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Unleash Creativity: Top Home Crafts For Kids To Enjoy And Make

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In this current world, parents are dealing with a lot on their plates, more than you can imagine. Thus, one thing they certainly need, aside from a glass of their favorite drink, is an activity to keep their kids fully engaged, especially at home. 

Crafting is one of the top-tier exercises to consider. It helps ensure your kid is busy while away from school and, like the arts, helps boost their creativity, self-esteem, and resilience. Also, while crafting with your kids, you will spend more time with them, creating and documenting lifelong memories you will hold dearly.  

From what is explained above, you can see that crafting can be a fun activity. However, you will want to contemplate simple projects that will demand less of your resources, like time and money.  

Therefore, you may wonder where to find these easy craft projects to accomplish with your kids.  

Amazingly, this post has you covered. We will reveal and explain the top home crafts to make with your kids that can unleash their creativity while at the same time having an enjoyable moment. Most of these crafts require minimal supplies, and we bet you already have most of the materials needed in your kid’s craft basket. So, let’s get started.  

 Border Rolls

If you are looking for an easy craft project that will save you from hearing the words ” I am bored” from your kids after every three minutes, border rolls should be your ideal landing pick. We can guarantee you that you can make them in less than five minutes at your first shot. You will need some paper, scissors, a pencil, and a paper crimper.  

The first step will be to instruct your kid to make either straight, zig-zag, or curly borders on the piece of paper using a pencil and then use the scissor to cut through lines. Afterward, you will put them through the crimper to squeeze and run them through, and there; you will have your border rolls. With border rolls, you are always unlimited, as there are multiple designs for you to try out.  

 Counting Sticks

Crafting is about creativity, and since most kids do love ice cream, you can turn the stick they use to chop off their ice cream into a perfect craft material to make counting sticks. This will be a fun way to develop their maths potential through counting.  


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Once you have your ice cream sticks cleaned, cut small boxes or circle-shaped papers and put numbers on one side of them. Then, stick the papers on your sticks using glue to have your counting sticks. You don’t have to write the numbers with a pen or pencil. Create innovative ways of portraying the numbers in shapes of animations your kids love; this will make it easier for them to remember them.  

 Rainbow Wands

If you hosted a party recently, have some extra colorful ribbons, and are wondering what to do with them, making rainbow wands with your kids can be a thoughtful idea. We are sure you would dispose of the ribbons if you were not waiting for the next party. And by making rainbow wands with your kids, you indulge yourself in fun activities to enjoy.  

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Aside from the colorful ribbons, you will need glitter cards, glue, and scissors. The basic procedure will be to cut the ribbons into small pieces and attach them to the glitter cards with glue. If your kid sees the rainbow wand lacking something to be complete, allow them to go wild and add any piece of decoration they see fit. After all, it is their wand and not yours!  

Paper Boats

A paper boat is another top home craft project you can make with your kid. They are a creative way of using old newspapers or wrapping papers in your house. However, they may be challenging for your kids to make at first, but once they master the procedure, nothing can stop them. 

Your kids will only require a piece of paper and a ruler. Show them how to make one perfectly while keenly listening and seeing, then let them do it independently. Also, challenge them to make other creative pieces besides the one you taught them. They may make mistakes, but instead of criticizing, let them own them and be willing to learn, as that is part of the craft.  

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 Pen Pots

Are you looking to do away with some old plastic water or soda bottles in your backyard, bins, or store? If so, we advise you to use them for crafts with your kids to make cute homemade pen pots. This way, you will remodel them into functional pieces for your home. 

You will have to assist your kid with cutting the bottles into the cute shapes they want. Then, allow them to decorate by getting dirty with paint while you instruct them on how to paint the perfectly cut bottles. This way, they will feel like they were part of the work. 


A parent can make numerous homemade crafts with their children while having an enjoyable time. However, the top and simple ones you should consider include border rolls, pen pots, paper boats, rainbow wands, and counting sticks. The only things these crafts will demand from you are cheap materials like paper, scissors, glue, and a little bit of time, maybe five to ten minutes.  

And we can guarantee you that you will be spending quality time with your kids at home in a fun way as you also help build their innovativeness, courage, and resilience

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