more than what people used to make a statement; it also played a more functional role. The Converse All Star played a vital role in the sports sector and it is one of the iconic pieces of footwear that remains relevant in the sporting sector today.

Just like it happens in every new business, the sale of Converse was going smoothly but it was not far-out until 1921, when a popular basketball player known as Chuck Taylor joined the sales team and facilitated the sale of Converse among basketball players in America. It later became widely accepted nationwide among players. His positive impact led to the birth of a new converse design known as ‘Chuk Taylor All Star’.

This footwear gained so much prominence among basketball players across America in the 30’s. One other major event that brought about the success of Converse was when the white hi-top model was created by Chuk Taylor for an Olympic basketball team in the USA. Chuk Taylor did so well with the converse, as the soldiers also wear the converse during training exercises. It became a symbol of patriotism during the war.

Another huge success was recorded after the black and white Chuk Taylor All Star was created, until it soon became one of the items that were required for anyone who was interested in basketball. Converse continued to enjoy more popularity in the sporting sector.

However, the use of Converse is no longer limited to sporting activities. It is now worn and styled with an outfit to make a statement. The truth is that the converse is trendy footwear in the fashion world. This is why the brand now produces Converse in different colors, styles, and prints.

In 2003, the company was faced with some business issues due to poor business decisions, which made the footwear brand go bankrupt. It was not the end of footwear, as the brand was sold to the likes of Nike, which is a very popular fashion brand. This led to the invention of alternative Converse footwear to be produced for the market.

Now let us find out some of the other shoes that look like converse in this article.

13 Lovely Shoes that Look Like Converse

1. Nike Blazer 77s

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One of the shoes that look like Converse is the Nike Blazer 77s. This shoe has been around since 1973. The manufacturer of this shoe is a popular footwear brand known as Nike. Originally, the shoe was made to be used by basketball players. This shoe has now become widely embraced due to the simplicity that it provides. This footwear is available to be purchased in different colors.

Aside from being a comfy shoe, this type of shoe is also very stylish, as it can be worn by the wearer to different locations and also styled with different attire.

2. Carriuma OCA Low

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Another fancy shoe that looks like Converse is the Carriuma Oca Low. Curiuma is a shoe brand based in Brazil. This converse alternative shoe has a padded insole and canvas upper and they are very comfortable to wear like the converse. One of the interesting features of this shoe is that it enhances sustainability because it is made from eco-friendly materials like eucalyptus tree foam and Brazilian sugarcane rubber. These shoes come in different colors and designs.

This brand practices sustainability in society by planting two trees for every pair of shoes purchased from the brand. If you are looking for a blend of stylish and sustainable footwear, Carriuma is your go-to brand.

3. Dior B23 High Top Logo Oblique

Dior is a very popular luxury fashion brand. This brand specializes in the production of shoes and clothes. This brand has shoes that look like Converse, one of which is the Dior High Top Logo Oblique. One of its features is set apart by its layering of transparent paneling and white Dior Oblique canvas. This shoe has contrasting side details and it is laced up at the front. The shoe also portrays the brand identity, as the Dior signature is boldly enscripted on the body of the shoe. It is very comfortable to wear and it is flexible for different outings and occasions.

4. Palladium Pampa

Palladium Pampa can also be categorized among the shoes that look like Converse. This shoe has a very long history. The former Palladium shoes that existed in the past were made to be worn by soldiers, just like Converse, which was originally designed for basketball players. This is why the shoes are made with heavy leather lug outsoles.

The rubber toe cap connects to the rubber outsole of the shoe. This shoe is comfortable and durable.

5. Vans Classic Old Skool

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Thinking of stylish footwear that looks simple? The Vans Classic Old Skool is the shoe you need to consider. This is also one of the shoes that look like Converse. This shoe comes with a flat heel and can be matched with different clothes.

6. Nothing New Classic Low Top

The Nothing New Classic Low Top shoe is one of the shoes that look like Converse. It is made by a fashion brand known as ‘Nothing New’. This is another shoe that promotes sustainability. This shoe is produced using sustainable recycled materials and also packaged using recycled packaging. This shoe offers great comfort to its wearer and it can be worn to perform day to day activities because of its durability. The rubber toe cap of the shoe makes it look similar to Converse.

7. Comme des Garçons PLAY

There are actually different shoes that look like Converse and Comme des Garçons PLAY is one of those shoes. This shoe is a product of the luxurious fashion brand in Japan known as Comme des Garçons. It is a unisex sneaker that makes it possible for the wearer to be comfortable and look stylish at the same time.

8. Oliver Cabell Low 1

Do you like your Converse to look classier? Thinking of unique sneakers that you can make a statement with and be comfortable in? Oliver Cabell Low1 is the shoe you’re looking for. It belongs to the group of shoes that look like the sneakers themselves.

It is made in Italy using luxurious Italian leather and morgon soles. The shoe is made by a brand that prioritizes quality and as a result, it ensures that quality materials are put into the production of these shoes. It’s one of the most durable pieces of footwear you’ll find, and it’s really worth every penny paid to get it.

9. Diemme Loria Low

Another shoe that is made in Italy is the Diemme Loria Low. The sneaker is lightweight and easy to wear. The shoe comes with big rubber soles, which provide a good balance for the wearer when worn.

10. Beckett Simonon Garcia High Top

Also, the lovely Backett Simonon Gracia High Top is another shoe that can be classified among the shoes that look like Converse. The shoe is produced using quality leather, and it can easily serve as a replacement for Converse.

11. Modelo ‘89 Vegan Hi Orange

The Modelo ‘89 Vegan is also among the very nice shoes that look like Converse. This brand takes sustainability seriously, which is why the shoes are produced using organic,recycled and biobased leather.

The shoe is made using bio-based vegan corn leather, bamboo lining, and vegan suede. It is interesting to find out that the Modelo ‘89 Vegan Hi Orange sneakers are made from 76% discarded mangoes. This tells you that the brand is out to ensure sustainability by producing their products using eco-friendly materials. The brand plants two trees for every pair of sneakers purchased.

12. Madison Margiela Replica Leather

Madison Margiela Replica Leather is made in Italy. It is a very comfy converse alternative. The sneakers are inspired by vintage styles. It is made with buttery leather and flexible suede. It has contrasting panels. The sneakers are meant for men but we have seen women also wearing them. For anyone who wants to keep things simple and cool, Madison Margiela Repica Leather won’t be a bad idea.

13.  ZGR Canvas High Top

ZGR Canvas High Top sneakers are a great match for Converse. It is affordable, it comes in different colors and it is very comfortable to wear. It is a high top design with a lace up closure. The sole of the shoe is made with rubber and it is made with breathable canvas material, which provides comfort to the feet.


Converse has continued to win the hearts of many, as everyone wants to have a pair of Converse in their wardrobe. Aside from the comfort that the shoe provides, it is also very stylish and it is also a trend. This is why there are different brands of shoes that look like Converse and that design shoes in different styles and colors to meet the needs of people.


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