32 Perfect 40th Birthday Gag Gifts for Men

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Looking for some hilarious 40th birthday gag gifts for men? Forty is a strange in-between age. neither too old nor too young. One person remarked, “I’m not elderly, I’m simply chronologically talented.

So, what is the nicest gift you can give someone turning 40? A good belly laugh! Here are a few of my favorite 40th birthday prank presents and 40th birthday comedy ideas.

40th birthday gag gifts for men

1. Personalized 40th Birthday Memory Book


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With a book developed specifically for remembering, take a stroll down Memory Lane with your freshly minted 40-year-old. This personalized memory book is loaded with magnificent full-color photographs that all relate to and will remind a guy of the journey he traveled to reach his 40th birthday.

2. Personalized The Macallan Whiskey

You’ve earned whiskey that wouldn’t be caught dead in the well at forty. A personalized Macallan bottle is one he’ll appreciate and enjoy, rather than shoot. The 12-year whiskey can be customized with engraving of text, image, or text plus image.

3. Fighter Pilot Experience

Drop some G’s for your man to pull some G’s, and he’ll never forget it. He’ll get to steer the plane during this fighter pilot experience, but more significantly, he’ll get to feel like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. He’ll fly quickly, perform acrobatics, and live his high-flying, high-octane fantasy.

3. Personalized Bobblehead Figures

Is he more of a Superman or a Flash type of guy? In either case, a personalized bobblehead figurine can help your man become his idol. The 8-foot-tall sculpture stands out on any shelf and is handcrafted from a robust substance that will last him another 40 years.

4. Stay at Doghouse Craft Hotel & Brewery

How does drinking artisan beer from a tap in your hotel room while watching the game sound? Isn’t it amazing? A man will drink where he relaxes, eats, and sleeps in the doghouse. Stay in a suite, play some games, and explore the brewery to kick off the next 40 years in style.

5. Personalized Engraved Leather Wallet


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He should retire the wallet he’s owned since college because it’s worn out. Help him become more sophisticated with a laser-engraved wallet that can hold nearly a dozen cards, all of his cash, and his ID. The RFID-blocking full-grain leather wallet is available in a number of colors.

6. Grilling Tongs

At the age of forty, he is transitioning from “grill apprentice” to “grill master.” With these grilling tongs as part of his arsenal, he’ll be a master griller by the age of 41. To turn the meat, the unusual tongs grip it and have three other tools incorporated into its stainless-steel body.

7. Straight Outta My 30’s Shirt

You’re out of your 30s, so say goodbye to being carded at the grocery store and hello to being questioned if you’re divorced. Wearing this shirt, which bears a remarkable resemblance to an NWA record and will make you feel more badass, will allow you to cling to the early 40’s.

8. Customized Awesome Since the ’80s Shirt

Your dude is so wonderful that he was awesome even as an infant. That’s something worth celebrating, and he’ll be doing just that while wearing this retro-styled shirt. Choose from three flattering colors: black, grey, and navy.

9. Personalized 40th Birthday Whiskey Label

Give him a bottle of whiskey he’ll never forget, and not just because it’s expensive. Because this customized bottle label can fit any standard size, you can use any sort of whiskey. It’s entirely black and adorned with Jack Daniels-inspired motifs.

10. Mostly Original Parts Funny T-Shirt

By the age of 40, there’s a good possibility you’ve got a few false teeth, and if you’ve gone through the ringer, you might even be down a knee. That’s why the design of this shirt is elegantly obvious: you’ve got primarily original pieces.

11. May The 40s be with You Star Wars Mug


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Hopefully, the force in this cup will help him get rid of some of the bags under his eyes. He’s in his forties, and he’ll remember it when his knees ache in the morning, but he’ll feel a little better sipping from a cup that reminds him of his childhood.

12. Personalized Golf Glove

With these golf gloves on his hands, your man will feel just like the guys he sees on TV playing golf for expensive jackets every summer weekend. The PU leather gloves come in both right- and left-hand sizes and have his initials stitched on the leather strap.

13. Lego Bugatti Chiron

When your wife refuses to let you have the car you REALLY want for your mid-life crisis, construct it out of Legos. The Bugatti Chiron is not for children; it has 3599 pieces and, when constructed, measures 5″x22″x9″. It’s a striking display piece with several working parts.

14. Personalized Star Wars Glass Tumbler

People approaching 40 remember seeing the first Star Wars trilogy in theaters, so how delighted will they be to be a part of that memory? They’ll feel the Force when they’re drinking from a pint glass with a classic Star Wars pattern on it and their name on it.

15. Personalized Throwing Axe

A guy who wishes to channel his inner Gimli and show off his axe abilities will be overjoyed to receive his own axe. This isn’t your average woodcutter; this is the type used in competitions by pros (yes, they exist). It’s well-balanced, has a firm grip, and comes with a sheath for protection.

16. You’re Dead in Dog Years Card

When a guy’s internal odometer reaches 40, he’s officially 280 years old in dog years. If your best dawg was a dog, he’d be dead, according to the math. With this humorous, handcrafted card, remind him of that truth.

17. This is 40 Blu-Ray

This is 40, directed by Judd Apatow, is a must-see on the eve of your 40th birthday. The film instantly became a comedy legend for a reason: it’s a humorous take on what everyday life is like when you turn 40, for better or worse, but always for laughs. Printable 40th Birthday Party Beer Labels

Your pal, who has always wanted to make his own beers, will feel extra special with his name on some brewskis. These printable labels are a salute to him, each with a different joyful slogan he’ll embrace on his special day.

18. The Deep Tissue Massage Gun

The road to becoming swole is long, and it feels much longer after 40. A high-powered massage gun with a choice of speed, percussion, and vibration settings that soothe achy muscles and reduce knots and cramps can help a guy stay on track and free of DOMS.

19. Bespoke Pour-Over Coffee Carafe

Mr. Coffee has served his purpose; he is 40 years old, and it is time for him to mature. He’ll be preparing brews so wonderful with this pour-over coffee carafe that the girls who stayed over will come back for breakfast. It’s simple to use, requiring only a paper filter and a pour of water.

20. Axe Throwing Target

Skeet shooting is too boogie for a dude, but he’s too old for college beach games, so what’s a dude to do? Call in his mates, get an axe, and try to hit the bullseye on this target. The heavy-duty wood target is set up similarly to professional axe-throwing targets and will provide a man with hours of entertainment.

21. Expandable Hard-Shell Luggage

Forty is a moment to rediscover elements of yourself that have lain dormant since you fantasized about them in your twenties. You can get the hell out and start living life with this set of hard-shell baggage. The three-piece set is lockable, stands on its own, and expands to give 15% extra space for souvenirs.

22. Gentleman’s Beard Comb

When it comes to crumbs in his beard, “I’m saving it for later” stops being hilarious at some point in every man’s life. His 40th birthday is on that day. He can keep things clean, classy, and crumb-free with this stylish wood comb in his pocket or Dopp kit without hurting his beautifully coiffed hair.

23. Ultra Slim Leather Cardholder Wallet

A bifold isn’t for everyone, and if your man prefers to keep things simple, he’ll appreciate having this ultra-slim leather wallet in his pocket. The handmade wallet only has space for cards, but who needs more? Stitching comes in four different colors. That’s all; no more wallet, and that’s why he’ll adore it.

24. Surfing Lessons

A man almost certainly wished to be a surfer at some point in his life. Your boyfriend can learn how to hang ten from a relaxed group of pros with these seaside classes. Before entering the water, he’ll be taught just enough to get started and be safe.

25. Personalized Cufflinks


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When it’s time to get dressed up, a set of cufflinks embroidered with his initials will complete his professional look. Monogrammed goods are a must-have in any smart man’s wardrobe, and these meticulously created metal cuffs demonstrate why.

26. Handcrafted Cornhole Set

With this handcrafted cornhole set in it, your man’s garden will feel like a professional sports arena. The lovely oak set is built to last and is treated with three coats of a unique shine that keeps the surface slick. The board and the associated bags are available in a variety of colors. Could we propose the colors of his favorite sports team?

27. Straight Outta the ’80s Can Coozie

This Straight Outta the ’80s can coozie is a strange flex that says more than “I’m a fan of NWA and appreciate their music.” How so? It’s how you announce to everyone at the party that you haven’t been carded since the early 2000s.

28. Custom Milestone Birthday Cigar Labels

When your man and the boys light a stogie to mark his smokin’ hot milestone birthday, the labels on their Cubans can make them laugh. These personalized cigar labels offer a charming art deco design that will make his smoke appear as fantastic as he does.

29. Manscaping Trim Kit

Ladies do not want to play through the rough to reach the green, and a guy who wants her to go play with his balls can get a hole-in-one by pruning that bush. The Manscaping trim kit was created with the family jewels in mind, and it will not nick, catch, or otherwise damage his prized possessions.

30. Personalized Leather Passport Wallet and Luggage Tag

Even if he’s rushing to the airport, your man will seem as polished as ever with some personalized leather goods in his bag and in his pocket. This passport holder and luggage tag set comes in over 20 different colors and is etched with his initials in eye-catching gold foil.

31. Waxed Canvas Dopp Kit

Give him a first-class travel experience even if he’s trapped in a coach near the restrooms with this waxed canvas Dopp kit. It has enough storage for everything from a beard grooming tool to the moisturizer his girlfriend persuaded him to wear, and the wax keeps it waterproof.

32. Stainless Steel Metal Pint Glass

A set of stainless-steel pint glasses that will withstand any adventure will add a touch of cool elegance to his next camping trip. The set of 16oz glasses comes in charcoal or moss and is engraved with classic camping designs that men who respect design would like.

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