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Smash Negativity Team


6 Burning Rose Meaning, History And Myths

One species of flowering plant in the Rosa genus is the rose. Roses come in more than 150 kinds and are indigenous to North America, Europe, and Asia. Beautiful flowers with colors ranging from white to red to yellow and numerous others are the hallmarks of rose plants. For generations, roses have been associated with ...

Esther Okoli


10 Venezuela Traditional Clothing Worn in Different Regions

Venezuela has always been known for its exquisite fashion choices, composed of various colors, sizes, and fabrics that are arranged for both men and women, boys and girls. Venezuelan fashion consists of an array of beautiful traditional clothing for various dances and modern-day clothing used for everyday use. Each country or region within a country ...

Benjamin Ibeh


What Does The Name Zoya Mean In Arabic?

The names we bear hold different significance and meanings. Apart from just bearing them so that people call us by them, it helps to shape and reveal our identities. In most parts of the world, the names people bear vary and are often in accordance with cultural, traditional, and religious beliefs and symbols. The name ...

Smash Negativity Team


10 Unique Hawaiian Traditional Clothing 

Hawaii, a beautiful and unique place, is not just known for its stunning landscapes but also for its special traditional clothing. These clothes have a long history and are an important part of Hawaiian culture. In this article, we will explore ten traditional Hawaiian clothing, each with its own story and meaning. From the elegant ...