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5 Unforgettable Family Day Out Ideas Activities

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Family is an integral part of life for most people. According to one publication, the time spent in face-to-face communication with loved ones creates a robust emotional support system that lowers the risk of developing anxiety, depression and a handful of other mental illnesses significantly.  

Unfortunately, a survey reports that families in the UK spend less than six hours weekly together, translating to less than an hour daily. Therefore, being intentional about family time bonding is more important than ever. So, explore the family time activity list below to have fun and make lifetime memories with your family while enjoying the great outdoors. Make sure to stay safe and healthy and avoid common accidents like spoiled shrimp poisoning or a snake bite.

5 Unforgettable Family Day Out Ideas Activities

1. Visit a theme Adventure Park

Adventure theme parks are among the top search results when you search “ family days out near me,” and with good reason. The adventure parks include a variety of attractions and entertainment options for children of all ages and adults alike. Therefore, they are the go-to family fun spot, especially during the summer.  

On the one hand, adventure parks are synonymous with thrilling rides like roller coasters, Ferris wheels, pendulum rides, and trains. However, many other activities make them the ultimate daily day-out excursion. Such activities include water rides, underwater adventures and enchanted forest walks. 

Allowing each family member to choose and share an activity with them helps them understand each other better. Moreover, walking from one theme park attraction to another across the adventure park helps burn calories. 

Lastly, visiting an adventure park always culminates in delicious theme park treats. Theme park dining experiences create the perfect opportunity to share experiences from the day, have a good laugh and consolidate memories after a successful family day out.

Family Day Out

2. Camping

Although camping is essentially American, the outdoor activity is gaining popularity in the UK. About one in five UK adults went on a camping holiday for the first time after the pandemic.  

So, why the sudden interest in leaving the comforts of home to sleep on the ground among unknown critters? First, camping is arguably the most affordable family getaway or staycation. Therefore, families can go camping across parks in the UK without breaking the bank.  

Besides the cost implications, the ease of planning a family camping trip, compared to a trip across Europe, makes camping the go-to family day-out activity for families that need a change of scenery for quality bonding time. 

Second, while the stereotypical idea of camping evokes scenes of rugged terrain off the beaten path, camping parks in the UK are readily accessible. Moreover, the teams in charge of camping park maintenance in the UK ensure the parks remain well-manicured, creating a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. 

Third, exposure to nature has numerous physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages. Therefore, breaking bread while sharing stories by the fire and sleeping under the stars should be on your family adventure bucket list. 

3. Picnic

Picnics are another avenue for breaking monotony away from a predominantly sedentary lifestyle and enjoying quality family bonding time. Below are reasons why family picnics make for unforgettable family day-out activities. 

First, typical picnic grounds are lush with greenery and other natural landscaping features. Such idealistic green spaces are a welcome break from screen time, creating an atmosphere where all family members can decompress and enjoy nature’s psychological benefits.  

Therefore, family picnics put all family members in a good mood, eliminate destruction, and allow all to reflect and be thankful for the gift of family. 

Second, picnics center on sharing a meal as a family. Eating together as a family may improve confidence and self-esteem among family members, especially among children. 

4. Gardening

Gardening is a fun yet relaxing and educational family activity for children and adults alike. Therefore, it deserves a prominent spot on your family’s memorable family activity ideas list.  

First, a gardening project allows parents and children to learn more about nature, including different soil and plant types. Numerous gardening kits and resources are available to help you decide on the best gardening project for the season. Authentic mushroom grow boxes are perfect for children. It consumes less space and is easy to take care of. More importantly, this teaches children to consider growing their own food.

Second, gardening teaches children to be nurturing and the benefits of delayed gratification. Third, it is a cost-effective activity because, besides the gardening kit, you can use home tools and spend outdoor time in your backyard. Therefore, gardening might be messy, but seeing the fruits of your labor as a family creates a wonderful memory.

3. Go On A Road Trip

Family road trips make the most memorable family day activities. For starters, road trips allow family members to bond over fun activities like games, sing-alongs, and listening to curated family road trip playlists.  

Second, the exposure to nature while on the road puts everyone in a positive mood. Also, seeing panoramic views, landmarks, and monuments for the first time together as a family is exhilarating. Therefore, consider including a road trip on your family’s fun summer holiday itinerary. 

Extra Tip: Enhancing Safety

Family members with special healthcare needs should be considered while planning outdoor activities. This additional safety measure might involve shopping for wearable emergency health devices like medical alert bracelets.

These bracelets often contain critical health information, such as allergies, diabetes status, and other relevant medical conditions. Such immediate access to pertinent information can be lifesaving in case of accidents or health emergencies during your outdoor adventures.


The most memorable family moments often start with the intention to step away from routine and experience something new together. So, consider the family activity inspiration ideas above to create pleasant lifetime memories with your loved ones. 

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