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Do Guys Know When They’ve Met The One? 

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Do you think a guy knows when he’s finally met the one? The one in this context is a person a guy wants to spend the rest of his life with—the one he loves and sees as his soulmate.

For some guys, they realize they’ve met the one instantly. Different things come into play here: he fell in love with her at first sight, or they had perfect chemistry together. For some others, it’s a slow, step-by-step process that comes with various experiences; sometimes it comes so suddenly, like a snap of the fingers, and he realizes he can’t live without her.

In this article, we’ll consider the key signs that show a guy has met the one and why it gets hard for guys to figure out the one in their lives.

Do guys know when they’ve met the one? 15 clear signs they’ve met their soulmate

1. She shares in his happiness

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When a guy meets a lady who shares in his happiness—and not just for a show but constantly, continuously, without pressure from him or pretense. There’s nothing guys like more than this.

He’s excited to call her and share his good news with her. He finds himself wanting to tell you all the things that made him happy and laugh all through the day. A guy knows when he has met the one if she shares in his happiness.

2. She is his greatest motivation

There are times in a guy’s life when he feels defeated, let down and subdued. When this happens, there’s no one he wants to cheer him up and push him not to give up but the girl he loves.

When she pushes him to achieve his goals, keeps him accountable, helps him recover when he’s down and motivates him with words of encouragement, he knows he cannot afford to play with you because you’re the one.

3. He talks about his future with her

Guys know they have met the one when they start talking about their future with the person. In relationships, guys try to see the bigger picture and the moment they meet, he can only think about and plan a future together with the lady whom he considers the “one.”.

4. He introduces her to friends and family

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Do guys know when they’ve found the one? Yes, if he introduces the person to his friends and family. A guy can introduce a girl to his friends, and she’s not the one, but when his family gets to meet and get to know her as well, she’s definitely the one.

5. She has strong and healthy boundaries

A guy would never want to build a future with a lady who has no boundaries or weak boundaries. He wants to know that she can shield him from danger and protect his and her interests. He wants to know that not every guy or lady has easy access to her. So, do guys know when they’ve found the one? Yes, if she has strong and healthy boundaries.

6. He tells her she’s his one and only

When a guy believes a lady is the one, he tells her plainly so she can know it too. When he says it to her, he affirms her in his heart and to everyone who cares to hear it. He can’t do that if he doesn’t know. I know you might want to say all guys use that line, but do they really?

7. She is a priority to him

Do guys know when they’ve found the one? Yes, if he always puts you first, you are the one.

A man always puts his family before anyone or anything, and if you’re his top priority, then know he considers you the one. Does he try to make her feel better every time or inconvenience himself for her? She’s definitely the one.

8. She know his secrets and sees his vulnerability

Guys love to pretend everything is fine with them. Their ego won’t let them admit there is a problem, especially when a lady is involved. Thus, when a guy starts to open up about his secret to a lady or show his emotions and become vulnerable, it’s because that lady is special. If she’s not his family member, she’s the one for him.

9. He makes effort to be better for her sake

Guys, don’t just change for anyone. They are who they are and don’t mind staying so but when a guy makes an effort to better himself for the sake of a lady, that’s because he recognises she’s the one for him. Thus, to make her happy, he does this one thing for her.

10. They share mutual trust and respect

Trust and respect are the foundations of a great relationship. When a guy receives trust and respect for a lady and gives the same to her, it is a sign they are soulmates and compatible with each other. That’s the one for him and he knows it from the respect and trust that flow between them.

11. There’s a deep emotional and physical attraction

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When there is a deep emotional and physical attraction between a guy and a lady, it is a sign she is the one for him. What’s a relationship without attraction? You can’t be with someone you don’t yearn for.

12. His pronouns changes from “I” to “we”

When a guy starts speaking about himself and a lady using “we,” this means he sees her as a part of his future and has accepted her fully into his life.

That’s how he knows she’s the one for him. They both fit so well into each other that she becomes an extension of him and he unconsciously includes her in it. If he didn’t realize it before, he does now.

13. They share mutual values and interests

When a guy has a lady that shares the same values and interests as him, what else is he looking for?

With this woman, he doesn’t have to start making long explanations about what he likes and his interests because they are both in sync. This is how he knows the woman for him.

14. There’s no holding back for the both of them

Do guys know when they’ve found the one? Yes, when a lady is giving back just as much as the guy is giving without holding back.

When she doesn’t keep any part of herself hidden, she does not love him in half or shrink back from him. She sees him as a part of her and opens herself fully to him; she is the one.

15. There’s no thought of changing each other

When a guy has been with a lady and notices she doesn’t think about changing him, neither him nor her, he knows he’s met the one for him, his soulmate.

Soulmates recognize that they both can’t always act and think alike because they both come from different backgrounds. Peace comes when that fact is known and believed, and a guy wants peace in his life. If a lady can give him this peace of not thinking of changing him, he knows she’s the one for him.

Why do guys find it difficult to spot their soulmate?

1. They’ve had bad relationship experience in the past

Sometimes, it can be hard for guys to spot their soulmate. This may be because of a bad relationship he had before. When a lady shows any of the signs explained previously, he sees it as a means to get him hooked and hurt him, so he can’t see when she is the one for him.

2. Expectations from friends and family

Unrealistic expectations from friends and family can make a guy not realize a girl is the one for him. Maybe his friends want something the lady does not have and even though she is well suited to him, he ignores the signs.

3. They are scared of rejection

Some guys are so afraid to be rejected that even when a lady ticks all the boxes of the one they want, they refuse to go for her. Other times, they may be in a relationship with this girl but are afraid to commit for fear of being rejected eventually.

4. They lack healthy self-esteem

Guys with an unhealthy self-esteem can’t recognize when they’ve met the one. This might be due to their overconfidence or lack of confidence in themselves. So when they see a girl who is self-confident and matches their energy, they feel threatened and will push her away from themselves because they either think they don’t deserve her or are too good for her.

5. They can’t differentiate between love and infatuation

Some guys don’t know the difference between love and infatuation. This can make them not recognize their soulmate. They might be so infatuated with another lady that they miss the one who is right there with them and ticks all the boxes of being the one for them.

In conclusion, in recognizing a soulmate, a lot of things come into play for guys and ladies differently. Sometimes guys know when they have met the one; other times, they might not recognize the one due to unrealistic expectations from family and friends, or past experiences.

It is important to know when you’ve met someone so you don’t spend years searching when you could have been building together.




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