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Jimmie Walker Net Worth: How Rich is Jimmie Walker?


If you’re interested in knowing the estimated net worth of the popular Jimmie Walker, then this article is for you. Jimmie Walker is an American comedian and actor who is popularly known for his major role in the sitcom “Good Times.”

He studied radio engineering since he wanted to work in radio. He had worked as a vendor at “Yankee Stadium,” but he eventually started working at WRVR Radio.

The creators of the television program “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In” found him when he began doing stand-up comedy in the late 1960s. He was selected to play a role for his breakout television series, “Good Times,” where he played “James ‘J.J.’ Evans Jr.” For this role, he received two Golden Globe nominations, a TV Land Award, and other honors. He had appearances on TV shows like “At Ease” and “Bustin’ Loose.” In addition, he has appeared in cameos on TV shows like Fantasy Island and Scrubs. “Rabbit Test” and “The Guyver” are two of his film projects.

A prominent character in the entertainment business, Jimmie Walker is well-known in Hollywood, especially for his part in the popular and well-loved sitcom Good Times. Throughout numerous decades, his career has demonstrated his humorous flair and adaptability. Walker’s pursuits in writing, comedy and television as of 2023 have added to his $10 million net worth.

Jimmie Walker’s Early life

Jimme Walker was born in Brooklyn, New York, on June 25, 1947. He started performing in his early years and went to his hometown’s Theodore Roosevelt High School. SEEK (Search for Evaluation, Education, and Knowledge) is a federal initiative that allowed him to complete his education and get a job with WRVR as a radio engineer.

Starting with the 1964 World Series, he worked as a seller at Yankee Stadium in the early 1960s. Professional baseball star Mickey Mantle gave him a silver dollar at that time, which he still retains today. In 1967, he started working full-time at the Riverside Church-based radio station. He was also making a name for himself at the same time through his stand-up comedy performances in local New York competitions.

The Commencement of Jimmie Walker Career

Known by his full name, James Carter Walker Jr., Jimmie Walker is an American actor, novelist, stand-up comedian and radio personality. He gained popularity for his roles in the 1970s CBS television series Good Times.

Apart from receiving widespread acknowledgment and a couple of Golden Globe nominations, he also coined the catchphrase “Dy no mite,” which has been featured in several TV spots and advertisements ever since. He is still touring the globe with his stand-up comedy group and making occasional television appearances these days.

The role that Walker is most recognized for is that of James Evans Jr., the eldest child of Florida and James Evans Sr. in the 1974–1979 CBS television series Good Times, where he portrayed the character. Jimmie Walker gained popularity for playing James Evans Jr. (JJ) in the film Good Times.

Jimmie Walker Net Worth: His Rise in Wealth

The actor first became wealthy from his work in hit television shows like At Ease and Bustin Loose and blockbuster movies like Airplane and Going Bananas. One of his initial appearances that helped him become somewhat well-known was on the chat shows ”Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In” and “Jack Paar Show.” His performances on the two programs brought him into the spotlight of the Good Times casting director, who extended an offer for the CBS sitcom.

Jimmie went on to play JJ again for the duration of the 133 episodes and 6 seasons of the CBS sitcom, earning an estimated $100,000 at the time. He performed and collaborated on various projects, including television specials featuring Bob Hope and Tony Orlando, even before the show ended in August 1979. He debuted in the 1975 action/crime picture Let’s Do It Again, starring Sidney Poitier, while serving as an on-air radio personality for the R&B music station KAGB 103.9 FM.

In the latter part of the 20th century, he primarily appeared in over 20 television series as a guest star and supporting actor, including Badge 373, The Larry Sanders Show, The Drew Carey Show, Star Dates, Everybody Hates Chris and George Lopez, to mention a few.

What is Jim Walker net worth? It’s critical to remember that Jimmie Walker net worth is precisely unknown. Well, estimates place his net worth at about $10 million. Estimates are subject to error and may not fully account for all aspects of the financial picture.

Jim Walker Net Worth: Highlights of His Career Breakthrough.

In 1975, Jimmie Walker, an actor and comedian, played boxer Bootney Farnsworth in the Warner Bros. comedy. Walker started his career in showbiz with stand-up comedy. With his upbeat demeanor and catchy lines, he immediately made a mark there.

His popular performance and humorous lines won over audiences across the country in his role as J.J. Evans on Good Times, which marked his career breakthrough. He rose to stardom in this role, which also had a big cultural impact and went down in television history.

Walker’s career in television and cinema after Good Times demonstrated his flexibility as an actor and comic. He continued to be active in the industry, making multiple guest appearances on television series and playing a variety of roles in motion pictures. Walker remained current in the fast-paced entertainment industry thanks to his versatility as a comedian and his unwavering work ethic.


Jimmie Walker has a wide range of hobbies and pursuits outside of the spotlight. He is a writer who shares his thoughts and experiences about the entertainment industry in his novels. His unwavering devotion to stand-up comedy serves as evidence of his commitment to this art form. Walker’s path, which was filled with highs and lows, sheds light on the realities of working in entertainment.

In conclusion, Jimmie Walker has amassed a sizable financial fortune over the years and is a well-known and renowned actor. Though estimates should be treated with caution, it is impossible to determine his precise net worth at any given time. Jimmie Walker net worth is estimated at $10 million.



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