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How To make Him Propose: 10 Efficient Ways

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Are you eagerly waiting for your man to propose? Is it that each time you talk about marriage, it seems like he goes hard of hearing in the two ears and starts talking about something else? Don’t panic or end up making any mistake you’ll regret later while you wonder how to make him propose.

Possibly you’re so bothered that he’ll never pop the question, and your dream of having an elaborate wedding will turn into dust. And this is also having an influence on the strength of your relationship in general.

You realize that he loves you because he has declared it openly to you all the time, but you are worried that he isn’t going to take the relationship to the next level. How to make him propose to you is an exciting and nerve-wracking effort, but with careful thought and consideration, you can create an amazing and heartfelt moment.

How to Create A Foundation for A Potential Proposal

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1. Make Sure He Is Ready

That you love him and he loves you, or that both of you have been together for 6 years, may not matter if he is not ready for marriage. Then it will be a tough one. Your man may know that he wants to marry you one day but not at this present time, or he may not be financially ready or stable to propose. The harder one is if he has fears and anxieties about marriage or if he’s not convinced about it.

2. His View On Marriage

Some men don’t truly have any strong feelings or impressions about marriage. Whether married or not, they’d be happy either way. Several men believe in marriage and know it is something they can see themselves doing and putting their best into it. While other men have negative feelings about marriage and can’t see themselves walking down the aisle in their future. Be sure your man has a positive view about marriage before bringing up the issue.

3. Casually Bring It Up

Do not bring up the conversation about marriage out of the blues, as he will know it is something that is going on in your mind. Whenever you want to bring the subject up, make sure it is when the topic is already at hand, such as when watching a movie together or after receiving a wedding invitation from a mutual friend. At this point, you just want to initiate a conversation about weddings in general, so keep it broad.

4. Talk About The Future

Talking about the future together is another way you can get started on how to make him propose to you. Make sure that when you bring up the subject of your future, you do it casually and subtly, not just suddenly and out of the blues. Don’t just jump right in and say that you can’t wait to have 7 kids together; this might just frighten him.

Start with subtle and very casual questions, and then, with time, you can proceed to ask him more direct but still questionable questions. Possibly, such as “if we lived together…” or “if we had kids…” or even “if we got married…”. The aim is to observe his reaction to see whether he is comfortable or dismissive about it.

5. Mention You Don’t Want An Expensive Wedding

If you wouldn’t mind having a smaller wedding ceremony, then you have to communicate it to him. If you truly desire a wedding that excludes planners, bouquets and the finest champagne, then mention it to him. It will again help to relieve him of some of the financial burden that can come when deciding whether to propose to you or not.

6. Be A Wife Material

It is essential to show him that you are wife material and possibly the mother of his children, too. You can do this by being there and being able to take care of him when he is sick, knowing how to cook good, hearty meals, being independent, and also revealing to him that you have ambitions and that you are career-oriented.

Your man wants to see that you can be both playful and mature at the same time. However, if you continue to debate and cry about your insecurities, your man may sense that you are not actually ready for something as mature and serious as marriage.

7. Appreciate Your Man

You know how happy you feel when your man compliments your dress or hair.  But do you also compliment him as often, too? Well, you may be surprised, but men have feelings too and will sense that they are appreciated if you compliment and thank him for the things he has done for you, no matter how small or little it might be.

Show your gratitude more by saying thank you after he has fixed something for you or by telling him how good and handsome he looks in that shirt. If your man senses that you are always appreciative, then he will strive to do more to gladden your heart, and one day he will realise that marriage will make you happy, which will enable him to follow through with a proposal.

8. Take Care Of Yourself

This does not mean that you must always wear a full face of makeup or wear your very best clothes. What it means is that you should take very good care of yourself by eating healthfully, engaging in activities you derive joy from, taking pride in your appearance, and also saying no when you don’t want to do something. Saying no to some things is significant, as it shows your man that you are not a soft touch and that you take pride in what you want.

Men are attracted to women who are independent and confident, as well as women who are in touch with their soft femininity. So make sure you have all these traits.

9. Listen To His Fears

Have a sincere conversation with your man, and once he has opened up about his fears of marriage, listen to what he has to say and be understanding. Then you will be able to reassure him of those fears so that he will know that there is nothing to worry about. One of those fears may be that he believes that marriage might change what you both have or that it would cost a whole lot of money. Make sure to listen first and then offer your reassurance.

10. Don’t Be Desperate

Many women think that being too accommodating by cooking for him a three-course meal every day, picking up his calls at all times, or always being on call with him every now and then, at his constant beck and call will automatically make them wife material. This is not true because some men find women more attractive and see them as wife material if they are independent and confident.

It is not reasonable that both you and your man pretend to be something you are not just because you want him to propose to you. What happens after you are married? Will you continue to be at his beck-and-call for the rest of your life? Never pretend to be something you are not when trying to get your man to propose to you, as it is not something you can continue forever.

Final Words

How to make him propose to you shouldn’t be something done in a hurry. Allow your moment to come. Love can’t be rushed or forced! Try to embrace the excitement, the butterflies, and even the “waiting game.” By nurturing your relationship, communicating sincerely, and sharing your dreams, you’ll find a love story that is uniquely yours.

So, take a deep breath, enjoy the ride, and in a twinkle of an eye, the perfect moment to say “I do” will sweep you off your feet. Remember, the timing of a proposal relies on each couple’s unique journey. Some may feel ready early, while others might need more time to solidify their commitment. However, focus on building a deep connection and a substantial bond, and the right time or right moment to propose will reveal itself naturally.


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