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15 Great Movies like Porkys

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The classic movie Porky from 1981 shows a group of teenage lads in the 1950s as they try to lose their virginity and overcome different challenges on their way to accomplishing this task. Although the film is well-known for its raucous humor and frequently explicit gags, it also takes a nostalgic and cheerful look at growing up.

It is regarded as a cult favorite and has inspired two sequels, “Porky’s II: The Next Day” and “Porky’s Revenge!” Following the film, a few of the actors, including Bill Maher and Kim Cattrall, have become well known, and this has positively impacted their careers.

The screenplay was co-written by Neal Israel and Dave Paterson, and the film was directed by Bob Clark- a well-known horror filmmaker. With a great deal of artistic license, Clark was inspired by the “teen sex comedies” of the 1950s and 1960s, such as “Beach Party.” The movie was a great hit, making over $100 million worldwide. It was shot in Florida and featured many local performers and crew members. Its homophobic and sexist themes, however, also drew criticism.

15 movies like Porkys

1. Revenge of the Nerds

A famous comedy from 1984 called “Revenge of the Nerds” centers on a gang of misfits who attempt to blend in at a fraternity. The film, which enjoyed critical and financial success, is frequently acknowledged as bringing the “nerd” subculture into the general public eye. It’s also recognized for its iconic characters, such as the geeky Lewis, the villainous jock Ogre, and the geeky Pi Delta Pi females. The revenge of the nerds is one movie like the Porkys.

2. Sixteen candles

The Sixteen Candles is another movie on the list of movies like Porkys. “Sixteen Candles” was produced in the same era as the Revenge of the Nerds movie. It is another iconic teen movie. The film chronicles the adventures of a sixteen-year-old girl named Samantha and is regarded as a classic Eighties film. Famous for its catchphrases, such as “the Geek shall inherit the Earth,” it also captures the essence of 1980s adolescence. The character of Long Duk Dong, who has drawn criticism for being a racial stereotype, was also introduced in the film, which is noteworthy.

3. The Last American virgin

“The Last American Virgin” is another movie like the Porkys. “The Last American Virgin” was positioned as a sombre coming of age tale while having a far darker tone. The movie was all about a group of friends which focused on their relationships, peer pressure, and sex, these themes were followed throughout the film. Undoubtedly, the film’s most well-known aspect is its unexpected conclusion, which continues to spark intense discussion among viewers.

4. Old school

The movie called “Old School ” is another movie like the Porkys. It features several unforgettable lines and characters, such as Will Ferrell’s Frank Tank and Vince Vaughn’s Mike. Full of raucous humour and surprising story twists, the film is a parody of the fraternity comedy genre. The chemistry amongst the set members, who all seem to be having a blast, is one of the things that makes the film so amazing. A notable cameo by Snoop Dogg is among the film’s other well-known moments.

5. Can’t hardly wait

The movie “Can’t Hardly Wait” is another movie on the list of movies like Porkys, it vividly depicts what it was like to be a teenager in the 1990s. This coming of age tale centres on a group of seniors in high school on their final night of school. The massive house party and the romantic triangle between Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ethan Embry, and Seth Green are just two of the film’s many unforgettable scenes.

6. Dirty Grandpa.

Undoubtedly, “Dirty Grandpa” is a classic explicit movie, it is likened to be one of the movies like Porkys. The movie features Zac Efron who plays a terrific role as the well-mannered young man who gets drawn into the antics of Robert De Niro, the amusing old man who loves to party. The film is replete with memorable sayings and extravagant scenes.

7. The Inbetweeners

The British television series “The Inbetweeners” was made into a movie. In both the television series and the movie, a bunch of oddballs from high school struggle to make it through their adolescent years. The movie’s raw humour and unapologetic portrayal of the awkwardness of puberty have made it a beloved series and also qualified it as one of the movies like Porkys.

8. Superbad

One of the most recognisable comedies of the 2000s is “Superbad”. The film follows two seniors in high school as they attempt to obtain liquor for a party, and what hilarious and crazy antics they get into. Jonah Hill and Michael Cera both have standout performances in this unexpectedly charming and endearing film. With a script full of memorable phrases, the film has gained cult classic status.

9. Booksmart

The plot of “Booksmart” centres around Molly and Amy, two exceptional high school seniors who stand out in their class. They’ve avoided the social scene their entire high school career, studying, and now they’re ready to graduate and move on. But the night before graduation, they find out that their classmates have been having a great time without them. The film chronicles Molly and Amy’s exploits as they attempt to have one unforgettable night before parting ways, as they resolve to make up for missed time. This is another exciting movie like Porkys.

10. American pie

On the list of Movies like Porkys we have the “American Pie” films, which are considered classic comedies. “American Pie,” movie was produced in 1999, and was followed by “American Pie 2,” “American Wedding,” “American Reunion,” and the spin-off series “American Pie Presents.”

These films, which all feature unforgettable moments and explicit humour, trace the journey of a group of friends from high school to maturity.

11. Office space

“Office Space” is another type of movie like “Porky’s.” It’s a satirical look at workplace life with a darkly comedic tone. When “Office Space” was launched in 1999, it became a cult sensation and is still well-liked today. The similarities and differences between “Office Space” and “Porky’s” regarding how they depict the working world are fascinating to observe.

12. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

“Porky’s” impact may also be clearly seen in the film “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” A man attempting to move on from his split with his famous girlfriend is the subject of the film. Although it is a crude comedy, it is also very heartfelt. Similar to “Porky’s,” it is also packed with unforgettable characters and lines. Stars like Mila Kunis, Jason Segel, and Kristen Bell give some outstanding performances in it as well.

13. The To-do list

“The To-Do List” is another movie like “Porky’s.” It centres around a recent high school graduate who makes a list of all the sex encounters she wants to have before attending college. In addition to being a vulgar comedy, it also takes a feminist stance. Similar to “Porky’s,” it is filled with humorous moments and endearing characters. The star of “The To-Do List” is Aubrey Plaza, who starred in the beloved television series “Parks and Recreation.”

14. 21 jump street

Another movie like “Porky’s” is “21 Jump Street.” It’s a humorous buddy cop film. In order to solve a crime, two police officers dress like high school students in the film. In addition to having a lot to say about puberty and the teenage experience, the film is full of hilarious moments. Furthermore, there’s no denying the obvious connection between Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, the two leads.

15. Dude, where’s my car?

Lastly, on the list of movies like “Porky’s,” is “Dude, Where’s My Car?” In this stoner comedy, two guys wake up confused about where they parked their car after a wild night. There are lots of funny scenes and great lines in this movie. Additionally, just like “Porky’s,” it doesn’t hesitate to say the unthinkable and push the boundaries. This movie has a cult following and a reputation for being one of the funniest films of its day.


One of the most famous moments in the Porkys is when the boys break into the girls’ locker room and discover the gym teacher, Ms. Balbricker, naked. At the time, the scenario sparked controversy and prompted concerns from organizations like the PTA. The scene where the boys dance in drag during “Porky’s Revenge!” and the scene with the pie fight are two more noteworthy moments. The film was a big smash and is frequently mentioned as one of the 1980s’ seminal films.

In conclusion, it’s important to note that “Porky’s” and movies like Porky’s reveal a great deal about the culture of that era. They are a reflection of the evolving attitudes surrounding sex and gender during the time they were made.

Although these films receive a lot of flak for how they portray women, they are also products of their day. Examining them via the historical perspective and observing how they represent the attitudes of that period is fascinating.

It’s also important to note that “Porky’s” influence goes beyond the first movie. Numerous sequels to the franchise were produced, and in 2009, a remake of the original film was released. Porky’s movie is a significant figure in comedy history, and it continues to have an impact on the genre to this day.


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