11 Signs a Confident Guy is Nervous around you and What they Mean

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Smmetimes, you may have noticed the signs a confident guy is nervous around you and perhaps couldn’t tell why and how it happened. Read on to find out.

Confident guys like to play cool and take their time before taking a shot. Getting it together to approach a woman they love can mostly lead to nervousness.

Watch it when a guy is fidgeting or nervous around you.

This can be caused by many reasons. Keeping your head high in confidence to make advances towards one’s crush is a skill. This skill isn’t mastered by many men.

Most men have this anxiety-based psychological and behavioral attitude towards a woman they are attracted to.

When a man fidgets or is nervous around you but so confident and lively around others, then there are serious reasons behind that. Most times, it’s because he’s attracted to you and wants you.

Ikem was my varsity classmate, and we always saw each other every day of the lectures. We became closer with time and would discuss things as friends.

After a long time, Ikem would be stuttering words anytime we discussed He would be so nervous and even excuse himself to see me later.

This continued for some time, and I didn’t get the gist. He would always fidget around me but was so lively with other friends.

My curiosity was satisfied when he sent an SMS one night asking if we could hang out, saying that he loved my company and would want us to date.

When a confident guy suddenly becomes nervous around you, he’s up to something. He is interested in you. It could be that he’s scared that he might not be accepted by you.

This should also tell us that anyone can exhibit this trait and lose confidence. Even those who appear to be the strongest and most confident can have anxiety.

Understanding these signs and their deep meanings can provide valuable insights into the dynamics of human connections and actions.

Below are some of the signs that a confident guy is nervous around you, as well as what these possible signs mean.

Signs a Confident Guy is Nervous around you and What the Signs Mean


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1. He Fidgets And Restless Around You

One obvious sign that a confident guy is nervous around you is fidgeting or restlessness. This could be displayed through his tapping his fingers, stuttering words, focusing and playing with objects, and hands-on and adjusting his clothes.

He just fidgets around you and won’t stay still. His words might be incoherent or not in alignment with his actions. He might even be fidgeting with his food.

Their mind isn’t just there and they are finding a way to suppress their emotions.

A confident guy will typically compose himself around you. But when he suddenly becomes nervous and fidgets around you, it’s an attempt to redirect his energy into something else to cover up his anxiety.

It could be because he’s attracted to you but doesn’t have the confidence to express himself. It can also be because he’s hiding something from you or guilty of something.

Nervousness can trigger unconscious physical actions. Pay attention when you see such an exhibition of character.

2. He Can’t Stand Your Presence

One of the subtle signs that a confident guy is nervous around you is that he can’t stand your presence. He will always find a way to dodge any opportunity that will make you both meet.

He may try to hide it but the way he avoids eye contact, fidgets, and stutters words when talking to you makes it obvious that he’s nervous.

This might be because he’s intimidated by your confidence, smartness and intelligence.

Gone are the days when women were so intimidated by men as low-class humans. Women are comfortably living their dreams now and taking control of their lives.

They are now more focused on fulfilling their life’s purpose.

The study also reveals that some men are intimidated by women who are independent, strong and successful. So a confident man can be nervous around you during conversation if out of evaluation finds you strong, smart and independent.

A confident man won’t have issues having a conversation with you.

He won’t find it intimidating being around you. Such a man will admire you for being successful and standing on your own.

3. He Sweats Around You

Nervousness can make someone sweat even in a very cool environment. One can also sweat either under stress, excitement or frightening circumstances.

A guy who’s nervous around you can get a sweaty palm. This happens because the glands begin to work harder as the excitement level increases.

Next time, a confident guy is nervous around you, check if he’s sweating profusely. This can happen probably because he likes and crushes over you but finds it hard to approach you.

4. Increased Heart Rate

Have you been around a guy who is nervous around you with the evidence of an increased heartbeat? This physiological response to an increased heart rate can be another indicator that a confident guy is nervous around you.

His heart autonomically reacts which results in an adrenaline release, triggered by his body’s fight-or-flight response.

This can be because he’s connecting with someone he admires. It can evoke genuine excitement, and triggers anxiety, causing his heart to race.

Understanding these underlying biological factors can help demystify why even a confident individual can experience such physiological changes and be sweaty.

5. He Engages In Excessive Self-grooming

An indicating sign that a confident guy is nervous around you is that he engages in excessive self-grooming. He keeps smoothing out his hair, adjusting his tie and shoe, and keeps fixing his clothes.

This behavior is just his way of appearing presentable and smart before you. He does this just to impress you and leave a positive mark on you despite being tense.

6. He Tries To Make You Laugh

One of the signs a confident guy is nervous around a woman is that he tries to make her laugh by cracking jokes even when it’s not funny. He might even start to laugh at his jokes nervously and expect you to laugh too.

He will try to make jokes out of everything, either funny or not. He does this as a way to make himself comfortable before you and calm his nerves. He does that too so you notice him at all cost.

Don’t see this as being rude. Laughter and having a sense of humor are very important and have a way of attracting people easily. It has a way of making the environment serene. This helps him to alleviate his discomfort with anxiety.

Laughing when one is nervous or uncomfortable has the effect of discharging energy and helping us relax. Joe Nowinski says, “When we laugh at a good joke or a comic routine, we tend to feel more relaxed afterwards. “Laughing when one is nervous has a  similar function of allowing the individual to discharge anxiety and relax a bit.”

So when he laughs at everything you say and do, cracking jokes often, it’s one of the signs he is nervous around you. It’s also a defense mechanism to cope with his nervousness.

7. Avoiding Prolonged Eye Contact

A confident guy who’s attracted to you can feel nervous around you. He displays this by avoiding direct eye contact with you. He might not find it easy to maintain eye contact with you because of nervousness.

This might make him avoid gazing at you frequently during conversation. He will avoid looking straight into your eyes and eye contact. They do this maybe because they are attracted to you.

They do that because of the vulnerability they feel in the presence of someone they’re attracted to. Looking into your eyes for a longer period can create a sense of exposure and intimacy, which can be intimidating.

This behavior might also indicate that he feels insecure, or shy. It might also be a sign of dishonesty or deception.

Nevertheless, it might not indicate disinterest or anything negative, but also reflects their internal struggle with their emotions.

It’s also worth noting that avoiding eye contact can also be a pattern, cultural or personal preference and should not just be assumed as a negative sign.

8. He Avoids Physical Touch

When he avoids any physical touch with you when together, it’s a sign he’s nervous around you.

These are evident when he won’t touch you, even if you want him and don’t mind him touching you.

He will find it intimidating to have physical contact with you.

This might be because he doesn’t want you to have a bad impression of him. He will not initiate physical contact nor allow it from you.

He might even react and quickly withdraw himself if you both unconsciously touch each other. This might be because he doesn’t want to offend you or make you feel uncomfortable around him.

9. He Becomes Stiff Around You

A guy who’s confident but nervous around you might have a stiff body posture when he’s around you. This can happen because he’s attracted to you and he’s feeling nervous, shy or intimidated.

He might also do this due to the fear of rejection, not being good enough for you, or making a mistake.

This can also be a sign of anxiety, discomfort or uncertainty. It’s also very important to understand that body language can be complex and flexible. One shouldn’t just jump to conclusions without considering other factors like low self-esteem, shy nature and social anxiety.

10. He Is Hiding Something From You

One of the easiest signs to notice if a guy is hiding something from you is when he appears nervous and fidgety around you. When he suddenly becomes fidgety and can’t communicate confidently with you.

Mike and Aria have dated for 2 years as best of friends. He was a confident guy around her but not so around her recently. She became so worried and I advised her to pay attention to details and be very sensitive.

He was constantly on the edge around her. She became more suspicious especially when he changed his phone password from what she knew. She became more worried.

He would not be comfortable picking up some calls before her. He would chat and delete every trace of it and call logs. Their conversation became scanty as before.

She asked and he claimed to be experiencing an emotional meltdown and that she was overreacting. He would always be nervous and avoided every normal thing they did as friends.

On further investigations, Aria discovered that Mike was seeing someone else but hid every piece of information from her. She ended the relationship the moment she discovered it.

Check for this, the moment he starts acting funny and hiding things from you.

11. You Catch Him Looking At You

Have you ever been in a situation where a guy stared at you for a long time and you were not even aware? And the moment you catch him, he immediately averts his gaze?

That’s just one of the signs that a guy is nervous around you. When you catch a guy staring at you that way, it could mean that you’re attracted to him but he’s too shy to face you.

He rather stares at you to feed his desires. Most times, you feel so embarrassed and flattered. It’s still not out of place for you to respond to his feelings if you also feel the same way.

It’s so important to note that anything can make a confident guy nervous around you. Nervousness can cause subtle changes in one’s behavior.

Especially when he is seriously making an effort to adapt to the situation, or in an attempt to make a lasting impression.


In summary, humans are dynamic and complex. There’s a thin line between confidence and nervousness. Not all guys will show the same signs of nervousness.

Some may not even show any signs at all. But when you notice any of the aforementioned behaviors, the guy is likely nervous around you.

Nervousness can also be a good thing if the guy is genuinely interested in you and wants to make a good impression. When a guy is too nervous, it can also be overwhelming and makes it difficult to connect with him.

If you’re also interested in him, you can help to put him at ease by being friendly and approachable. Make him feel comfortable around you.

Encourage him to speak his mind and the things he’s interested in while you listen passionately.

Understanding these signs will help bridge the gap between you two.

Beneath the surface of confidence lies a spectrum of emotions that contribute to the beautiful messiness of human interaction.

To make it easy, have open communication with him, be approachable, show empathy and have an open heart.

Appreciate his efforts and strength to find you attractive and want to be with you.

Give him a chance if he’s genuine and you feel the same energy.

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