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10 Signs Someone Secretly Dislikes You


Do you always notice that odd stare when they are around you? Yes, I have been jabbed by my so-called friend and I understand what you are going through. You might want to give the benefit of the doubt to their behavior but it grew worse and you don’t seem to have figured out a tangible reason for their attitude. Humans are indeed good at harboring discontent and still wearing a smile to cover it up.

However, a strong feature of the human race is that we cannot keep a secret forever, it will certainly be revealed in some way. It might be surreal to say but when your calls start causing discomfort to a friend or colleague, or your presence irritates a friend or colleague, these signs are among the 10 signs someone secretly dislikes you.

Furthermore, many will come openly to express their displeasure with you, while some are capable of keeping it to themselves forever. In this article, we are set to elaborate on the subject matter of 10 signs someone secretly dislikes you. And we are sure that after reading through this article, you will have learned how to pay attention to those little details to enable you to know when someone secretly dislikes you.

The Reality Of Hatred

Looking down the line of human history, we see various scenarios where dislike and hatred for a leader or friend are finally expressed. One of which happened in early November 2022, after the Israeli elections, when Benjamin Netanyahu became Israel’s President. However, Leaked conversations revealing dislike and hatred for him became rampant, which didn’t just spring up in a day.

Does hatred have an origin? Yes, it does. Hatred stems from jealousy, envy, bitterness, fear, insecurity, a lack of trust, and lots more. You will harm yourself if you let these qualities invade you. Aspire to be the best version of yourself.

There are 10 signs someone secretly dislikes you and it is relational in all endeavors of life, from World leaders to their citizens, from Bosses to their staff, and also between friends. When you see these signs, be assured that you are disliked or hated, which no one wants you to know.

Dislike can be shown in these relationships:

Dislike Among Family Members

A survey was done by KidsHealth.org and TIME for Kids on more than 9,000 children between the ages of 8 – 14. The survey showed that when kids were about to enter adolescence, they tended to develop some level of dislike for their parents. Approximately 31% of these kids didn’t even get along with their parents while growing up. This should explain to you how much dislike can exist in a relationship and breed questions like how satisfactorily kids get along with their parents.

Dislike Amongst Friends

Hidden dislikes are more prevalent among friends than in any form of relationship. Friends can dislike themselves and never reveal it to each other. One striking reality about this kind of dislike/hatred is that pretense and duplicity are always at their highest levels, making it almost impossible to detect where the falsehood lies.

However, be rest assured that with these 10 signs, someone secretly dislikes you, you will be able to identify any lapses and fix them immediately

Dislike Amongst Enemies

Presently, this is the most prevalent condition for dislike and hatred. When someone has publicly declared their enmity with you, their next moves will be a clear sign of their dislike and discontent with you. As Jose Rizal rightly put it, “Your enemies hate you more than they hate your ideas, should you want a project to be undone, propose it. Even if it were as useful as a bishop’s mire, it would be rejected. Once you are defeated, let the humblest-looking among you sponsor it and your enemies will humble you and approve it”.

10 Signs Someone Secretly Dislikes You

Here are some obvious signs you can see to know that someone secretly hates and dislikes you. Also, we intend to explain the reality of these emotions and how they reveal themselves in the smallest manner.

It can be disheartening to find out that someone you assumed liked you, did not actually like you, they were just moving along and rather hated you. We will expose you to 10 signs someone secretly dislikes you, to easily identify heaters.

1. They Avoid You

It hurts more when you feel disliked, which can be more prominent when someone tries every possible means to avoid contact or communication with you.

When someone dislikes you, they never show up for any opportunity to meet up with you. They avoid communication in a public setting and even in a closed-door setting, they stay away from you, and they also derive more comfort in your absence.

Human nature is designed in such a way that we find ourselves spending more time with who and what fancies our desires. Hence, when there is no fondness for you, the person will stay away from you.

2. They Are Scared of Trusting You

Fear sometimes reveals a level of discomfort with something and a lack of confidence in it. When they fear communicating with you and prefer conversing with some other person around you, it’s a clear sign they hate you. As the saying goes, “At times we hate that which we often fear.”- William Shakespeare. Also, George Washington Carver once stated that “Fear of something is at the root of hate for others, ….”.

Some people might be bold enough to tell you that they don’t trust you or fear trusting you, in this kind of scenario, they just know they have to weigh the option of disliking you or don’t see any reason to like you either.

3. Through Their Body Language

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In psychology, the use of body language is essential to revealing how much someone likes or dislikes you. When they use closed body language, this reveals that they dislike you and don’t want you in their lives.

Some people use closed body language, like crossed arms, sitting far from you, facing down or away, or even crossing their legs. This body language uncovers their hidden dislike for you. Have you noticed any of these signs continually from someone? If yes, then it’s one of the 10 signs that someone secretly dislikes you.

You might be wondering why a friend always leaves the room immediately after you step into it. Or why does a neighbor throw a wandering glance away from you when you are discussing something with them?

4. They Don’t Laugh at Your Jokes

Assuming you are in a group with friends and you are all having a nice time cracking jokes and laughing together. But amid all the fun, there is this individual who never seems to get along with the fun. They are that way because they dislike you and prefer being serious throughout the period you all sit together to have some fun.

This is an unconscious phenomenon, even when your joke is the most hilarious, they still won’t find it funny. It is so because when someone dislikes you, they place you unconsciously in a Blackbox that their minds have built over the years. And inside this box, are all the stuff they hate and fear from their childhood days. So, no matter how much you try, their mind unconsciously registers you as an item inside their Blackbox.

5. They Give Direct Answers And Don’t Speak Further

Try this simple test to check if someone truly dislikes you, even when they deny it. Inquire about their hobbies, what they think about something or their opinion about an event. Watch out for their response and how brief it will be, if they give their answers in short words, then your guess might be right. And if they respond with a more frigid word like ‘I don’t know’ when you know they should have an idea or two about the question, know for sure that they dislike you.

After all, nobody keeps a conversation with those they don’t want to relate to. Elaborating on responses creates more room for a longer time together on a matter, so to avoid such closeness, anyone who dislikes you will avoid a lengthy conversation.

6. They Attack And Criticize You Unhealthily

At times, the people who dislike you look for every means to pull you down and down-talk you. Maybe in a public setting where lots of points are deliberated on, or during your company’s first executives’ meeting to plan for the new year. They make sure that during all the sections, they pick at every single idea you raise and criticize it to downplay the points you raise. That’s one of the 10 signs someone secretly dislikes you.

7. They Gossip About You

This sign should be a very glaring show of dislike. Talking about you behind your back and gossiping about you is proof that someone does not care about you, especially if they do this to defame you and spoil your personality before others.

Whenever you become an item of mockery and sarcasm whenever jokes are thrown, know you are being disliked. Generally, people will hardly say anything good about you, and they cannot see anything good about you when they dislike you. So, there is a need to talk you down and make public your weaknesses to make other people further dislike you.

8. They Ignore Your Messages/Calls

When someone dislikes you, they ignore your messages and calls. They won’t take anything from you and will ignore every effort you put into keeping in touch with them. If they aren’t ignoring your messages, they might take a long time to respond to them. This is an indicator that they don’t want any form of communication with you because you aren’t their bestie.

9. They Interrupt Your Speech

Often, when someone secretly dislikes you, they make you feel inferior and less of yourself by cutting you off in the middle of a statement. Counter-orientated to what you might think, they will only allow you to speak when your points aren’t valid. On the other hand, they will interrupt your speech whenever you are about to make a point. Various causes can be the reason behind this act and top of the list is their lack of interest in what you have to say at that moment.

You may have also noticed that during board meetings with fellow executives, your boss always interrupts your speech when it’s your turn to speak. This attitude reeks of dislike from your boss toward you. If it seems like you will make a point and gain everybody’s recognition, they will fight it in any way possible because it is a no-no for them.

10. They Exclude You From Their Plans

When a friend is planning a birthday party or other occasion and excludes you from the lists of invitees or expected guests, it’s a clear sign they dislike you and don’t want you around them. The majority of the time, people exclude you from their plans because they dislike you and don’t want you around them.

Final Words

It can be difficult to tell if someone dislikes you at times, particularly when they try to hide it from your notice. However, specific actions and behaviors, as we have discussed in the 10 signs someone secretly dislikes you are important factors to watch out for when you are not sure of their actions.

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