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If They Want to They Will: 6 Possible Interpretations

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This phrase, “if they want to, they will,” is obviously an old statement, which essentially means that if they really need or want you in their life, they will try all their best to be in your life, which entails boldly showing up and striking up conversations. It means that if they are genuinely interested in you, they will surely make an effort to be in your life.

This is further explained by Reddit, who says, “The idea that if a man is interested or wants to be with you, he’ll figure a way to make it happen or to show a woman. If he doesn’t, the woman should move on. Because if he wanted to, he would.”

If I may ask, what does this statement further teach or remind you of?

This phrase is a soft reminder not to pursue someone who isn’t interested in collaborating with you. It serves as a reminder to move on from people who don’t reciprocate our efforts.

The maxim “If they want to, they will” sums up the belief that people will act to achieve their goals and aspirations when they are sincere about doing so. It’s a declaration that highlights how important sincere intent and dedication are to reaching an objective or preserving a relationship.

While this phrase is true in many cases, it’s important to take into consideration other circumstances that may have an effect on one’s judgment or ability to act. Even with sincere feelings, there are situations when someone is unable to completely express their intentions or aspirations due to external factors, internal barriers, or conflicting objectives.

It’s critical to approach this statement with empathy and compassion, realizing that mutual understanding and communication are just as vital as actions in creating happy and successful partnerships.

Bringing this down to our relationships, “If they want to, they will” can have various different connotations when used in reference to a relationship. It means that someone will go out of their way to be with you, prioritize your relationship, or spend time with you. This expression highlights the importance of actions rather than just words or declarations. It implies that sincere results show up as constant efforts, deeds, and priorities. Let’s look at the following few possible interpretations:

If They Want to, They Will: Possible Interpretations

1. Effort And Commitment

According to this perspective, a connection can only be nurtured and strengthened through deliberate effort, commitment and devotion. It implies that love alone is insufficient and that constant effort, honest communication, and bond prioritization are necessary for a successful relationship. Someone will show through their choices and actions that they genuinely want to be in a relationship with you.

2. Overcoming Challenges

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Obstacles are inevitable in any relationship, and this interpretation recognizes that genuine desire endures despite these obstacles. It implies that if someone genuinely wants a successful relationship with you, they will be prepared to talk about issues, engage in productive conversations, and work through getting solutions as a team. Rather than giving up quickly, they will actively strive toward a resolution if they so choose.

3. Respecting Boundaries and Choices

According to this emphasis, it’s very important to respect each person’s autonomy and relationship limits. Being in charge of or manipulating your spouse is not what a true relationship is all about. Respecting their space, decisions, and needs—even when they diverge from your own—is suggested. If they so desire, they will let things develop in a natural and organic way without putting any pressure or force on them.

4. Personal Initiative

This interpretation basically emphasizes how crucial individual initiative is to the success of a partnership. It implies that both parties must accept accountability for their actions and make a positive contribution to the partnership. They will actively engage in setting up dates, showing affection, and prioritizing the relationship if they so want.

5. Managing Expectations

It’s crucial to keep in mind that relationships are dynamic and ever-changing. This interpretation serves as a helpful reminder that not everything must go as planned, despite our best efforts. Sometimes, our partners may not always live up to our expectations. Even if it takes longer than you had anticipated, they will finally demonstrate their commitment to you through their actions and efforts.


In the end, the meaning of “If they want to, they will” in a relationship is contingent upon the particular circumstances and the parties concerned. It’s crucial not to assume; rather, concentrate on having honest conversations, asking and be aware of your partner’s needs, and monitor their behavior over time.You might be surprised to see how genuine they are, care for you and want to be with you

Keep in mind that mutual respect, honest communication, and teamwork are the foundation of a strong relationship and partnership. To be so committed into any relationship, it’s wise to be sure that your partner is ready to return the same energy. It’s not enough to be in a relationship with someone, it’s also best if you know that you’re not forcing yourself on them and that you both are on the same level.


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