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5 Luxurious Things You Can See on Yachts

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In the past, yachts merely meant traveling from one island to another. The epitome of luxury was a fast-moving yacht with a huge lounge and bar. However, things have changed today, and yacht owners want more for their investments.

Subsequently, yacht builders are increasingly designing yachts with numerous high-end features and amenities to meet distinct travelers’ needs. Modern yachts have exquisite additions, from helipads to gyms, movie theaters and spas, to offer unsurpassed comfort and exploration.

Also, these multi-million dollar floating resorts are versatile and visually distinctive. When planning a sailing adventure, choosing a yacht with a broad range of luxurious features increases enjoyment and indulgence. 

5 Luxurious Things You Can See on Yachts

1. Spa for Pampering

A fantastic feature of luxurious yachts is a full spa, with all the pampering you need at sea, from beauty treatments to massage and sauna facilities. The best yachts combine active exploration with sublime relaxation to keep guests happy. After a long day of aquatic adventures, a full body massage is desirable to soothe the weary muscles and induce relaxation. 

A trained masseuse helps you choose the best massage for your needs, whether deep tissue for sore muscles or Swedish for relaxation and tension release. The tranquil ambiance, aromatic oils and the yacht’s rhythmic motion epitomize rejuvenation and self-indulgence. 

Besides a massage, most spas have a sauna to cleanse your body, mind and soul. A sauna’s tender, enveloping heat boosts metabolism and blood circulation while offering a much-needed detox. 

To top it all, most of the BVI motor yacht charters have Jacuzzis, the height of restful opulence. Activate the relaxation mode and indulge in a once-in-a-lifetime spa experience for optimal refreshment and rejuvenation. 

2. Private Helipad for Seamless Travel and Breathtaking Views

While it seems unreal, some luxurious yachts feature a private helipad, bringing a touch of style, security, and secrecy to the yachting experience. A helipad is an amazing feature in several ways. First, guests arrive conveniently and stylishly on a yacht. They don’t have to undergo the hassles of airports, extended waits and expensive air tickets. 

Second, since a helipad is elevated, guests enjoy picturesque views and stunning landscapes of the sea below. Also, guests can explore uncharted territories, which a yacht can’t reach due to draft limitations. This way, they can expand their experiences beyond the yacht and water, maximizing their vacation. 

Helipads have led to innovation in yacht design, with yacht builders using inventive technologies to make it happen. For instance, some helipads are multifunctional and can double as dance floors and yoga studios when not in use. Some yacht pools have a moveable floor that doubles as a helipad.    

3. Movie Theater for a Cinematic Experience

Enjoy an immersive movie-watching experience at a yacht’s state-of-the-art movie theater with plush seating and high-end audio-visual equipment.  Few things are more memorable in a yacht than watching a classic or the latest blockbuster movie on a big screen with your significant other or family. The ambient lighting sets the mood, while the extensive film library spoils you for choice. 

Onboard movie theaters allow guests to experience a slice of Hollywood action in an environment that even the best movie theaters can’t provide. You lose yourself in the film as the yacht rocks on the waves and gets unlimited views off the deck. 

While movie theaters have become popular with yachts, luxurious yachts stand out with jaw-dropping designs. For instance, the Solemar features a three-meter outdoor cinema screen where guests can enjoy a movie under the stars. Similarly, Jem’s superyacht has an outdoor cinema on the sundeck, so you can watch a movie as you relax in the hot tub. 


4. Personal Gym for Engaging in Luxurious Exercise

You don’t have to abandon your fitness regime when vacationing at sea. Yachts acknowledge that wellness is crucial to travelers’ lives and develop amenities to facilitate it. They feature functional personal gyms equipped with modern equipment and personnel to meet guests’ workout needs while on the go. 

A yacht with a gym is a desirable option for active guests, and they can stay fit and healthy onboard. They have a wide selection of high-quality equipment, from treadmills to free weights, dumbbells, and cross trainers. Some yachts have punching bags, exercise bikes, kettlebells, and yoga and Pilates equipment to wow guests and enhance their yachting experience.      

Whether you love lifting weights or running, you can do so while soaking in the scenic ocean views. Guests can sweat their stress and anxieties out on the treadmill or enhance strength and flexibility on the yoga mat. The gym’s expansive facilities and inviting environment appeal to fitness enthusiasts and novices, creating an excellent balance between fitness and pleasure. 

5. Top-notch Security Systems for Safety

Safety is not an option but a requirement for yachts. When headed to international waters and remote destinations, yachts strive to protect their guests and crew with advanced security systems. While CCTV cameras are the primary security form, luxurious yachts also use missile defense systems and bomb-proof glass for added security.    

As drones become more affordable and readily available, some users can abuse them to compromise guests’ safety and security as yachts dock in marinas. For example, drones can be used to examine a yacht’s security measures to prevent burglaries. 

While drone laws exist, most are lax and contribute to privacy infringement. Luckily, yachts have developed drone defense systems, such as signal blocking, to prevent unauthorized drones from compromising guest and yacht safety.        


 When planning a yacht holiday, it can be daunting to determine the best yacht features and amenities to make the yachting experience fun and memorable. Fortunately, most yachts have many amenities and features to provide an indulgent escape.

The best yacht vacations blend the physical opulence around you with luxurious amenities, giving you countless possibilities for adventure and relaxation. Explore the luxurious features of yachts today!   

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