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Best Cooking Shows to Watch on DStv


If you are a hard-core foodie like us, we are sure that you would dig the list of cooking shows that we have mentioned below for you. You can watch DStv in USA, UK, or any other region with a VPN.

Each of these shows has a unique pattern that would intrigue you enough to watch it with your full attention, and maybe learn a thing or two about culinary arts.

The competition in it could maybe even push you to explore your cooking skills in the kitchen. So, what are you waiting for?

Best Cooking Shows to Watch on DStv

1. Making the Menu

This show is based on a Kenyan food culture where two food bloggers do their best to create recipes for a local restaurant, where the owner decides which of the food items deserves to have a place on their tables.

The show gives us an insight into the cuisines in Kenya and takes us all on a very interesting and fun journey of local foods along with their creativity which gives each dish a glimpse of who they are.

2. Hoot, Cook, Go

This show is based on just the kind of theme which you may watch in popular cooking competitions. The rule is to compete for a prize on the show based on the food you cook which reflects your culture and skills which you push beyond your boundaries to impress the ones judging you.

They get only an hour to prepare the said cuisine and have to move to the next contestant’s house the moment they hear the hooter.

3. A Berry Royal Christmas

Yes, the name is exactly what this show stands for. A Berry Royal Christmas is based on the former Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, now the Prince and Princess of Wales, they take Mary Berry to visit different charities to cook for the people there.

They also visit a ‘dry’ bar which is a safe place for recovering alcoholics to visit and socialise with people. The meals are hosted by the Royals and are prepared by Mary and Nadiya Hussain. It is a very heart-warming show and could make your weekend!

4. MasterChef

MasterChef is one of the most popular and competitive shows in the world where the most popular celebrity chefs judge the contestants for their foods.

If you ask us, our favourite MasterChef show is MasterChef Australia, which is hosted by Jock Zonfrillo (now deceased), Melissa Leong, and Andy Allen. The show is based on several seasons and each one contains a winner who wins a handsome amount to pursue their dreams of being a professional chef.

5. Jamie’s Easy Meals for Christmas

For people who are unable to cook complicated dishes and feel the hassle and pressure of being in the kitchen, this show could be a breather for them.

Jamie offers to teach them some very simple, no-nonsense recipes that could be a perfect fit for either small gatherings or big, fancy events.

We don’t know about you, but this show seems like the perfect fit for people with busy lives or an overall decline in interest in cooking complex food items.

6. Ehe! It’s a Match: Zambia

What do you do when you believe that two of your single friends could make a fantastic match but it just won’t happen? This show is based on two single people being set up by their mutual friend in their kitchen, which is transformed into a fine-looking restaurant.

Would the show end up bringing two hearts together or would it end in amicable goodbyes and maybe some nice memories to find out what happens watch the show and let us know what you think.

Wrapping Up

So, we hope that you will enjoy watching the cooking shows which we can be an have shared with you and learned some new tips and tricks from the cooking experts on the show.
Feel free to share you feedback with us and recommend these shows to your peers if you liked them.

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