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Asking someone to be your Valentine: 7 Best Ways to Ask

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Valentine’s Day is magical and romantic. It gives you a chance to express your admiration for someone, regardless of whether you are married, in a relationship or just have a crush on them.

Most single people go crazy with anxiety and anticipation on this day. It makes you think of all the different ways you may ask that special someone to be your Valentine but it also makes you worry that you might be alone on that special day.

Are you looking for ways to ask someone to be your Valentine? Do you have someone special on your mind? Perhaps you were dating for a while before getting married to someone you’ve been seeing for a long time. Or maybe you want to ask that new person you’re pining for to be your Valentine because you just met them? Whatever the case, we’ve got you.

How to propose to someone to be your Valentine

Since not everyone is as brave as the rest of us, asking someone to be our Valentine might be nerve-wracking and frightening. Some of the questions that pop into the mind may include:

  • How do I approach them to ask?
  • Will I make a fool of myself?
  • And if they decline?

You’re undoubtedly thinking about many things, particularly if this is your first time asking them out on a date.
Fortunately, we can assist you.

While we don’t promise to eliminate your worries, we can help by providing you with some useful tips, strategies, and techniques for asking someone to be your Valentine.

What’s the best time to ask someone to be your Valentine?

We’d like to say that it’s incredibly unromantic to ask someone to be your Valentine just a day before Valentine’s Day; it also raises the possibility that someone else has already asked them out and accepted them, which lowers your chances.
The timing creates the romance. You don’t want your possible Valentine to believe that they were an afterthought or chosen at the last minute.

You may make your date feel extra special and provide time for the excitement and anticipation of the date to build by asking them to be your Valentine well in advance. By well in advance, we advise asking them about a week beforehand or giving your date a few days’ notice before Valentine’s Day, at the very least. This will increase anticipation and reduce nervousness by giving you some time to chat before the date.

How to Make a Valentine’s Day Request to Someone

Please note that, when asking someone to be your Valentine, confidence and effort are the two most crucial factors.
You’ll have a date this Valentine’s Day if you can work hard at asking and do it with confidence. There are various creative ways to propose to someone as their Valentine. Here are our top picks:

1. In Person

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There are many ways to ask someone to be your Valentine, but often the simplest approach is to be honest and upfront.
Simply ask your crush if they’ll be your Valentine by approaching them, striking up a discussion, and asking.
This will convey your confidence—a quality that appeals to both men and women—as well as your genuine interest in them.

2. Written by Hand

There were handwritten notes long before there were flirtatious texts. They were far, far more passionate than a text! Even now. Therefore, if you have feelings for someone, you can express them in writing and ask them to be your Valentine.

Asking your spouse or your crush to be your Valentine is always a romantic and charming idea, and a handwritten card will be greatly appreciated.

3. Cards for Valentine’s Day

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Those Valentine’s Day cards we used to give our elementary school crushes still work. You can create your own Valentine’s card or even purchase some kid-friendly Valentines from the store. Your Valentine’s crush will remember this adorable gesture for years to come.

4. Roses

A bouquet of roses is always a good choice because they are a timeless flower. If you are too nervous to ask in person, you might send them a bouquet instead of giving them the flowers directly.

Make sure the arrangement includes a brief message informing the recipient of the roses and asking if they will be your Valentine.

5. A Small Gift


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Not all gifts have to cost a lot of money. It’s not necessary to spend a bunch asking someone to be your Valentine. Small gifts have a big impact. You can choose to give chocolates, a tiny gift basket, or their favorite treat—what matters is the thought you put into it.

6. A personalized Present

One of the most thoughtful gifts you can offer is something handmade, and as we all know, thoughtfulness is incredibly romantic. Give a handcrafted gift to someone on Valentine’s Day if you truly want to make an impression. Whatever it is, as long as it comes from the heart, it will be warmly welcomed.

7. An indirect approach

You can go the indirect route if you think it’s a little difficult to ask someone out on Valentine’s Day. You can ask your crush to join you for anything on February 14—dinner, a movie, or anything else. Without asking a female to be your Valentine, the plan’s date will indicate that you wish to spend the day with her.

Asking Someone to Be Your Valentine Through Text?

Yes, you certainly can. However, texting is impersonal and not romantic at all. There are other exciting methods by which you can propose to someone.
Therefore, we advise against texting them if you truly like them and are serious about them.
You’ll get far better outcomes if you ask them in person or send your message through other means.

How Can I Ask Someone to Be My Valentine in Person?

So now you have enough courage to ask someone in person to be your Valentine. But how can you ask this person?

Employ fun and flirting

You can be playful and flirty when asking someone you’d like to go on a date if you already know them well.
Make eye contact, smile, and touch their shoulder. If they flirt in return, there’s a high chance they’ll accept. Then, go ahead and simply say, “Hey, so would you want to be my Valentine’s date?”

Be Romantic

Since Valentine’s Day is all about romance, how about getting romantic with your partner?
You may get them a gift or make a big gesture to let them know you like them. With that, you’ll make them curious about how romantic you would be on a genuine date if you invite them to go on a romantic date.

Final thoughts

There are lots of adorable ways to ask someone to be your Valentine; nevertheless, you should pick the one that you think your crush would like most. They are more likely to say yes if you take their preferences into account.

You can show how much you’re willing to go above and beyond to win this person over with a big gesture. Alternatively, you might choose sentimental or original methods to ask a girl to be your Valentine. Using these pointers as a guide, make a place for yourself in the person’s heart. And if everything goes according to plan, there’s a good chance you two will enjoy a fantastic Valentine’s Day.

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