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21 Modern Brands Like Lacoste 

Have you seen a man walk out of a grocery store wearing a t-shirt with crocodile branding, looking gorgeous? Lacoste brand is known to be an iconic brand for wealthy men and celebrities. Aside from t-shirts, they also deal in perfume, shoes, bags and accessories.

It can be confusing to choose a particular clothing brand that can meet your taste and fashion style. Brands like Lacoste are the answer you need. They are known for quality and durable clothing. They have a collection of materials that can put you on the edge of trending fashion. Their material makes you look unique as you go to work, the office or business. In this article, we will show you a collection of brands like Lacoste.

21 Modern Brands Like Lacoste

1. Tommy Hilfiger

If you are looking for a brand like Lacoste that will make you look wealthy while maintaining your originality, this is the right brand. They incorporate red, blue and white colors in their designs, making them unique. This is perfect for color lovers.

Beyond clothing, they also deal in accessories, fragrances, eyewear, and home goods. This brand also makes outfits for disabled people or those with physical ailments, which is rare in the fashion world. The Tommy Hilfiger brand gives you an American look.

2. Fred Perry

This is one of the brands like Lacoste. It is a brand that offers a mix of streetwear and sportswear. The embroidered laurel wreath just on the chest of the polo makes the brand loveable for all ages. This brand offers clothing for both males and females, ranging from sportswear, sweaters, accessories, dresses and skirts, etc. It is a sportswear brand that depicts British heritage and is committed to timeless designs. It might interest you that you can walk into any boutique and buy any of its brand products with the assurance of a warranty.

3. Ralph Lauren

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If you are looking for a polo brand that has its roots in baby clothes, this is the perfect one. It is one of the famous iconic brands like Lacoste that also offers a household decor collection. You can get it to keep your home smart and simple, with a touch of aesthetics and elegance. A lady who wears Ralph Lauren perfume has a unique scent that is irresistible. You can try it.

4. Pierre Cardin

It is one of the brands like Lacoste that is known for its futuristic, creative and innovative design. It was one of the first designers to make unisex clothes. Their clothing has adaptive features that allow people to customize it based on their outings. They make use of shapes to make their design look artistic. For lovers of subculture outfits, they create designs from blended cultural elements.

5. COS

COS which means a collection of styles, is a Danish fashion retail design brand like Lacoste. Being a brand inspired by Lacoste, it makes use of a neutral color palette and high-quality materials. Its artistic design is more minimalistic than Lacoste’s. It produces sophisticated designs that can withstand the test of time and age.

6. Massimo Dutti

It makes use of a similar font as Lacoste in some of its clothing. If you are looking for dealers in elegant/peppery sweaters, chinos, polos, t-shirts and accessories, they are the best. It is a known Spanish fashion brand like Lacoste. One unique thing about Dutti is that its clothing is of high quality and luxury yet affordable and accessible to a large audience. It also has a global reach, with stores in various countries.

7. Brooks Brothers

It is one of the oldest American fashion brands and the first to offer ready-to-wear clothing. It is known to serve several fashion needs like button-down collar shirts, polo coats, sucker suits, etc that have remained in vogue for years. It has served several clients, like political figures, celebrities and U.S. presidents. According to a customer review on, the Brooks brothers are experts in producing clothes that emphasize traditionally masculine features like the shoulder and chest. If you become a loyal customer of Brook Brothers, you will receive offers like points, discounts and exclusive offers.

8. Adidas

Brands- like- Lacoste
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If you are looking for sportswear and athletic wear, this is a brand you should consider. This is a brand like Lacoste that allows its customers to personalize their sportswear and footwear. As an athlete, their products help you regulate and improve your performance, e.g., a fitness tracker. Their signature logo is a three-stripe. Their clothing is less expensive than Lacoste’s.


They are a reputable clothing brand that is known to produce high-quality shirts, particularly button-down dress shirts. It has a locker loop and box pleat design at the back of the shirts.  They are one of the brands like Lacoste that is durable and offers premium clothing as well as contemporary and high-quality craftsmanship. If you need clothing that you can easily put on or match other clothing styles, get a wardrobe staple from GANT. They got you covered on it.

10. All Saints

This is a British brand that is known to produce leather clothing with edgy and contemporary styles. They are one of the brands like Lacoste that draws inspiration from street culture, music and global travel. They give individuals a unique and urban look. Aside from clothes, they also produce handbags, footwear and scarves. If you are looking for a fashion brand that is current on trends, get into a store and look for All Saints.

11. Steve Madden

They are one of the famous American fashion brands like Lacoste that serves different target audiences. They deal in trendy footwear, belts, handbags, and accessories that will give you comfort yet are affordable. They have strong online visibility, making it easier for their customers to buy online through their website at any time. Their exclusive footwear collection is a result of their collaboration with many celebrities and influencers.

12. Super Dry

Its name sounds funny but it is a British clothing brand like Lacoste. They incorporate vintage Americana, British tailoring and Japanese graphics in their designs. They offer casual but fashionable outfits. Their outfits, like shirts, hoodies, dresses, jackets and coats, are needed in various weather conditions, like summer and winter. Their outfits are popular among young adults and those who love comfortable and stylish arrays.

13. Puma

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This is a global brand like Lacoste that is known to be a producer of athletic footwear and sportswear. This oldest brand has been endorsed by popular athletes like Serena Williams, Neymar and Usain Bolt. They have expanded their horizons and moved from sportswear to other clothing. They have captured the attention of young people and urban fashion enthusiasts due to their incorporation of styles into their outfits. Hence, if you’re not an athlete but a fashion enthusiast, you can consider this brand. It is affordable and less expensive than Lacoste.

14. Sunspel

This is one of the clothing brands like Lacoste that deals in underwear, particularly the classic white cotton boxer shorts, aside from other clothing. They were among the first brands to make use of Egyptian cotton for their clothing. Hence, they produce soft and durable clothes. One of the unique things about Sunspel is long-lasting relationship building among customers who value premium basics.

15. Barbour

They are a British clothing brand known for waterproof, windproof and durable clothes, especially the iconic cotton jackets. Hence, it is good for outdoor activities like hunting, fishing and country pursuits. This clothing includes waxed cotton jackets, sweaters, hats, scarves, etc. They offer re-waxing services and products to prolong the lifespan of their jackets.

16. Scotch and Soda

They are one of the Dutch fashion brands like Lacoste. It is known for its diversity of clothing styles and accessories. Their clothing collection includes shirts, sweaters, pants, dresses, jackets and outerwear. Its sub-brand Amsterdam deals in denim and denim clothing. Their clothing is a blend of bold colors, prints, patterns, artwork and sophisticated designs. This is a result of inspiration drawn from various cultures, art and vintage aesthetics. This is the perfect brand for any individual who loves fashion.

17. John Varvatos Brand

They are an American fashion brand that deals in menswear. They are a clothing brand that is loveable to rock and music culture lovers due to their artistic designs. Their clothing has intricate seams, aged hardware and distressed finishing as their signature style. Different types of fragrances with unique scents for men are added to its collection of products. You can buy a collection of clothing ranging from formal to casual.

18. Reiss

They are a British brand like Lacoste with retail stores in major cities around the world. They make their clothing out of premium, quality fabric and craftsmanship. They have a royal endorsement from the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. They have flexible designs and styles that you can match together to give you a good look for various occasions.

19. Karl Lagerfeld

This is another brand like Lacoste where you get your collection of wardrobe staples. If you are looking for a brand where you can shop for your smartphone along with your clothing, you may want to consider Lagerfield. They are an influential brand known for making casual wear that makes you appear and feel decent. Their collection of outfits includes jeans, sweatshirts, knitwear, pants, loungewear, underwear, etc. with bold graphic designs and shapes. It’s more expensive than Lacoste.

20. Kenneth Cole 

This is a popular brand where you can shop for your complete outfits and accessories like sunglasses, wallets, fragrances, etc. It is a brand like Lacoste that makes use of a neutral color palette, especially grey and black, in their style design. Their outfits are not too decorated but are elegant, fitted and stylish. Their footwear is quality and luxurious. If you can afford Lacoste brand clothing, you can afford this too.

21. Prada

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This is one of the most famous Italian brands like Lacoste in the world that specializes in leather goods, particularly luggage and clothes. They are known for simplicity and minimalism. If you want to become a loyal customer, you can consider choosing this brand for everything you do, like architectural design, phones, movies, perfumes and eyewear. They are one of the fashion brands that you can only get their clothing from in their offline stores.

Final Word

Lacoste is the first brand to produce polo shirts, especially in the athletic world. There are also brands like Lacoste where you can get quality collections and styles. If you have gone through this list above, then you are sure you will find all you are looking for in the fashion world.


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