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49 Signs of  A Cheating Partner

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One of the problems a lot of people face in relationships is the fear of being cheated on. The pain it brings is so devastating. Everyone prays not to be a victim, but whatever your hopes and dreams, the reality is that people cheat.

The purpose of this article today is to show you 49 signs of a cheating partner. It is possible you might recognise some of these signs in your partner or someone else you know. So let’s check this out, shall we?

Sign 1: They Hide Their Phones From You

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When your partner begins to hide his or her phone from you, it can mean he or she has something to hide. Previously, you could easily pick up his or her phone to make a call or send a text to someone, watch movies, or play games, but now you need to ask where their phone is or get permission to use it. This is one of the 49 signs of a cheating partner.

Sign 2: They Are Unreachable

Calling or texting your partner and finding them unreachable is one of the 49 signs of a cheating partner. Why can’t they answer your calls or reply to your text messages? Why is the phone always unreachable, especially at odd hours of the day? Dear sis, dear bro, something’s up. Either they’re cheating on you or about to.

Sign 3: There Is A Lack Of Physical Intimacy

You used to hug and kiss for goodbyes and returns but you can’t remember the last time your partner held your hands, hugged you or cuddled you. You can’t even remember the last time you shook hands! When your partner begins to reject or withdraw from physical intimacy, it’s one of the signs that you are being cheated on.

Sign 4: They Are Always Angry At You

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When your partner begins to get angry at you for every little thing or nothing at all, it’s one of the 49 signs of a cheating partner to watch out for. He is cheating on you or planning to do so, and he feels guilty, so he’s using anger to numb the guilt he’s feeling for hurting you. Watch out for this sign because it is very common.

Sign 5: They Act Very Nervous Around You

You walk in on your partner and suddenly he or she is feeling very nervous, looking this way and that way, and you’re wondering what is going on. When you raise issues about cheating, they begin to stammer and fumble about words nervously. My dear, he or she is either planning to cheat on you or has already done so and is so scared you’re going to find out.

Sign 6: Their Friends Behave Strangely

This is one giveaway sign of a cheating partner. Once you notice your partner’s friends behaving oddly, avoiding looking you in the eye, speaking in codes and walking on tiptoes around you, the first suspicion you have is that your partner has committed a crime, and 90% of the time, the crime is cheating on you.

Sign 7: They Lose Interest In Things You Do Together

Nothing screams “hello, I’m cheating” more than losing interest in the things you and your partner do together when work or ill-health is not the reason. Nah, something else is pulling you away, and it is “someone.”.

Sign 8: They Avoid Contact With You

When you notice your partner beginning to avoid you, such as going to bed early, getting out late without touching you, or taking another seat apart from you, know that something is wrong. They might be feeling uncomfortable or guilty for cheating on you and think avoiding you would make them hide what they are doing.

Sign 9: They Are Obsessed With Their Appearance Lately

If you notice your partner beginning to dress up more than usual, trying new styles and new clothes, using more expensive jewelry and perfumes, or bringing out their “special” clothes for casual outings, it may be one of the 49 signs of a cheating partner. He or she may be trying to catch the eye of someone else.

Sign 10: Their Schedules Have Changed Without Notice

Before, you both synced your schedules so that your family and relationship would run smoothly, but now your partner changes the schedule at will.

You wake up each morning unsure of what is planned for the day because your partner is at it again. He or she starts telling you one thing or another as a reason for the sudden changes that don’t make any sense, and you’re like, “What are you even doing?” The schedule changes ten times in a month without notice, and they’re telling you all is well. No, dear, all is not well.

Sign 11: You Don’t Know What They Are Up To Anymore

Once upon a time, you could swear on the location and activity of your partner; now you’re just lucky if your third or fifth guess is the right one. When you don’t know what your partner is up to anymore, it is one of the 49 signs of a cheating partner.

You knew when he had to go to work, return, go out, and do other activities. He or she would inform you promptly when he or she would be late or out for longer periods or when there was a change in the schedule, but suddenly you don’t know anymore and they don’t update you about the changes.

Sign 12: They Quarrel With You Over Little Things

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This one goes hand-in-glove with them getting angry. Finding reasons to quarrel with you over little things is one of my 49 signs of a cheating partner. They try to make you the bad guy by quarreling or picking fights with you so they can feel okay about cheating on you. It is a way to justify their infidelity.

Sign 13: They Tell You They Are Traveling For A While

All of a sudden, your partner, who never likes to travel or make short journeys, is telling you he or she is traveling for a while when there is no event or business meeting to attend. When you ask, they begin to turn it around on you, saying that you are the one who told them to go out more and see the world, asking if you don’t want them to have some alone time, and you are confused. I’m laughing hard here, but it is what it is.

Sign 14: They Become Hostile To You

Have you experienced hostility before? When your partner begins to treat you like an enemy, it is a sign he is experiencing some lovey-dovey with someone else and doesn’t like the sight of you anymore.

Sign 15: They Spend Unnecessarily And Offer No Explanation

A partner who cheats shows signs of unnecessary and unaccountable spending. If you share a joint account, you see withdrawals often, or you see receipts and checks that are not for the house, you, or the kids.

Sign 16: Emotional Intimacy Reduces

When your partner no longer confides in you, no longer shares his or her good and bad times with you, and no longer receives or gives advice to you, it is a sign he or she is getting that emotional support outside.

Sign 17: They Begin To Justify Cheating

When you notice your partner begins to excuse some characters as “not cheating” or find excuses for cheating, it is often a sign he or she is about to cheat on you or is already cheating on you.

Sign 18: They Are Recently Curious About Your Availability And Whereabouts

If your partner is always asking where you are, when you’re coming back home, how long it will take to get home, to his office, or somewhere else, it can be one of the 49 signs of a cheating partner. They want to be sure you won’t run into them in their cheating act.

Sign 19: They Complain More

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When your partner begins to complain more often about you, your dressing, your shape, or the way you do things, it is an obvious sign he or she is seeing someone else he or she thinks is better than you and is attracted to them.

Sign 20: Their Insecurity Increases

When your partner begins to tell you you’re overdressed, urges you to quit your job because he or she doesn’t want people leering at you, or begins to feel threatened by your innocent relationship with your colleagues, it is one of the 49 signs of a cheating partner. He is feeling insecure because he thinks you would do to him what he is doing to you, and in a greater measure.

Sign 21: They Are Suddenly More Loving And Caring

When your partner begins to show unusual love and care, he may be trying to compensate for the guilt he feels from cheating on you.

Sign 22: They Ask Strange Questions About Cheating

If your partner begins to ask you questions like, “What would you do if I cheated on you?” they’re trying to tell you something. Believe me, it is never an innocent question.

Sign 23: They Lie Easily About Things

When your partner has lied so much that you have to triple-check everything, what’s the probability that he or she is not lying about cheating? Zero!

Sign 24: Money Becomes An Issue

When you and your partner begin to fight for unaccounted funds, it is a sign cheating is involved because cheating requires money—money you both have worked hard for and saved, or maybe just you doing all the work.

Sign 25: They Accuse You Of Cheating

Accusing you of cheating is a sure way for your partner to hide their own cheating lifestyle. As you begin to explain yourself, attention has been taken away from him.

Sign 26: Your Sex Life Begins To Decline

When you and your partner no longer have sex or have less sex than before, and you’ve ruled out possible health risks, it is sure he or she is getting it from somewhere.

Sign 27: They Act Indifferent To Things Happening To You

When things that happen to you no longer concern him and he shows no emotion whatsoever, there is a new fish that has caught the eye.

Sign 28: They Begin Sneaking Off To Answer Calls

Why else would you be sneaking off to answer calls at odd hours of the day if you’re not hiding your side piece? Enough said.

Sign 29: They Begin To Clear Their Call and Text Message Logs

Some people take your partner’s phone to make calls or send messages and discover barren land. Ho, ho, ho (in Santa’s voice). What are you hiding? What are they hiding?

Sign 30: They Password Their Phones And Devices

Four-factor passwords are what some partners use on their phones and devices: pattern, pin, face recognition, and fingerprint. Using their phone is like walking through laser security. Ah! When is your phone not at the White House or Buckingham Palace? Cheating alert!

Sign 31: They Don’t Care About The House Or Kids Anymore

When your partner doesn’t care about the kids or taking care of their home as before, it is a sign your partner’s attention is somewhere else or in someone else’s bed. This is one of the 49 signs of a cheating partner.

Sign 32: They Become Lazy Around The House

Laziness is learned and in this case, it is a result of being indifferent to family matters. Since you don’t care about your partner or anything, you don’t see any need to exert yourself or do any work around the house.

Sign 33: They Act Unbothered About Family Functions And Holidays

When your partner doesn’t care about attending family functions and holidays, it may be a sign that they are cheating or about to.

Sign 34: They Begin To Have Wandering Eyes

For every wandering eye, there is a tendency to cheat. When you notice your partner’s eye is always roaming, beware; he or she  has the propensity to cheat on you.

Sign 35: They Criticize Everything You Do

One of the 49 signs of a cheating partner is that they begin to find fault with everything you do. Since they’ve met someone they think is better than you, they will start to magnify your flaws and make you the guilty person.

Sign 36: They Begin To Work Longer Hours

Now work has doubled and they need to spend more time at work than with you at home, lies!

Sign 37: They Recently Want To Be Around You All The Time

They’re suddenly feeling guilty for cheating on you and want to compensate for that by spending all their time now with you. Hmm, suspicious!

Sign 38: They Overlook Things That Used to Make Them Angry Before

Things they couldn’t stand before, such as tidiness and unkempt hair, are suddenly not a problem anymore. Dear, he or she has attention fixed on a certain something or someone, definitely cheating.

Sign 39: Their Appetite For Sex Increases

Their guilt for cheating weighs heavily on them, and they try to compensate by wanting more sex than before to cover up all the times they left you dry.

Sign 40: They Start Giving You The Cold Shoulder

Sometimes, your partner outrightly ignores you and acts like you are not there. They’ve surrendered their emotions to someone else; you might as well not exist anymore.

Sign 41: They Begin To Tell You To Try Something New In Bed

When your partner brings up this suggestion or asks you to perform sex in some strange positions you’ve never known or talked about before, you know someone else is giving that to him, and that’s what he or she is used to now.

Sign 42: They Avoid Talking About The Person They’re Cheating With

If the person they’re cheating with is someone you know, they suddenly stop talking about the person or inviting him or her around anymore. This is one of the 49 sure signs of a cheating partner.

Sign 43: They Hide Information From You

When your partner begins to share half-information with you about a person, their activities, their whereabouts, and what they spent on, know that someone is involved behind the scenes.

Sign 44: They Forget Important Family Functions and Events

Why would a person forget important family functions if he or she is not cheating? The energy required to hide one’s cheating event from their partner can make them have half-short memories.

Sign 45: They Start A New Hobby They Don’t Talk About

When your partner suddenly picks up a new hobby that takes up his or her time and doesn’t want to talk about it, beware; that hobby is a front for his or her cheating act.

Sign 46: They Have New Friends Who Don’t See Anything Wrong With Cheating

If your partner has a group of “new” friends who have no problem with cheating, they’re probably doing it too or about to cheat.

Sign 47: They Change Their Relationship Status To “Complicated”

Why on earth would your social media relationship status change to “complicated”? It’s obvious your partner doesn’t want anyone to know about you because they’re cheating on you.

Sign 48: They’re Reluctant To Go Out With You In Public

When your partner refuses to go out with you in public without any social reason, they are trying to avoid their cheating partner knowing about you.

Sign 49: They Deliberately Leave Clues

Some partners are brazen enough to let you know they are cheating, especially if they don’t want the relationship anymore. They may leave hotel receipts, phone calls, emails, and text messages in plain sight for you. This is the surest of the 49 signs of a cheating partner, because there’s no doubt.

49 signs of a cheating partner—whew, that’s a long list. I’m sure it has covered all the bases and given you the clarity you desired.



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