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How to Make a Man Obsessed with You: 7 Perfect Ways

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This is a crucial topic to consider, especially for women. It’s been proven time and time again that ladies love attention, and it would be a great delight to have a man who is obsessed with you, giving you attention every minute of the day.

Although men vary greatly in their personalities, one thing unites them all: their psychological makeup. They are, thankfully, very simple to read or predict.

Nearly all of them are looking for similar traits in women. If you treat your man like a hero for one day, he’ll feel manly for a week. It’s the same with dominating him in bed; he’ll become submissive.

Because they are simple beings, men don’t have many demands in a relationship. In this article, we’ll be looking at practical steps on how to make a man obsessed with you.

How to make a man obsessed with you.

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1. Make your man feel deeply loved.

One of the ways to “make a man obsessed with you” is to make him feel loved. The foundation of your attempt to make him obsessed with you is this: make him feel loved. This is the pinnacle of all relationship guidelines.

You may have heard that men are more interested in sex than women, and while it’s true that sex matters, love still transcends all other considerations.

Every human being yearns for love. Whether we like it or not, everything we do is done to win the love of others.

A significant switch in your partner’s heart occurs when you convey your love, approval, and appreciation for him. As a result, he grows devoted and attached to you.

2. Give your man a sense of worth and make him feel appreciated.

If you’re looking for “How to make a man obsessed with you,” you have to make him feel valued and very important. Make him feel like a king.

What do I mean when I say that? Don’t make him feel insignificant or not good enough. Don’t minimize his worth.

Making fun of someone in public is the simplest way to end a relationship. Stay away from that. In general, avoid making fun of anyone.

That’s not cool at all, particularly not with your spouse or boyfriend around. That would only make them feel like a joke to you and be taken for granted. Make them feel loved, valued, and appreciated instead.

Be the one who stands by your boyfriend and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Be his impenetrable barrier, the place he can retreat to after an extremely difficult day.

Even more, express your gratitude for all that he does for you and the others in your immediate surroundings. Give him compliments and affirm that he is valued and loved in his current situation.

3. Be Smart and intelligent

Another way to “make a man obsessed with you” is to be smart and intelligent. As we all know, men are visual beings; they are attracted by what they see, and so a physically attractive woman can make them lose their focus and pursue her to get her attention.

A sharp mind and intelligence have a timeless attraction that frequently outweighs the physical attractiveness of a person.

Yes, some men might be attracted to a woman’s appearance at first, but what captures and keeps their interest is her depth and richness of knowledge and her capacity for thought-provoking dialogue.

A well-read, intelligent woman can transform a passing inclination into a meaningful relationship by being smart and intelligent.

Thus, the key to making him obsessed with you and your thoughts is to be someone with whom he can have valuable conversations.

A well-thought-out conversation can be incredibly attractive. By providing intellectual challenges, you create a mutually beneficial environment where each conversation can open up fresh perspectives on the other.

4. Learn about the things that are near and dear to him.

Looking for a way to make a man obsessed with you? Learn the things that interest him. Learning everything there is to know about the subjects that interest your boyfriend is a great step if you want to go above and beyond and win his full attention.

Being aware of his interests demonstrates who you are as well as your desire to learn about his world.

You become an indispensable confidante and the person he seeks out for deep engagement when you can talk about subjects that are near and dear to his heart.

One of the strongest binders in a relationship is the feeling of having someone to talk to now and then. He will undoubtedly become obsessed with you as soon as he discovers that you’re the most interesting person to chat with.

5. Prioritize self-care

The importance of looks cannot be ignored. Never underestimate the influence of your feminine beauty if you want to make your partner fall madly in love with you.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to appear like a model to make him fall madly in love. Focus on and enhance the best qualities you possess. Above all, prioritize taking care of yourself before trying to get his attention.

Maintain your hair to keep it neat, healthy, and attractive. Take good care of your skin’s health to demonstrate that you care for yourself.

Engage in physical activity to boost your attitude and energy. Keep your toenails tidy and your teeth clean. In conclusion, love yourself and give yourself attention before seeking the attention of someone else.

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6. Have a good sense of humor, and be playful.

To make him fall in love with you, add some flirting and pleasure to your relationship. The spark of the relationship is maintained in a playful environment created by playful banter and teasing. It’s critical to maintain a healthy sense of humor.

So, be creative in your flirting. Write him a nice love letter, send him a flirty SMS, or whisper something sweet in his ear. Ask yourself questions and answer them.

Questions like, How can you make your daily encounters more playful? What kind of seductive gestures make him melt? Maintaining the flirty vibe would make him want to spend time with you all the time.

A recent study revealed that the secret to enduring relationships may lie in encouraging playfulness in romantic relationships.

Don’t take things so seriously, have fun, and don’t be scared to act silly. Instead of watching from the sidelines, engage yourself in the action.

Together, you may play games or sports, laugh, pull practical jokes on each other, or even surprise each other. What is the secret to getting him to think of you constantly? Let his life be kind of boring when you’re not around, because you’re always so much fun.

7. Set boundaries.

We can be overly eager to please when we genuinely want someone to like us or love us deeply. The irony is that we may be treated with less respect or seen as cheap as a result of this.

When something goes so easily and everything is according to your terms, you don’t usually value it.

To sustain itself, a strong relationship requires well-defined and constructive boundaries. You need to establish some ground rules if you want a guy to get obsessed with you. You determine what things are non-negotiable.

In practical terms, that could mean confronting him when he lashes out at you because he’s not feeling well. Alternatively, it could imply telling him when something he has done has offended me.

You have to set boundaries that he cannot cross if you want him to treat you with the respect and decency you deserve.


In this article, we’ve looked at seven different ways to make a man obsessed with you. I believe it’s critical to keep in mind that love and respect for one another should be the main objectives of any relationship, not obsession.

Although it might be comforting to feel wanted, a partner who is genuinely obsessed with you is probably engaging in certain harmful habits that could have long-term negative effects on your relationship.

Instead of attempting to coerce your partner into feeling a specific way, it’s critical to build a relationship based on mutual respect, trust, and communication.

In conclusion, I would like to stress that concentrating on developing respect, trust, and communication is the best way to have a happy and healthy relationship.

These are the cornerstones of any happy relationship, and they can assist you in building a satisfying and long-lasting one.

Even though it could seem alluring to try to make someone fall in love with you, this is not a long-term or healthy method to build a relationship.

Lastly, I want to stress how crucial it is to exercise patience and give your relationship enough time to mature. Building trust and understanding takes time, so it’s acceptable if things don’t work out right away.

As Rome wasn’t created in a day, a good relationship also takes time to build. Just keep in mind to always respect your partner’s needs and boundaries, communicate honestly, and exercise patience.

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