Female-to-Female Attraction Signs: 8 Physical Signs

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Women are usually very nice and gentle with each other. It’s their nature, so it can be quite perplexing to tell when a woman is just being nice to you or is attracted to you.

The attraction between two women can be influenced by many different things. You might find it interesting to learn that sexual orientation is not the only factor in female-to-female attraction.

Social and environmental factors are additional factors that can impact the attractiveness of females.

For instance, a woman may find herself drawn to another woman if they have similar experiences, attitudes, or interests. This may establish a deep emotional connection that could lead to attraction.

Furthermore, due to the way women are perceived by society, some women may find themselves drawn to other women because they may feel safer and receive greater support from one another than from men.

In this article, we’ll be looking at eight female-to-female attention signs.

8 Female-to-female attraction signs


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It can be difficult to understand the attraction. It’s also true that each person expresses their attraction in a little different way.

It’s possible that your female friend is attracted to you and is trying to tell you, but you’re not seeing the signs. So, how can one determine whether a woman is drawn to another woman?

We’ll be considering some female-to-female attraction signs in this article.

1. You sense the attraction somehow.

The first on our list of female-to-female attraction signs is that you sense it. You can feel the gradual switch of energy between you both. It’s common knowledge that women tend to have really good instincts.

So if you feel someone is attracted to you, then they are. Your instincts are always right.

2. She compliments you a lot.

Women are vocal beings. They do not hesitate to express their feelings at every little opportunity they have. Another female-to-female attention sign is that she compliments you a lot.

It’s normal to get compliments. Maybe when you make new hair, wear a new dress, or perform a brilliant presentation at the office, when compliments come as a result of your actions, it’s normal.

A lady excessively praising and admiring another woman is another clear indication that she is attracted to her. You can detect a possible attraction if she notices and compliments practically every little detail about you, even the insignificant or uncalled ones.

She could compliment your attire, your smile, your intelligence, your morals, the way you walk, the way you eat, your posture, etc. It sounds exhausting, right?

3. She gets jealous when you spend time with others.

Another female-to-female attraction sign is that she’s extremely clingy and envious. Although some female friends may be overly attached, you can tell when it goes beyond simple friendship.

She wants to spend time with you; she wants to be involved in everything you do; she wants to know every detail of your life and be fully involved. She wants to be your “handbag,” following you everywhere you go.

This attachment is usually accompanied by jealousy. If you’re showing attention to another lady or she doesn’t get the chance to spend time with you or be involved in your activities, she shows signs of jealousy.

4. You have her attention anytime you need it.

What makes a woman attracted to another woman has been a question posed by many. Is it something about her poise, her nature, her kindness, or her beauty? Perhaps all of the above, but one thing is certain: female-to-female attraction signs will manifest themselves one way or another.

Giving you lots of attention is among the most obvious signs.  She is readily available if you need someone to talk to. She is there for you if you need a helping hand, a companion, or just someone to be around you.

She loves you so profoundly that you have her complete attention.

5. She’s happier and more excited when she spends time with you.

When she is with you, she is all excited and bubbly. If you observe that a lady constantly seems happier when you are together, that is one indication that she is attracted to you.

She might be so excited for no reason, joke around with you, laugh at the most ridiculous things, and generally have fun. She truly feels at ease and enjoys spending time with you.

You could even be the first person she’ll reach out to whenever she’s sad because she knows that with you around her, she’ll forget all her worries and be happy. This is another female-to-female attraction sign to watch out for.

6. She hates saying goodbye

Do you ever have the impression that she doesn’t want to be without you? In an attempt to create an excuse to spend more time with you, she can drag out the goodbyes.

Perhaps even running after you, hugging you, and expressing her desire for you both to spend more time together.

These are early indicators that a woman is attracted to another woman. So if she hates the goodbyes, that’s a great sign she’s attracted to you and wants to spend more time with you.

7. She includes you in her plans.

She has plans for you in the future, and she makes these plans without your consent. This is another example of a lady showing signs of attraction to another woman. She’s attracted to you when she incorporates you into her plans.

Sometimes, if you both are close friends, she might wish to relocate to your neighborhood or attend the same school with you.

Nevertheless, things might be going a bit too far if she intends to move in next to your house, co-invest in a business, or even just help you with the shopping. This could imply that she is attracted to you and wants to be fully involved.

8. She asks you tons of questions and she constantly stares at you

This is one of the major signs of female-to-female attraction. It is normal for women to compliment themselves and move on with their daily activities.

So, if you always catch her eyes resting on you, then it’s a sign she’s attracted to you. When we’re attracted to others, it’s quite hard for us to control our emotions, and this could be the reason for the intense stares and uncontrollable eye monitoring.

Another sign of attraction is that she will ask you lots of questions. This could mean asking deeper, more personal questions than just getting to know how you’re faring or your day at work.

She would want to know your dreams, ambitions, favorite things, and sexual life. It seems like she can’t possibly know enough about you because she’ll keep asking more and more questions each time you meet.

What do I do when I notice female-to-female attraction signs?

It is normal for a woman to truly love another woman; a lot of factors could lead to this feeling. It could be her smart dress sense, her intelligence, her complexion, or something unique about her attitude.

The question is, how should you react if you notice outright indications that she is attracted to you? It is exhausting and uncomfortable when someone exhibits some of the female-to-female attraction signs. Here’s how to go about it:

Identifying the source of your discomfort should be your first step. Plan what you need to do after that. Never avoid her presence or company without explaining why. That will undoubtedly hurt you both.

If you’ve ever participated in relationship counseling, you are aware that communicating with one another is essential to comprehending the present situation. Kindly, but very gently, let her know that you’re beginning to feel uneasy about the signs she’s displaying.

While you wish to mend and preserve the connection, you must also establish limits or boundaries when you feel uncomfortable.


In conclusion, in this article, we’ve discussed eight female-to-female attraction signs. Although there could be several indicators of female-to-female attraction, each person is unique, so keep that in mind.

Not all ladies will display the same behaviors or degrees of interest.

It is important to know that a person’s cultural background and personal preferences are just two of the numerous other factors that could influence attraction.

Therefore, even if these indicators can be useful, they shouldn’t be the only ones to determine if a lady is attracted to you or not.

Finally, it’s also crucial to remember that not everyone who shows signs of attraction is genuinely attracted to the other person.

They can be attempting to be courteous or lovely, for instance, or they may be trying to obtain something from the other person.

Therefore, it’s critical to consider the context when interpreting signals of attraction. It’s also important to remember that attraction is more of a personal experience.

What may be a sign of attraction for one person may not be a sign of attraction for another.

Some people might not exhibit any of the signs listed above but still feel deeply attracted to someone.

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