Sarcastic Reply When Someone ignores you: 60 Funny Replies

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At some point in our lives, everyone has experienced being neglected or ghosted by someone. They are the hardest because you don’t know if you should text them to let them know how you feel or play their game and remain silent.

If they continue to ignore you, after trying to reach out to them to know what’s wrong, let them leave and never forget how important it is to love yourself.

Allow them to disregard and waste the time of others. They most certainly don’t care about you, and they aren’t your real friends either.

Everyone has had the experience when they message someone they love, such as a friend or partner, and all they receive in return is silence! In light of this, how should one respond to the silence treatment?

If someone has neglected or ghosted you, one way to deal with it is to message them with humor and sarcasm. Using sarcasm allows us to express our frustration without coming across as overly hostile or desperate.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some sarcastic replies when someone ignores you.

Example of Sarcastic Reply When Someone Ignores You


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Here are some examples of sarcastic reply when someone ignores you. It’s great you picked one out of these in case you need a sarcastic reply when someone ignores you.

  • Your response time to me indicates that you are very busy and important.
  • I’m so relieved that you find no importance in this chat.
  • I appreciate you expressing your ideas with me so beautifully; that silence was expressive!
  • I think we’ll achieve clarity or something equally amazing if we ignore each other for a long enough period!
  • Ignoring someone to the point of full disregard is perhaps the best way to express love.
  • Hooray! I got the message so well, it warranted no reply at all!
  • I appreciate that you ignored my message despite your hectic schedule.
  • Is something not quite okay? I take it that no response indicates all is well?
  • Ignoring someone who tries to strike up a discussion is the perfect way to say, “I like and respect you.” You got it, friend!
  • It’s amazing how slowly you’ve been responding recently.
  • I’m sure you’re enjoying this sarcastic reply when someone ignores you. Let’s look at more.
  • What a considerate and intriguing method to express interest in responding at all.
  • Well, that means my letter will remain unread and unappreciated for eternity.
  • At least I now understand what silence means.
  • Your silence about our friendship says a lot about it.
  • You can tell how much you care about me by ignoring me. It’s nice.
  • You seem like you wouldn’t want to talk if I didn’t know any different.
  • Oh my goodness, I appreciate your prompt and insightful reply. Keep being silent.
  • It doesn’t mean I am too, even though it seems like my texts are invisible. Hey, hold on, that’s okay.
  • Your silence is deafening. Thank you for your amazing reply!
  • Using complete silence as a means of communication. This is innovative!
  • I take it that the new way to say “hi” is to be silent.
  • Now I get it, the issue is resolved when you choose to ignore me!
  • I can’t believe how much this conversation has improved and become more significant because of your silence. It’s not awkward at all.
  • Perfect silence is the best way to communicate, “I’m sorry.”
  • A wise tactic is to remain silent in the face of challenging questions.
  • I appreciate you teaching me this important communication skill. Wow, what a terrific method to avoid answering questions!
  • I’m honored that you decided to disregard me today out of all people!
  • I suppose you were too impressed with my message to bother responding to it.
  • No worries, there’s no need to reply—I already know what you’re thinking!
  • No reply. I suppose that means I’m just talking aloud!
  • Just because you don’t respond to my messages doesn’t indicate that I’ll disappear anytime soon.
  • I apologize for bothering you and for assuming that someone who calls themselves my friend would respond. That was a mistake!
  • I had no idea that you liked to communicate by staying silent.
  • It’s okay if you think you’re too important or cool for this conversation.
  • What do you know? Don’t worry about it; I’ll just ask someone else who is interested in responding.
  • I’m sorry; I tried to get in touch with you.
  • That’s okay; I was only trying to communicate! Nothing serious.
  • I apologize for upsetting your tranquility by wishing to speak with you.
  • I guess the way you express “I love you” is by ignoring me.
  • A unique way to convey your affection for me. Silence!

I hope you’re not getting tired. There are more sarcastic reply when someone ignores you. Let’s go on.

  • Thanks a lot for our friendship. I get the silence.
  • Oh, was there a reason for the silence? I apologize for not grasping your unique communication style!
  • I suppose you just had more important things to do than respond to my messages—perhaps doing laundry or playing with the dogs?
  • Okay, ignore me and act as though nothing happened.
  • It’s considerate of you to ignore me so that we can both save time and effort!
  • I enjoy being disregarded, especially when there’s no explanation!
  • You have excellent communication abilities, my friend.
  • I can tell you’re angry or something happened by your silence.
  • Ah, another discussion in which I get to talk the whole time!
  • I’m not sure if you’re acting or if you’re not interested at all.
  • You are good at ignoring others; you have perfected this skill!
  • I appreciate you reminding me of the reasons I should never bother communicating with you.
  • Oh, that’s right, leaving me on read—that’s how you tell people these days how much they mean to you!
  • You truly appear to love me a lot, if ignoring someone is an indication of that!
  • The absence of any response at all is the epitome of this friendship.
  • Are we playing a brand-new game here?
  • Not a problem at all; I enjoyed waiting for your response.
  • Thanks for your advice; it fixed everything.
  • I had no idea you had so much going on in your life that answering me wouldn’t be worth the time!
  • You’re aware of the proverb, “If you give something enough time to go away, it will go away entirely.” Well, watch me go in your silence.

These are 60 compiled sarcastic reply when someone ignores you. I’m sure you’re not going to have a hard time choosing one.


When someone is ignoring you, sarcasm can be a highly useful tactic to catch their attention. You can subtly criticize their actions without coming across as aggressive by joking. And when executed properly, it can even be rather humorous!

When responding sarcastically to being ignored, there are a few considerations to make. First and foremost, ensure that your sarcasm is lighthearted rather than cruel. Not to make people feel horrible, but to grab their attention.

Second, make sure your voice sounds lighthearted rather than harsh. Delivering sarcasm with a smile is key, so do it! Examine the audience; not all will find sarcasm amusing, so reserve it for situations when you know it will be well received.

Responding with sarcasm when ignored can work wonders to draw attention and ease tension. It’s crucial to use it politely and respectfully.

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