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12 Interesting Hobbies for Couples in Their 20s 


Hobbies are some of the ways couples can get to spend quality time together, have fun, do something different from their daily routine and also relax.

We understand that sometimes couples might be out of ideas on what fun activities they can do and enjoy together as couples and we know that each person might have different hobbies that they enjoy individually before marriage. This is why we will suggest some of the hobbies that we think couples in their 20s can try out together.

Couples in their 20s are still very active and energetic at this age. So they should be able to explore, try out new things and create amazing memories with their loved ones.

Let’s look at some of the hobbies that we think you and your spouse can enjoy together as a couple below:

Hobbies for couples in their 20s

1. Rock climbing

We believe that couples in their 20s are full of strength and energy and they should be able to indulge in exercise like rock climbing as a form of hobby. Rock climbing is one of the hobbies for couples in their 20s because we believe climbing the rock with your partner is a fun activity that brings you and your partner closer.

Not only this, rock climbing is a perfect workout that improves your overall health . If you think you and your partner are fit, why not get your climbing shoes and set a day for rock climbing with your partner?

2. Photography


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Photography is another thing that we think should be considered as one of the hobbies for couples in their 20s. You can decide to document and capture some beautiful memories with your partner.

For couples who love adventure, one of the hobbies you will certainly enjoy is photography. Aside from the fact that photography is a way of creating a collection of beautiful memories with your partner, it is also a hobby for people who are creative, as it helps you show your creativity.

You and your partner can start learning some basics of photography so that you can add that to the list of activities you can do together with your partner when you go on your next adventure. I feel it will be nice if you can document the memories and events you have with your partner so photography is a hobby you should consider as a couple.

3. Running

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Why not have fun and keep fit at the same time ? You know how important exercise is for the body; it improves brain health, helps you stay fit and reduces the risk of diseases in the body. Couples in their 20s are still young and vibrant, so recommending running as one of the hobbies for couples in their 20s is an appropriate activity for them.

Running also helps to maximize the feel-good hormones (endorphins) in the body, which means that after running together with your partner, you both will feel good, happy and relaxed.

4.Video games

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If you are looking for fun indoor activities to do together as a couple,. Playing video games is certainly one fun indoor hobby to consider. I know it is a fun activity for men but most women do not always show much interest in video games.

Sometimes some women even complain of not getting their husband’s attention because of the time they dedicate to playing video games. What about playing that video game with your man? Don’t you  think it will be fun? Yeah, you can ask your man to give you some basic directions on how to play a video game, play it together with him and see how enjoyable having friendly combat with your partner can be. Be determined to win your man so that he doesn’t laugh at you.

5. Biking

For couples looking for hobbies that they can do together with their children as well, biking is one of the things you can try out. Biking is a good way to exercise and destress while connecting with nature as a couple or as a family. Why do we think biking is one of the perfect hobbies for couples in their 20s?

This is because biking helps couples have a shared adventure together while they enjoy fresh air, which is a way to build and strengthen their relationship as a couple.

6. Camping

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Don’t you think you and your spouse deserve some alone time away from your daily routine and stress from work? You don’t have to be glued to your TV all day because you are out of ideas on what fun activities to explore with your spouse.

Camping is one of the hobbies for couples in their 20s because we know it is something that they will love. This is because you get to spend time with nature, feel at peace and stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life. What a way to relax.

You should be able to explore with your spouse. You can choose any cool location to camp with your partner; it could be on a mountain, desert depending on what you want. Just make sure that wherever you choose is a safe place you can camp.

One of the good things about camping is that you also get to do other fun activities such as fishing, hiking or kayaking. It is a great way to create memories and bond with your loved ones. So what is stopping you from embarking on that camping adventure? Get your tent ready for a camping adventure with your partner.

7. Stargazing

Another fun activity that we think will bring couples together is stargazing. It is one of the romantic hobbies for couples in their 20s. It is an activity where couples get to have special moments together.

It is a peaceful activity for busy couples looking for something less stressful and relaxing that they can do together with their partner. Couples can study the celestial elements while they snuggle under a blanket with their partner. It is time to get cozy and intimate with your partner.

Also for couples who are creative, such as poets or writers, stargazing will be such an amazing activity to indulge in with your partner because you can get inspiration and new ideas by spending some time observing nature together with your loved one. And you also know what? You also get to make a wish on shooting stars together with your partner.

8. Gardening

Do you know that gardening can be such a fun activity when done with your partner? Yeah, you and your spouse could cultivate the garden together. This can be a good way to bond with your partner. This will allow you to spend quality time together as partners while nurturing plants. Tending plants is also therapeutic and helps with stress reduction.

9. Reading

Do you know that you can make reading a fun indoor activity with your partner ? Intellectual activities are also fun and exciting. You can learn about new topics and get more insights on different things with your partner.

You can both decide and agree on what book to read together. Create time during the week where the two of you can come together to discuss the things you have learned with each other and also share ideas.

Having an intellectual conversation with your partner is a good thing because you get to learn from each other and understand each other’s perspective and views. Reading is a way to have a relaxing moment and spend quality time with your partner.

10. Yoga

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Yoga is a mental and physical activity that helps create harmony between the mind, body and spirit. Yoga is an activity that can strengthen relationships. This is why we think it’s one of the great hobbies for couples in their 20s.

The joint poses that are practiced during yoga can help revive the connection between couples. Also, the mindfulness practice that is part of yoga helps improve happier relationships between couples.

It is one of the ways to spice things up in your marriage. This is because, as couples practicing yoga, you get to touch yourselves, which can create a deeper connection that extends beyond the yoga mat.

11. Cooking

Join your wife in the kitchen and make cooking a fun activity. Someone is wondering how cooking gets on our list of hobbies for couples in their 20s. Well, it is because cooking is actually a wonderful hobby.

Cooking together as couples helps create a shared experience and a wonderful time. While you are both in the kitchen helping each other, you get to gist, laugh, and talk about the ingredients used for cooking and the recipe to use.

Doing this together helps relieve your partner from stress while also having meaningful conversation while preparing a delicious meal. So instead of sitting alone in the sitting room, bored and glued to the TV, join your wife in the kitchen and make memories together while making your meals.

12. Interior decoration

Lastly, on the list of hobbies for couples in their 20s is interior decoration. You can give your home a beautiful touch and also get to spend time with your partner. This activity helps you and your partner get engaged and share ideas on how to fix and decorate your home. If you and your partner love aesthetics, it is time to redecorate your home and give it a beautiful look.


Hobbies are fun activities and we understand that interest in couples activities may differ. However, couples should not be limited to only the activities they are used to. You need to explore and do different things together. It is one of the ways to spend quality time with your partner and create a great bond.


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