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Smash Negativity Team


6 Burning Rose Meaning, History And Myths

One species of flowering plant in the Rosa genus is the rose. Roses come in more than 150 kinds and are indigenous to North America, Europe, and Asia. Beautiful flowers with colors ranging from white to red to yellow and numerous others are the hallmarks of rose plants. For generations, roses have been associated with ...

Mary John


Reverse Psychology When Someone Ignores You

Of all the annoying things in this world, ignoring someone should be in the top five because it is hurtful, confusing, and maddening. All strong adjectives, right? Walk with me through this scenario: you’re in your office and there’s this colleague whose attention you’ve been trying to get but he or she acts like you ...

Joseph Kalu 50 Fuel Points: A Complete Guide 50 Fuel Points is an online survey run by Kroger supermarket stores to get customer feedback and evaluations on their services and products. Users can contact them on the Internet via Kroger surveys and offer honest feedback about their experiences with their Kroger stores. Customers can win Basic Foods Cards as well as gift ...