Writing Articles For Money- A Comprehensive Guide

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There are so many opportunities for making legitimate money online, and one of them is writing articles for businesses and blogs. Article writing has existed for a long time, and many people across the globe have made tons of dollars from writing. It is one of the most popular freelancing jobs online. The truth is that article writing pays bills for many writers, including me.

As a freelance writer, I’ve written many articles on different niches. I went into article writing as a side hustle to expand my income stream. I don’t have any regrets about writing articles for money. However, this is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Why? Because I make more money to meet different needs, also I have extra money to save, and guess what? It’s very flexible, and I’m not answerable to any boss.

Again, Freelance writers are in control of their time. They decide who to work for, where, and whom. This article will show you how to make money writing articles and the benefits of writing articles for money.

How To Make Money Writing Articles

The new gold mine in this era is the Internet. In freelancing, you’ll notice that writing articles online is more prevalent than other types of freelancing jobs. Why? Because most online activities require writing, it could be educating people or passing information to the public through writing. There are several ways to make money by writing articles. Before you can get paid for writing articles, you must be skilled to attract paying clients.

1. Blogging


Owning a blog is one of the best ways to make eternal money online. Don’t allow the numerous existing blogs online to discourage you from starting one. If you have a dream to start a blog, ensure to fulfill that dream, regardless of how many bloggers we have currently. The Internet is large enough to contain everyone, and new information keeps emerging daily.

To be a successful blogger, you must be highly committed and consistently post new or refined information. Post regularly; it could be daily or once in two days. But preferably post daily. Consistency is the key.

Also, ensure your blog has a direction. In other words, have a chosen niche to always write about. Your topics should be distinct, unique, and different from what is widely known. That will keep your readers.

The next step is to get a domain and give your blog a professional design. Pay for the best service, although free blog domains like wordpress.com or BlogSpot exist. Nevertheless, you need to spend money to make money.

Again, once your blog is set, be consistent with posting quality entertaining, educating, inspiring, or informational articles. Whichever niche you choose, give your best for it and make every post engaging to drive enough traffic to your blog. Also, self-promote your blog post on all social media handles.

Know that you may not start making money immediately as a newbie. But, consistency and quality plagiarism-free content will eventually yield good income later.

2. Write And Publish Magazine Article

If you love writing, have written short stories (fiction or non-fiction), or have written articles on fashion, politics, and health, you can publish them online to make money. That is another form of writing articles for money that many people neglect. Writing articles for magazines will continue to fetch you money nonstop. Also, you can self-publish if you don’t know what steps to take to publish your magazine.

Also, your articles can be featured in other people’s magazines. You can make more than $400 per article. So many freelance writers have embraced this opportunity and are making good money from it.

However, all you need to do is find magazines in line with your niche and reach out to them. You can also publish and earn on platforms like Medium or PublishOX. Ensure to adhere to their instructions and strictly follow their guidelines so that you can stand a better chance of getting hired.

3. Writing Articles For Blogs

Numerous blogs are looking for writers to write related articles for their blogs. Many of these blogs post daily, so they’re always searching for writers to meet their daily target of posting several articles.

Furthermore, blogs like Motorverso publish articles exclusively on cars and car components. You can make so much money writing articles on fashion, finance, health, nutrition, cryptocurrency, physical fitness, and many other areas.

Also, thoroughly research any blog you’re hired to write for. Get familiar with the website you’ll be writing for to produce content in line with the previous content on the website.

Again, blogs pay up to $50 to $100 for one thousand-word article. Some blogs pay $0.40 to $1.15 per word. Also, Some make payments on an hourly basis. For example, it could be $100/hr, $50/hr, or $25/hr, depending on your agreement. Note that it could be more or less.

4. Creating Sponsored Posts

You can make more money by writing sponsored posts for different brands as a blogger and writer. They can be in the form of articles, announcements, video creation, infographics, social media content, and many others. These companies will either pay in cash or give you gift cards, and you can also sample any of your products for free on their website. Services like PayPerPost can pay you $150 to over $700 per sponsored content you create.

5. Participating In Writing Contests

This is another unconventional method of writing articles for money. I know that you might wonder how this is possible. Oh yeah! It’s possible to make good dollars if you participate in writing contests and emerge as a winner.

Topic ideas most times center around fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. It’ll amaze you that some writing contest organizers pay as much as $800 to $1000 to winners. That could be you. I’ll recommend you give it a try; it’s worth it. But, note that this method may not be widely accepted as a medium for making money through writing articles.

6. In Freelance Platforms


The fastest way to monetize your writing skills is by joining freelance platforms. Freelance platforms are a great marketplace where you can get hired by clients to write for their blogs. All you need to do is to create a captivating profile to attract clients.

Also, you may have to build a solid portfolio of previous works. Also, build more authority by gathering recommendations and client feedback and incorporating them into your online profiles (social media, Upwork profiles, etc.). It’ll give you more visibility and the opportunity to attract new and high-paying clients.

Some freelance platforms you can enroll in are:


Fiverr is a popular freelance platform where freelancers connect with owners of businesses in search of service providers. The services are mainly on digital projects, like content writing, web design, and voice-overs. Again, the freelancers are known as sellers, the services they render are called gigs, and the business owners are known as buyers.

Therefore, what is required of you is to sign up for free and then create gigs with their prices to get jobs.


On this website, expertise in your chosen niche is highly required. Business owners and professionals come here to find experts who can deliver excellent jobs. All you’re expected to do is to sign up by filling out a brief registration form. Also, give detailed information about your skill, educational background, and relevant work experience.


This platform connects both customers and freelancers all over the world. There are many areas you can fit into in Upwork. However, this ranges from writing content, accounting, resume writing, virtual assistant, data analyst, web design and software development, and many more.

Other big freelance platforms are Flexjobs, Jobble, Toptal, SimplyHired, LinkedIn, 99designs, 1st Floor Mats, Fog People Per Hour, Dribbble, TaskRabbit, etc.

Benefits Of Writing Articles For Money

There are several benefits of writing articles online. Below are some of these benefits.

You Work On Your Terms


As a freelance writer, you work on your terms because you’re working on a contract basis for yourself. You’re not committed to any client; you only take a contract job from them and get paid.

Again, you’re in charge of selecting the kind of job you want to do. You also decide when to do any job, and there’s no resumption or closing time. You’re free to go wherever you desire, take vacations, sleep and wake up whenever you want. But, ensure to meet deadlines and satisfy your clients maximally.

You Can Work From Anywhere

There are no restrictions to your location as a freelancer. You can work from anywhere you desire. Most freelancers do remote jobs, which means they work from home. A freelancer in America can work for a client in the UK from the comfort of their home.

No Certification Is Required

You don’t need to have certificates to get hired as a writer. Institutions do not have any course named “article writing.” A high school graduate can be a writer, meaning no certification is needed. You must be good at writing coherently, ensuring proper placement of tenses and fewer grammatical errors.

You’ll Earn Money Commensurate To Your Stress.

Most clients pay their workers hourly, which means that how much time you put into work determines how much you’ll be paid. Unlike some 9-5 jobs where you work tirelessly and get a little salary.

Wrapping Up…


Writing articles for money is very lucrative and has fewer disadvantages why? Because you’re in control of your time, your payment is sure, and you can always get jobs because many websites are looking for writers. Choose a niche and become an expert to attract high-paying clients.


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