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How Can You See If Someone Is Not Following You On Facebook? 

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How Can You See If Someone Is Not Following You On Facebook? In the digital age that we are in today, the various social media platforms that have been in existence have made our world so much easier, especially when it comes to social interactions.

It is now possible to stay connected with people around the world and also get to know things about them. The world has now become a global village through the invention of these various social media platforms.

Among these social media platforms, Facebook is one of the best. The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has made the Facebook app interface user-friendly and easy to navigate through all the features on it.

The app has a notification feature where users are notified when a friend has a birthday, when someone comments on our post, or when they are tagged in a post.

However, when a friend unfollows or unfriends us, we do not get a notification.

One of the things that users are usually curious about is when a friend either unfollows, blocks or unfriends them on Facebook.

The big question is if we are not notified by Facebook when people click on the unfollow, unfriend or block button.  How can you see if someone is not following you on Facebook?

A lot of people usually mix these three things up, which is why I’ll give clarification on these three terms before we provide an answer to how you can see if someone is not following you on Facebook.

Differentiating Unfollow, Unfriend and Block Buttons on Facebook

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The Unfollow Button: When someone unfollows you on Facebook, it means that while they still remain on your friend list on Facebook, they no longer get to see your Facebook feeds, and vice versa.

Usually, when someone unfollows you on Facebook, it is because they want to stop seeing your posts, but they do not want you to find out because they still want to be able to communicate with you because when someone unfollows you on Facebook, that person can still send you messages.

This is what makes it hard to know when someone unfollows you on Facebook.

The Unfriend Button: When someone unfriends you on Facebook, it means that they are no longer on your friend list, and they can no longer view any of your Facebook activities or engage with your posts.

If they decide to reconnect with you, they can send you a friend request to reconnect with you.

The Block Button: Pressing the Facebook block button is like telling someone I do not ever want to have anything to do with them again. When someone blocks you on Facebook,  aside from the fact that they are no longer on your friend list, you cannot interact with each other and you can never reconnect with such an account.

Now that we know what unfollow, unfriend, and block mean, let’s look at the ways you can see someone is not following you.

How Can You See If Someone Is Not Following You On Facebook?

1. You no Longer See Their Feeds or Engagement

One of the ways you can see if someone is not following you on Facebook is through this. When a friend unfollows you, you are no longer able to see their post, nor can they react to or engage with your post since they can no longer see it.

However, this is only possible if that friend is active on Facebook. It may be hard to apply the same method to a friend who is not active on Facebook.  However, do not jump to conclusions because they may have deactivated their account or maybe they are just temporarily away from Facebook.

2. Manual checks

Another way to find out if someone is not following you on Facebook is by checking your profile manually. If you must do this, it means that you are keeping records of your Facebook followers.

That way, you are able to keep track of those who unfollow you by checking your followers on your Facebook page. Here are the steps to follow to find out:

If your Facebook profile is in professional mode, you can easily see your followers on Facebook by clicking on the ‘followers’ tab found below your Facebook picture.

The list of people you find there is made up of people who are still actively following you. If you notice that a friend is no longer on the follower list, it means that they have unfollowed you. This is how you can see if someone is not following you on Facebook.

To find out if you are not in professional mode, go to your profile, click on the ‘friends’ tab click on following, and search for the name of the friend you think is no longer following.

Using this process will take much of your time and you may not be able to find out who has unfollowed you using this method.

3. Download the ‘Who deleted me’- Unfriend finder extension

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You can download this extension for Google Chrome if you want to monitor your friend list.

This app helps keep track of your Facebook profile by notifying you when a friend unfriends you,  unfollows you, or becomes a new friend or follower.

This app also helps you know whether a person unfollows you or deactivates their account. This makes it very easy for you to know when someone unfollows you and saves you from the stress of doing this manually.

Now that we have been able to answer how can you see if someone is not following you on Facebook let us consider things that might have made them make that decision in the first place.

Reasons Why Your Facebook Friends Stop Following You

There are different reasons why a friend may decide to stop following you on Facebook, and below are some of the reasons:

1. They don’t like your Facebook posts

People are careful about the kind of content that they consume on social media.

You have control over your profile and the kind of content you post on your wall, but some of your friends may not like to see some of these posts because they are contrary to their beliefs or opinions.

For example, maybe you post opposing political views on your post. Or maybe someone who is a misogynist who is friends with a feminist might be dissatisfied with the post of someone who is a feminist on his friend list.

They might not want to express their displeasure with your posts to avoid any form of confrontation because everyone is entitled to their own opinions or views.

This person does not have any personal issues with you but he can choose to unfollow you to stop seeing your posts.

2. You always tag them on your posts

Some people don’t like it when they are tagged in your posts too frequently. They do not want your feeds to always show up on their wall.

If they feel like you are always tagging them in your posts and you are overdoing it so that your posts are even more on their wall than their own personal posts, they may unfollow you so that they can stop being tagged in every one of your posts.

3. Your Facebook content lacks substance

Another reason why your friends may unfollow you on Facebook is because they cannot seem to gain anything from your posts. They feel like there is nothing to gain or learn from your posts on Facebook. This is why they chose to unfollow you.

4. They are protecting their privacy

If someone on your friend list does not want you to know what is going on in their personal life, they may decide to unfollow you, since unfollowing you means that you can no longer see their posts on Facebook. The need for privacy can make someone unfollow you on Facebook.

5. You post the same content every time.

If you are the type to repeatedly post the same content on Facebook, your friends may get tired of seeing the same thing all the time. They might choose to unfollow you because they know there is nothing new they want to see on your wall; it is always the same old content.

6. Your posts are negative

If your posts are always about negativity and always sound depressing, you may be unfollowed. This is because people always try to watch the kind of content they see on social media to protect their mental health. If your posts on social media are negative and depressing, this can be the reason why your Facebook friend unfollows you.

7. You are always posting personal updates

If your Facebook posts are always about your personal life. You post virtually everything that goes on in your life. Your friends know when you wake up, when you go to bed, what you had for breakfast and other personal details.

Aside from the fact that it is not a good thing for you, Some people do not like seeing these always.

They are tired of coming to learn about what goes on in your life because they always see you as an attention seeker.


Finally, there may be personal reasons why a friend might also unfollow you on Facebook; maybe they fall out with you, and instead of blocking you, they might choose to just unfollow you.

You can see if someone is not following you on Facebook by downloading the Who Deleted Me extension on Chrome. This helps you confirm the friend who is no longer following you on Facebook.

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