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Chioma Owolabi


8 Sneaky Signs He Will Never Ask You Out

What are some signs he will never ask you out on a date, even when you are interested in him? Have you ever met a guy who is all over you, buys you lots of goodies, and takes you shopping, but never ask you out? You may have created a fantasy world with him because ...

Chioma Owolabi


7 Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Care About You

This article is centered on signs your friend doesn’t care about you. Everyone desires caring, loving, and loyal friends who would cross oceans if need be to see or make them happy. But alas, this is becoming hard to find nowadays as many people have been disappointed by the attitude of those they call friends. ...

Grace Nwajiaku

10-signs-of-a toxic-relationship

10 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

Let’s talk about the 10 signs of a toxic relationship. Every relationship has problems, but when the core values of honor, loyalty, understanding, and mutual trust are missing, neither person can grow in the relationship. Your relationship ought to be a source of happiness, not frustration. The moment you start feeling humiliated and afraid, those ...