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How to Know if You are Handsome: 8 Factors to Consider

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How to know if you are handsome? This is quite an interesting topic focused on males. To know if you are handsome, you have to look beyond what you see in the mirror and the current biased beauty standards to determine whether you are handsome.

Women may not compliment a handsome guy directly, while men may leave subtle clues to indicate their admiration. Many attractive people don’t think about it or realize that they are.

“How to know if you are handsome?” You can assess how handsome you are by examining these powerful, highly attractive indications, but you can also determine your attractiveness by examining your actions and way of life. Let’s examine some of these factors.

Factors to consider on How to know if you are handsome.

How-to-Know-if-You-are handsome
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1. A lot of people compliment you

One of the ways on how to know if you are handsome is that you’ll receive a lot of compliments on your attractiveness. People can’t see something attractive and turn their eyes away; no matter how they try, one day they’ll surely give in.

You’ll notice that you receive a lot of compliments if you project an open and welcoming atmosphere. People enjoy being recognized for their admirable qualities and excellent deeds.

Additionally, it encourages the person receiving the compliment to carry out the same action.

However, attractive men don’t always receive a lot of compliments. It is uncommon. It would be a good idea to see how other people will respond when you tell them you are not attractive. You are handsome if they get surprised because they would have assumed otherwise.

It sometimes happens that women try to avoid complimenting handsome men because they may be seen as cheap or easy to get, and they may not be too sure of what kind of response they’ll get. Well, you must be aware of how handsome you are, not needing confirmation or approval from someone else.

2. You’re secured.

Everybody has insecurities, and they manifest in different ways and situations.

However, those who know how to manage their insecurities, or more preferably, those who’ve been able to get over feeling insecure in a relationship, are seen as mature and self-assured.

They are viewed as more attractive than someone who is preoccupied with what other people think of them. It is not appealing to be insecure. So one of the ways how to know if you are handsome is that you are secure; you don’t care what others have to say about you.

3. You are kind and refrain from passing judgment on others.

You must know that physical attractiveness is temporary and shallow. Even though you don’t meet today’s standard of beauty, you are appreciated and desired because of the kindness in your soul.

Before drawing judgments about someone, you like to hear their side of the story or see things from their point of view.

Furthermore, you don’t pass judgment quickly on people. Aside from that, you don’t have the urge to learn the dirty little details of other people’s lives.

You don’t need to use other people’s mistakes as an excuse for your shortcomings because you already have enough projects of your own. People find you more inspiring and dependable when you don’t pass judgment, which instantly makes you more attractive to them.

4. People turn to stare at you.

How to know if you are handsome? Check the eyes and stares of the crowd. This is one of the most pronounced indicators of how physically active you are.

People frequently stand staring at you when you walk into a room, their hands paused just inches from their phones or drinks.

Everywhere you go people seem to notice you and glance at you. It is much easier for ladies to stare at you and try to establish a close relationship with you.

5. If you describe yourself as unattractive, people find it surprising.

This is how to know if you are handsome: if people are shocked when you describe yourself as “average” or “not good enough,” that’s one indication that you are handsome.

Studies reveal that people tend to undervalue their beauty, particularly when evaluating themselves against others.

The “halo effect” is the term used for this. You could be inclined to think of yourself as ugly if you’ve been made to think that you’re not as attractive as the people around you.

You should look at other people’s positive reactions rather than their negative reactions. This would help you determine if you’re handsome or not.

How-to-Know-if-You-are handsome
Olichel, Pixabay

6. It’s hard for others to believe you’re single.

For guys who are unaware of their attractiveness, this is a very important part. People frequently believe that when they see a handsome guy, he may be in a relationship.

Unless you make it clear that you’re single, this puts you in an awkward situation. And they frequently react with shock.

At that point, they would make a fuss about how impossible it is for you to look so handsome and not yet be in a relationship. This is a strong sign that you’re attractive.

7. Men make unjustified fun of you

If you could have a little throwback to when you were in college or high school, the female folks were extremely nice to you, while the boys bullied you for no apparent reason.

Fellow guys who perceive you as a threat give you mean looks, whether at work or elsewhere. It’s a natural way to communicate their disapproval of you and your looks.

Animals always act in this way to keep other packs out of their domain.

Men see you as competition and grow envious even if they are not in a relationship or even though you’re not close to their spouse.

How can you tell in these kinds of situations whether you are a handsome guy? Well, most men may give you warning stares, tight handshakes, or even forceful shoulder bumps if they believe you could ruin their date by chance.

8. People enjoy lending you a helping hand

Have you ever waited in line in front of a grumpy bank clerk, and she just smiled and attended to your request without asking you to come back?

Does something like this happen frequently? People often lend a helping hand to people they believe are attractive, courteous, and appealing.

While there is rarely a correlation between a person’s beauty and kindness, research indicates that handsome people are frequently mistakenly seen as “good.” Your appearance may play a part in why people like you or think well of you.

Even the relationship between attractiveness and social and economic benefits has been demonstrated by research. Being handsome is a luxury that many people try to sell for money.

If you belong to such a group, acknowledge your privilege and make responsible use of it.

Have you also noticed that others jump at any given opportunity to help you with a problem you’re having, regardless of the situation?

It may even look as if they are all struggling to be the first to reach out to you and lend a helping hand, especially the female folks.

People are more likely to lend you a helping hand when you’re handsome. We tend to subconsciously be friendlier and more generous to those we find attractive.


In conclusion, while cultural standards of beauty may differ, there are quantifiable and continuous trends about what each sex considers attractive.

However, there are many extremely happy “non-attractive” individuals as well as many extremely miserable “attractive” guys in the world. Because of this, it’s imperative to develop your inner and outer beauty and, above all, to become attractive to yourself.

It’s been proven that the best way to be attractive and find beauty in yourself is to figure out what your purpose in life is and actively pursue it.

Never forget that the most important viewpoint on whether you’re handsome or not is yours. If you see yourself as handsome, then you are handsome.

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