How To Play It Cool With A Guy: 10 Simple but Effective Tricks You Can Adopt

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You have just met that guy and you seem to like him a lot. I mean, he is the kind of guy that every girl would want to be with; he is tall, cute, outspoken and intelligent. When you look at him, he has all the qualities that you want in a guy. So you are excited and eager to start a romantic relationship with him.

I understand that you want to express your feelings to him and let him know how you feel. It’s not bad as well but sometimes we need to learn how to play it cool with a guy. We need to learn how to hold back a little to prove that we are doing the right thing. Besides, some guys don’t like to rush things; they don’t like it when a lady is too forward and  you also don’t want to come off as being too desperate.

However, when trying to play it cool with a guy, you have to do it with care. Don’t become so cold towards him that he starts to think that you are no longer interested in him. I mean, it’s like you are trying to completely put him off when trying to play it cool with a guy.

You are only trying not to come off too strong and taking your time to get to know him well. If you are new to the dating world, you might be confused about how to play it cool with a guy. That is why you need to read this article to the end to learn how to play it cool with a guy.

How to play it cool with a guy


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1. Keep yourself engaged

One of the simple tricks you can adopt when you want to keep it cool with a guy is to keep yourself busy with something. Occupy yourself with something more productive that can distract you a bit. This way, you won’t be dying to text him or reach out to him all day.

I know how it feels when you meet someone you really like. You want to stay on the phone all day and talk to them but you need to slow things down. It’s okay to reach out to him but you should not overdo it so that you don’t appear desperate. When you are busy, your mind will be occupied and you will have less time to think of him.

2. Don’t Always make him the subject of discussion

I understand the excitement that comes with meeting a new guy. You want to rush to your friend and give them the details of how you met this handsome, tall guy at the gym, how he ended up collecting your number and how you feel like the most lucky girl in the world to have such a charming guy.

You are excited about it and almost all your discussions with your friend revolve around this guy. It’s okay to tell your friends about him but don’t make it look like nothing else in your life seems more important.

3. Take it a step at a time

Playing it cool with a guy is all about not rushing things. As a lady, you should not force anything or pressure the guy into doing anything. Get to know him well and don’t immediately start talking about marriage or pestering him to introduce you to his family. Doing this will make you look desperate and besides, guys don’t like it when they are being pressured.

4. Be yourself

How to play it cool with a guy also requires that you are genuine and authentic. Be yourself and don’t try to make any kind of false impression just to make him like you more. There is no need to pretend or fake anything as a cool girl. You should build your confidence and self-esteem. Be honest about your opinions and interests. The goal is to be true to yourself and not try to force him to like you. Let him like you for who you are.

5. Don’t be too quick to share information about yourself

I know that when you meet a new guy, you are getting to know each other and are eager to learn more about each other. While it is good to be honest, you need to learn not to divulge all information to him. You are just getting to know him, even if he might look like a sweet person initially. You can’t really tell what he is up to so you need to give it time to really get to know him well and trust him enough to completely open up to him. This is how to play it cool with a guy.

6. Maintain balance by occasionally giving him space

When learning how to play it cool with a guy, it is important to maintain balance. Don’t forget, the goal is to play it cool. Calling and texting him is okay but sometimes give him space. Don’t be too clingy or act too needy; give him space to breathe.

Make sure that you are not the only one who is always the first to call him or send a text. You need to hold back and see if he has the same interest in you. See what happens if you don’t call or text him; don’t be the only one who is always calling; don’t act like your life depends only on him or like you can not live life without him.

7. Don’t feel bad about rejection

In case you are rejected or the feeling is not reciprocated, don’t let it break you. You should understand that rejection is part of life and that not everyone can like you. How to play it cool with a guy when this happens is to take it calm and let him go if he wants to. Don’t act desperate and start begging him or making him see reasons why he needs you in his life. Never force anyone to love you; build your confidence and know that you deserve better.

8. Let him take the lead

It’s important that, as a lady, you allow the guy to take the lead when you are trying to be a cool girl. You are interested in the guy, yes, but is he interested too? This is why you should let him take the lead and give him the chance to express his interest in you. This is how to play it cool with a guy. This gives room for mutual understanding and respect between you and the guy.

9. Don’t be overly eager to reply his text

Don’t let him think you are overly eager to hear from him. You should find a way to maintain balance in communication. If he sends you a message, I know you want to reply immediately, but if you are trying to learn how to  play it cool with a guy try to hold back a bit before replying to his text. Don’t create or give the impression that you are overly invested in him because you are not certain if he is really into you.

10. Don’t overthink

You should learn to enjoy the moment when you meet a guy you like. Don’t overthink, as overthinking will cause you unnecessary stress and make you unnecessarily bothered by things you should not pay attention to. Be genuine and honest about what you want and also about your interaction with the guy if you want to learn how to play it cool with a guy. The rule is that you don’t overanalyze every detail beyond what is necessary.


Playing it cool with a guy is all about having a cool demeanor towards a guy. Playing it cool is not the same as not showing interest or likeness; however, it’s a way of not appearing too desperate, forward or eager. It’s a way of building one’s confidence and self-esteem. When you meet a guy you like, give it time, get to know each other well and don’t put unnecessary pressure on them.


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