Message To a Cheating Boyfriend: 9 Hurtful Messages

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There’s nothing more hurtful to a girl than cheating.

Every lady’s worst nightmare is being cheated on by her boyfriend. It hurts on every level because this person was supposed to be a soulmate, a best friend, a confidant, and the most trusted person in your life.

When it happened the first time, it was a mistake; then it happened again and again, and you don’t know what to do. Now you’ve decided you have had enough and want to send him a message. This article is for you.

In this article, I offer you a message to a cheating boyfriend. These messages are things you can say to him, a piece of your mind and questions you can ask to get closure and move on.

What can you do? Just grab some comfort food, a box of tissues and your phone. Go through the list and pick the best one that applies to your situation.

Message To a Cheating Boyfriend


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Message 1: The Questioning Message

This is the most common message to a cheating boyfriend. This message should be sent when you want to understand why he cheated on you.

It’s very likely that this question will be met with lies, especially if he thinks you don’t have proof of his cheating escapades. You can craft the message this way:

“I don’t understand why you cheated on me. You said I was special, that I was the only one for you. All you ever asked of me, I did it for you, so tell me why? Why did you go to the girls’ house?

What were you looking for? What did I ever do wrong? What does she have that I don’t have? What does she do for you that I don’t know how to do? I just want to understand why you cheated!

Message 2: The Sarcastic Message

This message is used to mock and show contempt for the cheating boyfriend. It is often delivered with irony. The end result is to make the cheating boyfriend feel worthless. An example of this message is:

“To the best boyfriend in the whole wide world, the one who many girls want to have a piece of but decided to pair himself with just the lowest of the low.

You know, you could have had the best girl there in your corner for a long time but your big-sized brain said “no.”.

You decided to play safe in the street. It must have been such fun sneaking behind me like a teenage boy on hormones. Wait, aren’t you still a teenage boy?

Because mature adults don’t do what you did. I hope it was worth it, though. Have a nice life, cheater!!”

Message 3: The Poetic Message

This message to a cheating boyfriend is the type that comes from romantics. They’ve lived, slept, and eaten so much romance deep into their souls that their pain comes out in poems. You can also find literary folks in this category. Here’s a sample of what it looks like:

  • “All the stars in the sky stopped shining when they witnessed a grave evil to a kind soul
  • Like a thorn bush surrounds a beautiful flower, you pricked my heart and let it bleed
  • You broke my cocoon before I could metamorphosize and left me a broken, bruised larva
  • All the songs on my lips have ceased; all the tears in my eyes have dried.
  • But not to worry, because I will rise again
  • I will spin another web and hide my body inside
  • I will nurture me until I become a beautiful butterfly
  • Then I will rise into the air and be sore
  • You can’t catch me, cheater!”
  • It’s beautiful, isn’t it? The perfect letter to give to the perfect cheater!

Message 4: The Sad Message

This message to a cheating boyfriend is sorrowful. The words in it carry deep sadness, pains and hurt. Here’s an example:

“I can’t believe you did this to me. I thought we had something special. We had planned our lives together, and I helped you find solutions to your problems.

I thought you were the one because of the way we vibed and were in sync but I guess I was wrong. There’s no problem, even though I don’t know how I will move on from this. I will heal somehow and someday but I only know one thing: I can’t stay with someone who hurts me this much. I can’t.”

Message 5: The Straight-to-the-point message


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This message is for those ladies who don’t want to beat around the bush. What’s done is done; face it and move on. Here’s an example:

“This is not a complex situation. On the contrary, it’s very simple. You cheated on me; that’s a fact and it is not something I can forgive.

Just know, we’re done and there’s nothing you can do to change my mind. Don’t bother. Don’t try to make excuses or find some explanations. What’s done is done, and this is over. Have a nice life, Mr. Cheat.”

Message 6: The Regretful Message

In this message to a cheating boyfriend, the lady shifts the blame from the guy and turns it to herself. She begins to wish she never met him, talked to him, agreed to a relationship with him or ignored the red flags she saw. Here’s a sample:

“I’ve been asking myself what went wrong in our relationship and what I could have done to prevent you from cheating. I thought if I did all the right things, took good care of you and mind my business, you would treat me right but that was wishful thinking, wasn’t it?

Can’t believe I ever thought you were the one. I think of all the warning signs I saw and how I could have just walked away but I wanted to believe in you.

I closed my eyes to all the faults and here is what it has brought me to. Well, I’m done with you and I’m done trying to protect myself from your errors. I should have seen this coming but I’m not blaming myself any more for your mistakes.”

Message 7: The Angry Message

If messages could kill, this would be a fiery one. The angry message to a cheating boyfriend is composed from a place of anger and deep resentment for what the guy has done. Here’s an example:

Sample 1:

“How could you do this to me? How did you dare to cheat on me, lie and pretend everything was okay while you were in bed with another woman? Well, news flash! Congratulations. You have done well and you are officially single. I’m done with you and I don’t want to ever see you around me. I am disgusted at the sight of you. Bye, cheater!

Sample 2:

“You had the nerve to lie to me the whole time about that girl. You looked me in the face and told me nothing was going on, now I’ve caught you in her knickers and you’re trying to frame a story for me. You lie! I hate you and never want to see you. We are over, done, finished. Now get out of my sight before I throw you out!”

Message 8: The Hopeful Message

This message to a cheating boyfriend bears hope for a better future with a better person. It also expresses some form of indifference to the guy who cheated, as though he doesn’t matter at all. Here’s a sample:

“I really don’t know why you cheated on me. I don’t care either. All I know is that I deserve someone better than you. I deserve someone who is good and faithful, someone who won’t break my trust and damage my heart the way you’ve done.

So even though I cry now, I know I will be fine. I am hopeful that I will meet someone who will love me truly and faithfully, who will respect me and treat me right. I wish you well in your life and hope you become a better person.”

Message 9: The Vengeful Message

The purpose of this message to a cheating boyfriend is to pay him back for all he’s done. Let’s have a look into it:

“Hello, Mr. Cheater. Are you surprised? You thought I would crawl into a corner and cry and ask you to come back to my life? I have a surprise for you.

I saved everything—all the lovey messages you sent to her while still with me, all the lies you told me about where you were, all the receipts for the hotels where you committed your hurtful act against me.

Want to know what I’ll do with them? Post them on social media, forward them to the groups you belong to, and send them to your employers so that everyone knows how untrustworthy and slimy you are. I will ruin your reputation and make you pay for what you did to me.”

There, you have it. This article has explained nine types of messages to a cheating boyfriend and given you a sample of those messages. If you choose to send him a text message, I hope it won’t be difficult for you to draft the message and speak your mind.

I know that navigating through a breakup with a cheating boyfriend is hurtful but the advice is to not take any rash steps when you’re angry that you will regret later.

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