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How To Make Her Obsessed With You: 15 Cool Ways

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A lot of guys have posed questions like this and gotten on the wrong side of it all. Firstly, you should be aware that getting a girl to like or pay attention to you can be difficult. Most guys get so obsessed with getting a girl to be obsessed with them that they lose sight of everything. It’s very tricky if you don’t know the ropes. Girls do not think the same way as guys, so first you have to understand how she thinks.

As a guy, you may be wondering how to make her obsessed with you. However, it depends on what you really want, so do you want a negative or a positive obsession?

Obsession is popularly viewed as a negative trait and I’m sure you don’t want that. So, you really want a girl to be obsessed with you? Then take this advice from a fellow girl; it’s simple: instead of being manipulative, work on yourself. Take the attention from yourself and make it about her, not you.

To get on with your pursuit, you need to keep some basic principles at your fingertips and channel your efforts towards her. These few steps will guide you.

How can you make a girl obsessed with you? 15 ways you can make her obsessed with you

1. Develop yourself

Having a strong sense of purpose and determination makes a guy highly desirable to a girl. Therefore, developing yourself and building an esteem that is honorable insures you against being dumped by a girl. Why? Girls, women, and ladies are usually attracted to a guy who can hold his own, who is of high value, who is the best version of himself. She can’t be bored if you are able to hold her attention for as long as you can.

Therefore, self-development is very crucial to getting her to be obsessed with you.

2. Create a good first impression

What you wore, what you said, how you acted, and your expression all had an impression on her, positive or negative. A good first impression will have a long-lasting effect on her. So pay attention to yourself, filter your words, but stay confident. Do not come off as too arrogant or too cowardly; stand upright, maintain eye contact, and be confident.

Always keep in mind that your first impression will be her starting point for judging your personality.

3. Pay attention to your looks

Girls pay so much attention to how they look; rest assured, they’ll pay so much attention to how you look. Be a guy who dresses cool, simple, yet stylish enough to be considered well-groomed.

Your looks will say everything about you. Given, you do not have to flank down your personal style just to please a girl, but you do have to polish it up and make your style have a personal effect. This way, she’ll see you as unique.

Shower every day, trim your beards or shave when you have to, wear clean clothes and underwear, and wear clothes that fit your figure. Shape up, have a fit body, build those muscles, and eat healthy. Most girls love fit guys! In all you do, smell nice. A scent can linger in a girl’s mind for a long, long time.

4. Be charming and engaging

Charm gets women 80 percent of the time and most men are naturally charming, so it’s easy to make a girl fall for them. The remaining 20 perfect falls are for engagement. Be open, involve them in heartfelt conversations and they’ll always look forward to having you around.

5. Pay her compliments

Never underestimate the power of compliments. Compliments can do for you what charm may not. Pay her sincere compliments and watch her swoon. Help build her self-esteem and not diminish it; this alone can keep you in her thoughts for a long time. Give her reasons to be reminded of you; engage in activities like singing to her, recommending a movie, etc. Whenever she thinks of these things, she will always remember you.

However, you should be mindful of over-complimenting her so that she won’t choke on it and you won’t seem so desperate.

6. Give her a push but don’t be too pushy

Girls enjoy being wooed; she would take you round in circles just to show her that you’re really interested. This is a game all guys should learn to play. Girls need a little push to show you that they like you too, because most times, they don’t even know. Flirt a little, leave good impressions here and there, make a move on her, and see how it pays off.

However, constantly flirting with a girl who pays you no heed is disgraceful. You can’t force a girl to be with you; in such a case, she’s not obsessed with you; she’s being manipulated and if given a chance, she’ll walk out without looking back.

So, don’t be too pushy; if she’s not feeling you, loosen up your hold. Maintain your manly dignity and let her decide. If she likes you, she will come around when she’s noticed you are not as pestering as before.

7. Be a little mysterious and stay away from the friendzone

Learn to make yourself friendly and available enough without being too available. Don’t be too quick to let her in on every detail in your life; create a boundary to establish trust first; be ready to go a little bit long-term; avoid rushing things; or else she may become bored quickly with nothing new to keep her interest.

When you create a gap between the two of you, she will purposely want to know what more there is to you. That’s why being a little mysterious is essential to making a girl obsessed with you.

Most importantly, remove yourself from the friend zone. If you’re not real enough, most girls will just leave you on the sidelines and keep moving, so be clear on what you want from her and move with the rhythm.

8. Be authentic and reliable

Getting a girl obsessed with you is a cycle and it never ends because you will have to keep her hooked. Once you fall off the line, then she probably may fall off too. So playing games may not get you far; you’ll have to be able to keep up that facade forever. Therefore, authenticity is the key.

Being reliable has made a lot of girls fall for guys. Girls get all mushy when they know there’s someone they can lean on in times of need. All kinds of needs. Being reliable can earn you a lot of validation from a girl. Especially when you keep to promises and are punctual for a date, even if we all know girls will keep you waiting and your name on people’s lips is a good review.

9. Be financially independent

This is one of the biggest flexes when it comes to making a girl obsessed with you. Why? Most girls love a man who can both provide for himself and her; it doesn’t matter if she’s independent herself or not. Now don’t quickly think luxury; nope, not all women are extravagant; they just want to be spoiled in a way they love.

Also, do not be too quick to throw money at her; most girls would feel insulted and dislike guys who flaunt money, especially to just get their attention when they are hoping for something serious.

10. Find common interests

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A common ground is where two people can meet to share similar ideas and interests. No matter how different two people are, there should always be a common ground to foster a deep connection between them. Therefore, to make a girl obsessed with you, be open to her, find out her interests and share yours. Create a conducive environment to engage in meaningful conversations with each other.

11. Be her hero

You don’t really know how much a girl likes you or not if you have not been with her through thick and thin. So, if you want her to be obsessed with you, be ready to be there for her whenever she needs someone to lean on. Being there shows that you don’t take her for granted and she won’t take you for granted either. Though you may not know what she’s going through, you may not even have answers to her questions but just let her know that you are supportive and make a difference with your presence.

12. Respect her boundaries

Girls love it when a guy respects her boundaries. Even if she’s not interested, showing respect is a way to win her over. She begins to think you are a true gentleman and a good person. This might make her reconsider.

13. Avoid getting other girl’s attention

If you want a girl, then focus on her. Flirting while showing interest in other girls is not cool and she most likely would get offended if she sees you flirting with other girls. So avoid it if you really want her to get obsessed with you. When she sees how devoted you are, even when she’s pushing you away, she’ll come around for your attention.

14. Live your best life

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Most couples think that they and their partners are one entity; this notion has brought about a lot of relationship issues. Couples are two separate people with a lot of differences, but one thing in common is their love for each other.

Firstly, you need to understand that you are a person on your own, one with goals and dreams. This is one of the important things a girl sees in you that makes her fall for you. So always keep that up.

Secondly, live your best life; let her live hers, because it will make her reflect on her own life and be assured that with you by her side, she is on the right side and vice versa

15. Don’t follow this guide

It’s easy to seek a guide on how to make a girl obsessed with you, but the truth is, all girls are different. What works for A won’t work for B. Therefore, you may ignore this guide and follow your heart. See where it leads you

But take one thing with you: manipulation won’t make her obsessed with you. You have to be genuine, because if she smells foul play, you’ll definitely lose her.

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