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7 Uncomfortable Signs You Are on the Right Path


As you make progress in life, you’ll encounter challenges that make you wonder if you are on the right path, probably because of the uncomfortable signs surrounding you. If that’s the case, you’d like to know the 7 uncomfortable signs you are on the right path. As humans, we all have our aspirations, desires, and dreams. When we don’t see ourselves on the path we’ve always wanted to tread, we’re often discouraged and feel unfulfilled.

Interestingly, when things take a U-turn and start working our way, there’s a tendency for us to still feel awkward and scared about the future. Here are 7 uncomfortable signs you are on the right path to help you keep moving with assurance and confidence.

1. You Feel uncomfortable with Where You’re Headed

Sometimes, It can be really scary even though you’re on the right path. You’re finally headed in the direction you’ve always wanted to go, after many months or years of being off track. Everything seems to be falling into place all of a sudden.

However, you could nurse a feeling of uncomfortability and unrest, but don’t fret. It could be an uncomfortable sign you’re on the right path. This may feel awkward and uncomfortable to you in the meantime, but relax, you’d surely get over it pretty soon. Uncomfortable feelings are not always negative, especially if you are doing what’s right. It could just be that overwhelming thought of inadequacy.

So if you often have feelings of not being comfortable with a new decision or progress you’ve made, it may not be that bad. It could just be an uncomfortable sign you’re on the right path. Remain patient and calm, if it’s meant to be, you’ll find the peace required for this new step.

2. Seeking Alone Time

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You may find comfort in being alone. You need some time to reflect, think and go over all that has been happening around you lately. Note, this does not mean that you’re undergoing a session of depression. It is also not an ill feeling.

It is rather giving yourself some time off to process the new change you’re experiencing. Probably you didn’t have enough time to think it through beforehand. So if you find yourself being laid back a little and always seeking some “alone time”, don’t worry, it could be an uncomfortable sign you’re on the right path. It could also be an opportunity to meditate, redress and adjust if you are toeing the wrong path.

All you’ll have to do is make the best out of the moment. Take advantage of your time alone to think life through, evaluate your journey thus far, and see if you’re making progress. Do all to make you happy and live in the moment. A time will come when you’ll seek such solitude and will not be privileged to get it anymore.

3. Feeling Like Your World is Falling Apart

You may get to feel this way because your world may, in fact, be truly falling apart. The recent happenings around you may be totally different from what you ever envisaged. You may be moving to a new country or region, getting a new job, or experiencing many other things different from the life you’ve always known.

However, don’t panic. It could be one uncomfortable sign you’re on the right path. So, if you’re feeling this way, hold up a bit. It is a passing phase. Oftentimes, when you’re on the right path, things fall apart, but things will be put together again.

4. You Don’t Know Who You Are Anymore

This may make you feel awkward and very uncomfortable. You suddenly find no sense of joy or fulfillment in doing the things you do anymore. The new change may make you feel somehow different from who and what you were before.

Chances are, the old you is still part of you and has not fully adapted to accept the new you. You find yourself doing new routines, different daily tasks, foreign meals you’re not used to, and a totally new environment. You may also battle getting along with new colleagues and acquaintances.

It is not out of place to feel this way while on a new path. It may be an uncomfortable sign you’re on the right path. It is actually good for you. All you have to do is seize the opportunity and go on a self-discovery journey. Get to know the real you. That would help you know more, and how to relate to the external environment better.

5. Uncertainty

Life itself is full of uncertainties. At some point, you may get to feel unsure about that new change you’re experiencing. You cannot tell if where you’re coming from is better than where you’re headed.

Am I on the right path? Why did I even embark on this new journey? Am I ready to take on the new responsibilities that come with this new decision? All these are questions that will come to your mind.

It’s only natural to feel this way. It could be an uncomfortable sign you’re on the right path. So, if you sometimes get to nurse such feelings, especially when on a new journey, it could be some right feeling. So don’t stress, just enjoy the process.

6. You Feel Lost

The people who are really lost have no idea how lost they are. The fact you’re aware of it is a great sign. As you get rid of beliefs and practices you’ve always known and practice, you’re bound to feel directionless and lost.

Humans long for stability and comfort in life. Anything that takes them to a whole different lifestyle entirely makes them feel really uncomfortable. But this feeling is totally normal as you move on from one phase to another in life.

Do a progress appraisal of yourself. Ask yourself what you wanted a year or more ago. Your goals, visions, aspirations, and wishes. Check to see if it’s what you’re being faced with presently. If yes, then it’s just an uncomfortable sign you’re on the right path.

7. You are Afraid of Failing

While touring a new path, something or somewhere quite different from what you’ve always done or where you’re coming from, nursing fear is not an abnormality. Your mind may be filled with so many “what if’s”.

Questions like – what if this is all a mistake? What if it was never meant to be? What if I find this new job much worse and more tedious than my previous job? What if this business idea is not as lucrative as I thought? Etc.

No one ever does something with the intent of failing, especially when on a new path. Too many expectations are bound to be placed on the new path and any slight sign of failure will bring so much pain and disappointment.

When on a new path that is right for you, having the fear of failing is not an odd feeling. In fact, it is normal. Do not be too afraid. It can actually be an uncomfortable sign you’re on the right path.


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