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Will Buying YouTube Channel Likes Boost Up Your Channel? – Find out

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More than one billion people from all corners of the world spend countless hours on YouTube, making it a vast and diverse platform. If you’ve embarked on the journey of creating your own YouTube channel, you’re likely aware that organic growth takes time and significant effort. However, if you’re eager to give your channel an instant boost, one effective strategy is to purchase likes. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the pivotal question of whether buying likes can genuinely accelerate the growth of your channel. To fully grasp the significance of likes on LenosTube, let’s explore this topic in greater detail.

The Importance of YouTube Likes


More likes on a YouTube channel mean more ways to grow it organically. Some benefits of buying likes for YouTube videos are:

  • Improves the Ranking of Your YouTube Channel

How many views and engagements do you have on your YouTube channel, and do videos affect the ranking of the channel in the search engine? It helps the algorithm to know that the content is useful for viewers. Algorithms value engagement, likes, comments and views to promote your content to people.

It means more views, likes, and subscribers on channels and videos, which leads to a high ranking in search results. 

  • Helps Increase the Number of Your Subscribers

Once you create the YouTube channel, you focus more on subscribers. However, getting organic subscribers on a new YouTube channel takes time and effort. While getting more views and likes on videos can lead to more subscribers to your channel. 

  • Make Your Videos viral.

Getting famous on YouTube requires time and consistency. But make sure to upload quality videos consistently to increase engagement. Soon, your videos will start getting many likes, making them go viral. 

  • Help You Build Credibility

New viewers always prefer to watch videos with more likes and views. So, if you have a new channel, then more likes can increase its credibility. You can check out the various ways to build the credibility of your channel on LenosTube.

Can I Buy YouTube Likes?

Yes, buying YouTube likes is the best way to increase engagement and boost traffic on your new channel. It also increases your subscriber base and acts as social proof that your content is of high quality. 

Obviously, no one wants to become the first person to watch the video, so if there are already many views, likes and subscribers, then it can attract more viewers. Moreover, buying likes keeps your channel ahead of its competitors. 

Does Buying YouTube Likes Help Boost Your Channel?

After buying YouTube likes, it jumpstarts your new channel to become popular in your niche. From this, you can encourage more people to watch your videos, like them, and become your subscribers. As a result, it will help you build an organic community for your channel. 

To make sure that many people watch your video, you need to upload quality content. For video editing, you can use some better software like Adobe Premier Pro to improve the quality of your video with proper adjustment, brightness, and saturation. Also, the software allows you to crop, rotate, and trim videos.  Utilize Canva to create catchy thumbnails.


Investing in YouTube likes has a multitude of benefits. Not only can it significantly boost engagement, views, and the number of subscribers on your channel, but it also plays a pivotal role in enhancing your brand’s reputation and visibility within the YouTube community.

Therefore, it’s imperative to prioritize the growth of your likes and subscriber counts through the creation of high-quality videos. Additionally, consider purchasing likes to elevate your presence in search results on LenosTube, ultimately amplifying your channel’s reach and impact.

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