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20 Sure Signs Of True Love

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True love—what is it? How can you define it? Love is common yet foreign to most people, and understanding love is like understanding the air we breathe.

We can easily define love as a pleasant emotion that brings an aura of beauty and confidence to individuals, but what about true love? If love is hard to understand, then will it be when we add “true” to it?

We have all searched for what true love looks like or feels like, which is not often constant since people experience true love differently. Some say true love is an emotion that is not bound by our character. Others think true love is not about how your body feels or how you view someone, but how you act in a relationship with them.

While couples’ experiences may differ from each other, there are certain common experiences couples have that give the rest of us a general view of what true love looks like.

Ironically, true love cannot be defined; it can only be described. It is like a prize we chase after but only a few attain. However, the word “true” in front of it classifies this type of love as real, genuine, and not fake.

True love is not love at first sight or second glance. It takes time to take shape and fill up space. We may not be able to define true love, but we are certain you can feel and notice it, which is why this article describes 20 signs of true love for you.

20 Signs of True Love

1. It Is Selfless And Willing To Compromise

This is the first sign we’d describe in our list of 20 signs of true love. True love is not selfish. When your partner is having a hard time, you put your own needs aside to help them. This means that you’re willing to give up on a few things if they’ll make your partner’s life happier or better in some way. Your perspective shifts from “I” and “you” to “us” and “we”.

You try to view the world through the lens of your partner, and your partner becomes such a part of your life that they’re included in every decision, no matter how big or small. Just the thought of making your partner feel better makes you feel better.

Beware of interpreting this as giving in to someone else’s will or going against your morals just because you love your partner.

We’re talking about things like waking up with them at 5 a.m. to prepare them for the day, even if you don’t have to be up until at least 7 a.m.

Of course, your partner should do the same for you too.

2. You Feel Happiness And Sufficiency

The feeling of pure happiness and unending bliss is one of the 20 signs of true love. If the smile or mere presence of your partner can make your worries disappear and your day pleasant, know for sure it’s a true love relationship.

Even if you’re going through a really hard time and feeling miserable, there is still an underlying happiness that lingers. Just watching your partner smile or laugh out loud fills you with intense happiness and joy.  You can’t wait to go home after being away on a trip, or you can’t stop thinking of them when you’re shopping, working, or just being busy.

Note, though, that it is natural to feel incomplete without your partner, but the mentality that “I can never be happy if my partner is not present” is not a sign of true love. With true love, you want them in your life not because you can’t survive without them but because they complete you and make your life better.

True love also teaches you to be sufficient and to love and accept yourself as you are. It makes you understand that even though your partner makes you happy, your happiness is not dependent on them.

3. There Is Emotional Intimacy

Bethany Ferr, Pexels

Developing deep emotional intimacy is one of the 20 signs of true love. You will want to share your life experiences with your partner—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Admittedly, it is natural not to share everything when you first get to know each other. However, as the relationship deepens, don’t withhold information or keep any secrets from your partner because telling the truth shows you respect your partner.

With true love, you do not tiptoe around, dodge meetings or open conversations, or hide minute or major details of your life that your partner would love to know.

4. There Is Trust And Reliance

Trust is a clear sign of true love. It is a strong belief in the words and actions of your partner.

It is fueled by keeping up your promises and being honest and open with your partner. Breaking your promise is synonymous with betraying the confidence your partner has in you. In fact, the strength of a relationship is based on the amount of trust in that relationship.

Does your partner follow through on every promise they make? Does he hold on to your words? Does she trust your judgment? If so, you’re experiencing the firsthand expression of true love.

5. There Is Complete And Mutual Respect

It is the norm in society to view respect as something a woman shows a man. That’s rarely mutual. However, true love cannot be described without mentioning complete and mutual respect. This is one of the 20 signs of true love.

True love requires treating each other as equals, respecting each other’s differences in opinion, being in control of yourself, and the absence of power struggles.

You are not pushing or insisting that your partner change their personalities to fit in your world or manipulate them into situations unsuitable for them.

Respect is an essential aspect of a relationship and can never be overemphasized. You should not miss an opportunity to show it to your partner.

6. True Love Is Attentive And Shows Affection

Wiljosan Au, Pexels

True love goes hand-in-glove with attentiveness, which is one of the 20 signs of true love.

You can’t expect love to last if you put no effort into keeping it going. That fire won’t stay lit unless something helps it burn. That “something” is your affection and attention.

This shows up as: a listening ear with little or no interruption; remembering their favorite color, place, food, or drink; keeping them in mind; involving them in your little tasks; seeing things from their perspective; remembering the small, important details that were spoken loudly or whispered. This goes a long way toward boosting affection in the heart of your partner.

When you listen to the silent whisperings of love and follow them with concordant gestures, it shows you’ve been paying attention and will foster a fresh bloom of affection.

7. True Love Is Tolerant And Nonjudgmental

Everyone is different, which we understand. People have strengths and flaws, and these behaviors contrast with their partners’ and can be difficult to put up with, BUT true love is tolerant and not judgmental.

Tolerance is when you accommodate the excesses of your partner and excuse their shortcomings. You chose to accept your differences, either holding out hope for a change or overlooking them completely, without condemnation. This is one of the 20 signs of true love.

Note, there is a difference between tolerating someone and tolerating their excesses, so if there is more drama than serenity or if your partner condemns your person or manipulates you, it is not true love.

8. True Love Comes With Acceptance

Acceptance is one of the biggest things that makes love real. It is a sign of true love.

Let’s consider it: life isn’t always a bed of roses, and we get disappointed from time to time with our partner’s imperfections and bad qualities (everyone has them). If you can’t be your true, most authentic self around your partner, true love is lacking in that relationship.

Acceptance is knowing the faults, quirks, and flaws of your partner but you still want to be their ride-or-die. You are able to accept challenges, disappointments, hurts, and losses.

For instance, you may not like using the restroom immediately after eating, but it’s something your partner does, so you have to make adjustments or overlook it. Soon it becomes a cute quirk instead of a setback.

It makes love real and beautiful.

9. True Love Is Unconditional

True love has no limits. You don’t select the instances when you love your partner. You love your partner, no matter the circumstances. Your love for them has no conditions; it is wholesome and unlimited, and within such love are friendship, affection, respect, and others. In fact, unconditional love encompasses all 20 signs of true love explored in this article.

No matter what happens to them or with them, you’re still in love.

10. There Is Teamwork

We live in hard times, and in these times, your partner should be the one person you never let go of. A relationship is not a one-sided thing; it takes two to tango.

Teamwork is about pulling up in any area where your partner slacks. True love is about sharing your challenges and burdens and moving forward together, planning and working it out along the way.

Hand in hand with your partner, you feel strong and capable. You’re able to dream, believe, and take on these obstacles, feeling like you’re on top of the world. This is one of the 20 signs of true love.

11. True Love Involves Real Communication

Marcus Aurelius, Pexels

It is common to mistake talking for communication. Communication involves exchanging messages to aid mutual comprehension.

You may spend every day of your life together, but your partner is the first person you want to share every little detail of your day and life with.

Additionally, people think finding true love means there is no more disagreement. No! There will still be disagreements, but what changes is your response to them. Instead of fighting with your partner, you communicate.

Communication clears the air on what went wrong and how to resolve it.

When you love someone, communication becomes easy because your partner makes room for free self-expression, respects your opinions, and offers you suitable advice.

12. True Love Encourages Growth

Relationships can either take you forward and upward or backward and downward. It can either bring out the best or the worst in you.

You recognize the good in your partner and bring it to the surface, and your partner does the same to you. Their strength complements your weakness, and vice versa. The presence and help of your partner fuel your desire to be the best version of yourself and strengthen you to achieve your goals. If you’re experiencing this kind of growth, you have true love.

13. True Love Inspires Fearlessness And Confidence

True love is fearless; having faith in your relationship is among the 20 signs of true love to watch out for.

When your bond is built on attraction alone, there is enough room for insecurities to creep into the relationship.

True love, on the other hand, is not afraid of barriers, differences, commitment, getting hurt, going the extra mile, or societal opinions. It is fearless.

Rooted deep in true love is an underlying confidence in yourself and in your partner that your relationship is healthy enough to stand the test of time without fear of things that may tear you down.

14. True Love Brings Healing And Hope

One thing we know and understand is this: people have experienced brokenness that stemmed from either physical, emotional, psychological, or social abuse. It can make you believe you are not worthy of happiness or love. It screams you are a failure, BUT true love heals all wounds.

With true love, you begin to understand how lovely life is, and healing springs up from within. Of course, you don’t expect your partner to be your therapist, but you feel cared for, listened to, protected, and hopeful. You learn to value yourself and put your past behind you because your companionship inspires you to do so.

That is true love.

15. True Love Harbors No Resentment

We’ve established that every relationship is filled with individual differences that might sprout clashes and fights, and your response in these situations will reflect your level of love.

When your differences are resolved amicably and you forgive your partner instead of holding grudges, your relationship will be free of resentment.  This behavior is a product of mutual respect in any relationship.

16. True Love Is Sacred And Sacrificial

True love is bound by a sacred bond. It is divine. You feel the unity of not just your bodies but your minds as well. Without being with your partner, you can sense when things are fine or are going wrong, and you can help them out where needed.

17. True Love Exudes Maturity

Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

Deciding to commit to a person and a relationship naturally means you are mature, because only a mature person can handle the ins and outs of a relationship. Relationships that exude true love are void of games. There’s no silent treatment, sulking, throwing tantrums, or other actions that scream immaturity.

18. True Love Is Content And Comfortable

Where true love is, you can be yourself and feel satisfied with what your partner can offer. You are as content as you are comfortable.

You do not worry about the incoming what-ifs, nor do your financial issues pose a hindrance, as you’re mature enough to discuss things and not keep secrets.

You don’t feel imprisoned, unsatisfied, or cheated because you know what you both have and can offer.

19. There Is Excitement For The Future

The 19th of our 20 signs of true love is that true love will make you excited. You are excited to mature, make plans, reach for your dreams, and build a family with your partner.

When you think of your future, you can’t help but see your partner by your side, and you do your best to make their dreams come true.

20. You Have Feelings Of Rightness

There is no error in making this our last of the 20 signs of true love. True love is an experience, and having a feeling of rightness is one of the biggest signs that shouldn’t be overlooked.

It’s like Shania Twain’s song: you wake up in the morning to your partner’s face and go to bed with an unexplainable feeling that feels just right, fitting where it should.

To be honest, having and experiencing true love in your relationship is a blessing. If you checked all 20 signs in your relationship, then you’re experiencing true love, and we’re happy for you!

If you aren’t experiencing it yet, don’t fret. Understand it takes time and work. Some can realize the signs of true love after a few months, while it can take a decade for others.

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