Aubrey-and-Caleb's Networth

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Aubrey and Caleb’s Net Worth

Aubrey and Caleb's Networth

Creativity has always been a source of wealth to many. While some made their fortune by putting their talents to use, many have generated their wealth from reality shows and the hosting of celebrities in a one-on-one TV interview, which has drawn lots of views.

But since the invention of the social media space, with platforms like Facebook, skype and Twitter, wealth can easily be generated. One of the many social media platforms today that is more lucrative than others is YouTube.

This is the platform young Aubrey and her kid brother used to generate lots of income.

Who is Aubrey Swigart?

Aubrey is an American teenager; she was born on March 16, 2008. Her full name is Aubrey Swigart, she is a famous YouTube star who came into the limelight at a very young age. Aubrey was born in Sand Springs, Oklahoma in the United States.

Aubrey is famous for how easy it is; she could compose the fun part for kids and the crazy aspect of some other kids at the same time. She has an amazing number of followers on her YouTube channel who watch her reviews on kids matters. She gained her fame and popularity through kids’ reviews on your channels and surprise unboxing of toys.

Hence, her online presence on YouTube has helped her gain popularity alongside her kid brother Caleb. She started making content on her YouTube channel, which she launched in September 2017. Since the launch, the number of her followers has grown drastically, earning the blue-eyed teenager a fortune of wealth worth millions.

Early Days

Aubrey and Caleb are siblings of the same parents. Aubrey is 15 years old and Caleb is 12 years old this year (2023). Though young, they still have a net worth richer than the likes of Chris Tucker and Natasha Lyonne. Aubrey Swigart has one extra sibling, whose name is Jeremy. Mellisa is their mother’s name.

Aubrey’s Net Worth

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The American teenager is considered one of the two most famous kids who became wealthy from Toy review of their YouTube channels. Aubrey and Kelli Maple are both the most popular for their engagement in kids toys.

Now, according to analysis by Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider, Aubrey Swigart’s net worth is valued at around $4 – $5 million. She, with the combined involvement of her younger brother Caleb, has a valuation of around $5 million naira.

Prior to when she hit the limelight, she had a YouTube channel created in May 2016, but was not relenting as the desired success didn’t come. She launched her self-titled account on YouTube in September 2017, titled ‘Fun and Crazy Kids’. Her channel became outrageously popular when it hit YouTube’s 1,000 benchmark subscribers/viewers.

Aubrey Swigart’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million as of 2023. Most of her income is generated from her YouTube channel. She gains profits and royalties from advertising revenue, sponsored content, and product sales like most YouTubers. Aubrey and Caleb have also partnered with various toy companies to promote their products.

Although this recorded net worth is estimated according to the gathered information on the revenue generated from YouTube advertisements only. This value does not include their other sources of income.

Net Worth & Salary in 2023

One may ask, how much is Aubrey and Caleb worth today? At the ages of fifteen and twelve, respectively, the American YouTubers have a net worth of about $100,000–$5 – $5M. This is approximately about 100,000 – $5M euros or 100,000 – $5M pounds. Although, these calculations might vary or change per day, it is difficult to estimate their spending habits over time.

What is net worth?

A net worth is the quantity of assets that surpass the liabilities. These may include cash, real estate, and anything else of value. It is the value of everything you possess, minus what you own.

How to calculate Net Worth

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When you want to calculate the net worth of someone, you first subtract the person’s debts from their assets to get their net worth. The net worth of anyone is calculated by adding all their assets or values and then subtracting all of their liabilities or debts. The net income is what is left after taxes and payroll deductions. While net worth is what you have left after every other unsettled fee in your life in general.

Their other Related YouTube pages

Caleb Kids Show

Mellisa Swigart

Adventures of LOLA The Bulldog

Aubrey Swigart

Fun and Crazy Family

These separate channels also generate incomes for both siblings. With an increase audience in each of their pages, their followers are a massive source of their support system.

We will be giving a summary of how much each of these channels has in net worth.

Aubrey and Caleb’s Channels and their Net Worth

1. Caleb Kids Show net worth

This channel has been in existence since September 2018, with over 853k subscribers and 980.3M views. Caleb Kids Show is an American YouTube channel that features both Aubrey and Caleb and has a net worth of $2.6 million dollars as of October 2023. The following revenue estimates are based on YouTube advertising income based on this channel’s audience and visitors.

Yesterday so far: $1,352

Last 2 days: $1,708

Last 7 days: $10,518

Last month: $40,622

The Caleb Kids Show is an American YouTube channel that has more than 850 thousand subscribers and is frequently visited. Over 497 videos have been produced, which all add up to more than 980.3 million views in total. The Caleb Kids Show makes a total of about 13 new videos every month, it has 811k video views every day and 375 subscribers every day.

2. Fun and Crazy Kids net worth

Fun and Crazy Kids is a simple YouTube channel that has a net worth of over $1 million as of October 2023. There is an estimation of income from their YouTube advertising revenue, based on their channel’s audience.

Yeasterday so far: $473

Last 2 days: $597

Last 7 days: $3,443

Last month: $16,239

This channel has been in operation since September 2019. It has a total of 151k subscribers and a compiled total of about 51.1 million views.

3. Fun and Crazy Family net worth

The Fun and Crazy Family channel is an American YouTube channel that has a combined net worth of about $120,000. And with estimations gathered, this is the result of estimations of YouTube advertising revenue based on this very channel’s audience.

Yesterday so far


Last 2 days


Last 7 days


Last month


This YouTube channel was created around September 2017 and with it’s 64.3k subscribers, it has accumulated a total of 2.2 million views.

Kindly note also that the earnings and net worth we displayed are not provided by YouTube but are just estimations. These rough estimations are based on public data like views and subscriber counts.

Source of Income

Their sources of income are not entirely made public to society, but we can all assume that her YouTube channel is the source. With her contents solely for kids, you can expect her channel to have a free flow of viewers whose attention can easily be gotten.

In 2017, Aubrey’s constant featuring of content on YouTube paid off on August 9, 2017, when her account hit 1,000 viewers. And a lot of times, these online-generated fortunes can continue heeding fruits for as long as possible.

And since YouTube has a monetization policy for users whose accounts have gained up to ten thousand views, Aubrey and Caleb started earning. Some of their videos immediately drew attention and hence, got up to 8 million views, which in turn increased their cost per impression (CPI) “CPI” is the metric YouTube uses to measure how much to pay their users. So that, each time someone sees an ad from your videos, your account is credited.

Although Aubrey and Caleb have quite a number of videos on their YouTube channel. But some of their most popular videos that brought in resources and viewers to their sites include “Toy Shopping at Target for LOLO Dolls – LOL Surprise Dolls Opening” and also “Toy Shopping at Walmart for Baby: A lone Snack in Luke.”

The more viewers, the greater the potential for increased pay. In one instance, one of their popular videos, which revolved around Caleb, who was playing with bugs, gained over 30 million views. The average CPI is $2 but can vary according to the content of the video.

CPI Dollar Amount

The average CPI is worth $2 and a video can have a CPI that is worth more than $12 and above. YouTube uses an algorithm to decide how to pay and who to pay and this algorithm is entirely up to their own discretion. Some major factors YouTube uses in measuring are the price of any ads on your page. Also, YouTube measures if your audience is watching the whole ads or not. Your audience participation in the comment section, how popular your channel is and who and whom are your target audience.

Final Words

Aubrey and Caleb Swigart will have the opportunity to make a breakthrough for great development! Making a mark in the world’s most used internet space at a very tender age is an amazing feat.

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