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What To Text When A Girl Doesn’t Reply

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Are you thinking of what to text when a girl doesn’t reply? I understand that it can sometimes be embarrassing when you text a girl and she doesn’t reply. There is a saying that there is no smoke without fire. What this means is that a girl can not just choose to ignore you for no reason. As much as it is not good to ignore people, it might sometimes be the best thing to do.

One of the possible reasons a girl might not reply to your text is because she doesn’t like you. If a girl doesn’t like you, she may not be interested in replying to your text. Girls always reply to texts from guys that they like. If she doesn’t reply to your text, it might be her way of avoiding you.

Aside from the fact that the reason a lady may choose not to reply to your text is that she doesn’t like you, there are other reasons why a girl may not reply to your text. It is important to know the reasons and the best response to give when a girl doesn’t reply to you.

Let me share some of the possible reasons that may not make a girl reply to your text and what you should text back.

1. She may be angry at you

One of the reasons a lady may choose not to reply to you is because she is angry at you. You might have done something to piss her off. If she is not replying to your text, what it means is that she is not happy and does not want to talk to you.

Even if you keep sending her messages, she will still ignore them until you do the needful. The first thing you need to find out when a girl doesn’t reply to your text is if there is anything you have done wrong. In this kind of situation, here is what you need to do:

  • Send her a message apologizing and admitting your mistake: I know that a lot of guys usually struggle to admit their mistakes because of ego but apologizing does not make you weak. Just a single sorry could go a long way. You could say things like;

I know I must have upset you, I am sorry.’ or ‘I was wrong, I should not have said that to you.’

  •  Try to be patient with her and allow her to be calm before sending her any further messages.

2. She may be upset

A girl’s reason for not replying to your text may also be because she is busy. She might have more important things to attend to that may not give her enough time to reply to your chat. If she is not the type who usually ignores your text, not replying to your text may be because she is busy and does not have the time to respond to it at the time.

As a guy, you just need to be understanding and it is better to make excuses for people than to start making assumptions. If she doesn’t reply to your text, it is better to think that it is because she is busy and not assume that it is because she doesn’t want you. In this kind of situation, here is what you could say to her:

‘ I understand that you have a lot to attend to at the moment; I just wanted to check up on you’

This would not be a bad thing to say to a girl who is busy because she will consider you an understanding guy who is just looking out for her. You can also leave her a text telling her to let you know when she is ready to chat in this manner.

‘I know you are busy; let me know when you are ready to chat.’

This is a good text because she will see you as a considerate person and she will hit you up the moment she is free.

3. She doesn’t like you

Not replying to your text, is also how to know when a girl doesn’t like you, unless you choose not to come to terms with the truth, A girl who doesn’t like you will not reply to your text, no matter what you say to her.

It doesn’t even matter if you do your best to please her, she will still not reply to your text. It is not that you did anything wrong to her; she just doesn’t want to have anything to do with you. You will know that she doesn’t like you if she ignores your texts repeatedly. If this is the situation, It is better to just give her space.

You cannot force people who do not like you to like you. It is better to just stop talking to her if that is what she wants. If she wants to talk to you, she will text you herself. If you decide to respond to her with a text, here is what you could say;

‘ Hello, I just wanted to check up on you, I understand if you still do not want to have anything to do with me. Take good care of yourself.’- It is a very straightforward text that shows that you respect her choices.

4. She may be having a hard time

We do not know what people are going through in their personal lives. That is why it is important to be kind to people and treat them nicely. The reason a girl may not reply to your text is because she is having a hard time.

It may be that she is worried, trying to find a solution to some things, having issues with some people, or maybe feeling depressed. If you are not aware of what she is going through, try to call her to be sure of what she is going through.

If she is not replying to you or saying anything to you in this situation, here is what you can say to her;

‘Hello, I know you might be having a hard time, I’m here if you need someone to talk to.’

5. She thinks you are boring

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You should know if you are boring because a girl might not be bold enough to tell you that to your face. The way to know if you are bored is that you have nothing new to talk about, your chats are usually short answers, and they follow the same pattern. Some guys can ask one question in three different ways. A guy’s text can look like this ;

Guy: How are you?

Girl: I’m fine

Guy: How are you doing?

Girl: Fine ( losing interest in repeating the same thing)

Guy: Hope you are good

Girl: (no reply, wondering if he has no other thing to say)

Take a good look at the conversation pattern above. You can already tell that’s a boring chat there.

If you notice that a girl suddenly stops replying to your text and paying attention to you, the issue might be that you are boring. What you need to do in this kind of situation is spice things up a bit by doing these things;

  •  Ask her more personal questions, as it will help you get to know her better and have meaningful conversations.
  • Bring up a topic and ask for her opinion about it. You can send her a message that reads like this:

‘ I would love to hear your opinion on…

  •  Try to tell her about the interesting things that happened or funny events that took place. Girls love stories and this will make her open up to you and tell you things about her day.

6. You are disturbing her

She may not reply to your text because you are disturbing her. If you keep bombarding her DM with messages all the time, she may get tired of always replying to your messages.

You need to give her breathing space. It is not every time that a girl wants to chat or has the time to chat. She has other things in her life to attend to. If she feels that your messages are getting a little too much for her to respond to, she may choose to stop replying to your texts.

She might even archive your chat because she is tired of getting text notifications from you. The best thing to do in this kind of situation is to take a little step back and give her space. You could also send her a text like this;

‘ I apologize if I have been bothering you with my message, that was never my intention.’

7. She forgot to reply your chat

Sometimes, it might not be a lady’s intention to ignore you. She may have so many things on her mind that it escapes her mind to reply to you back.

In this kind of situation, sending her just a ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ as a reminder will bring her back to remember your text and reply. If after you send her a ‘hi’ she still does not respond, it means that she intentionally does not want to reply to your text.

8. You are being too forward

Girls don’t like it when a guy is too forward. Some guys will just move from point A to point Z. They feel that these guys are intruding on their privacy and they are not comfortable discussing or having some kind of conversation with them.

You need to know your place in a girl’s life and act accordingly. You should not try to act like you have known a girl for a long time when you are just getting to know her.

9. She is committed to someone

Another reason she may not reply to your text is that she has a boyfriend. If she has someone that she is committed to, it is very possible that she will not reply to your text. She may notice that you are trying to flirt with her through your text; she may ignore you instead of disrespecting you.

There are conversations she won’t be comfortable having with you. The kind of messages you send to girls mean a lot. If you are not her boyfriend, you should be careful with the things that you say to her.

In conclusion, I will say that in all thy getting get understanding. Understanding the cause of a problem helps you know the best way to handle such a situation. What to text when a girl doesn’t reply will depend on the reason why she is not replying. This will guide you in crafting the perfect text when she does not reply.

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