What Does The Name Zoya Mean In Arabic?

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The names we bear hold different significance and meanings. Apart from just bearing them so that people call us by them, it helps to shape and reveal our identities.

In most parts of the world, the names people bear vary and are often in accordance with cultural, traditional, and religious beliefs and symbols. The name Zoya seems to have captured the hearts of many due to its meaning, or perhaps how unique it is.

Regardless of the geography, people not from it’s originating area now bear the name. Parents seem to love naming their female children.

Zoya embodies beauty, love, and life, derived from different cultural roots, but the meanings are closely related.

In this article, we are going to look at Zoya meaning in Arabic, origin and significance, as well as its other meanings.

Zoya Meaning In Arabic (Origin and Significance)


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Zoya is a name that has its origins in different geographies, which include Arabic, Persian, and Slavic. While each has different meanings according to these roots, we can still say they are somehow synonymous.

Zoya meaning in Arabic is “love”. It can also be used to mean affection and care. The reason why the name is common amongst Arabians all boils down to how they value love and attention. Giving their newborns, male or female such a name as Zoya shows how in high regard they hold and show it.

The name Zoya, of Persian origin, originated from the Persian word “Zoe” which means “gift” Its Slavic origin is derived from the Slavic word “Zoe,” which means “life” . This shows how precious, unique, and special the name Zoya means and what the person who bears it represents.

Variations and Spellings

While Zoya means love in Arabic and is spelled “Zoya,” there are several other variations of spellings and meanings depending on the cultural and regional context. For example, some spell and pronounce it as Zohya, Zoiya, Zoe, or Zoey. Whichever way it is spelled or pronounced, it is still the same. Zoya meaning in Arabic also encompasses all that it can mean in different cultural originations. It means life in Russia, gift in Persian, and so on, but all still remain synonymous and can be likened to Zoya meaning in Arabic, which is ‘love”.


Though the Zoya meaning in Arabic is what enchanted most people who bear the name or give the name to their children, Everybody knows the magnitude and importance of love. Despite having its roots in the Arabs, the name is not limited to the Arab lands. In fact, it’s a very common name in America, Europe, and even some parts of Africa.

Influence In Literature

It’s very common to find the name in literary works that often involve love stories, as it has captivated the hearts of many poets and writers. Even in TV dramas, you do find people bearing the name in the movie. This shows how many people have fallen in love with the name. Perhaps because of its significance and meaning.

Famous Personalities


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There are quite a number of popular people who bear the name Zoya in the world. Some of them include Zoya Iqbal, a famous Parkistani poet; Indian filmmaker Zoya Akhtar; Russian actress Zoya Cherkssova; and Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, the Soviet war hero, to mention but a few. There are several other notables who bear the name, which has thus attracted parents in different parts of the world to adopt the name for their newborns.

 Bottom Line

Zoya meaning in Arabic is “love” or “life”. Though it has a bit different meaning in other cultural origins, they are all synonymous with its Arabic meaning. It is a name currently being used by many Muslims and Christians all over the world. Regardless of its affiliation and its association with Islam, many have come to love it and find it lovely. It’s really a beautiful name, going by its meaning in different regions.

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