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When He Pulls Away Let Him Go: Reasons and How to Respond

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When he pulls away, let him go! Refrain from pursuing him and deny him any easy access to you. Most men have this bothersome trend that I’m sure every woman in the world has noticed.

He thinks of you as his top concern. Bestows upon you a lot of love and romantic actions. He treats you and makes you believe that you are the only girl in his world, then pulls away.

When it comes to vanishing into thin air, most men are experts at transitioning from being the one to being a stranger. It does take a great deal of ability for a man to fight to win a woman over and then later act as if he isn’t interested.

Why do guys act in that way? When it comes to committing to you, why do guys pull away? In such a situation, what should one do? In this article, we’ll be looking at Why When he pulls away, let him go and learn how to react.

When He Pulls Away Let Him Go—What Makes a Man Pull Away?

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At the beginning of a relationship, some men tend to distance themselves because they fear for their independence. Suffocating sensations, in other words, cause them to start withdrawing.

After they get close, why do guys pull away? Men are known to withdraw from relationships at the exact moment when feelings are beginning to surface and things are ready to get serious.

This phenomenon is so common that it could be referred to as an epidemic. Let’s look at some reasons why a man would pull away.

1. If men perceive that you are attempting to control them, they will withdraw.

In this scenario, let’s assume he is no longer showing you the kind of attention he formerly did and that his romantic gestures are either nonexistent or make minimal effort.

All of this bothers you once you realize it. You watch for him to change but he never does. And so you resolve to take matters into your own hands by pressuring him to exert greater effort.

You begin to demand that he show you the same level of affection and spend more time with you than in the past. If you begin to act in that way, he will perceive it as an attempt to control you and will retreat.

He may begin to distance himself from you as a result of his fear of being in a relationship with an authoritarian spouse.

2. When guys believe they have to choose between their relationships and themselves, they pull away.

When it comes to their own choices, men are very sensitive. A man will become fearful if he begins to believe that he must choose between his relationship and himself.

Imagine if you wanted him all to yourself and refused to give in to his urge to watch football with his friends.

When a man feels trapped and unable to escape, he will start to retreat. While it is true that a committed relationship requires effort and commitment, this does not imply that partners should spend every moment of their free time together.

The best advice when it comes to relationships is to compromise. He won’t feel like he has to pull away from you if you know how to make compromises with him. He’ll have adequate time and space for himself and won’t consider doing so anymore.

3. Men tend to pull off when they feel like you’re bothering them.

Making them feel bad all the time for not doing something or not living up to your standards is one of the main reasons guys choose to pull off.

You’re giving him the impression that he’s not doing anything right if you bug him nonstop. Therefore, his withdrawal is his way of warning you not to hold too high expectations of him.

When He Pulls Away, Let Him Go—How?

When he pulls away, how do you respond? Should you go into desperation mode and make a strong effort to get his attention? Or should you pretend you don’t give a damn? Here’s exactly what you should do if he pulls away:

1. Remain Calm

Above all, try not to be shocked by his sudden decision to pull away. It doesn’t seem very consoling, but guys frequently act in that way.

In such cases, they continue to act even when they are unsure of the motivation behind it. Don’t panic and avoid overanalyzing. Is he withdrawing or starting to break up? How am I going to get through another breakup?

It can be frightening and unsettling to be the object of someone else’s retreat, but you are more resilient than that.

If he withdraws, release him. Remain calm and don’t let it bother you too much. Why? Because you can still have some indirect control over it.

No, you have no influence over his thoughts, but you can convey some messages to him like I won’t pursue you if you pull away; I don’t have time for that.

2. Don’t be in a hurry to reach out to him.

You can also accomplish a lot by doing nothing at all. We frequently undervalue the impact of oblique communications. The truth is that you can express your feelings to him about the entire issue without having to move a muscle.

To get the desired result, all you have to do is nothing. It seems too good and too simple to be true. Spend some time figuring out the true nature of his situation.

Rather than jumping on him right away, choose to give yourself some time to figure out exactly what’s going through his mind.

You will discover a great deal about yourself, him, and your relationship, or whatever connection you were or are in, if you consider this from his perspective.

3. Have some time to consider what could have made him pull away.

There are many reasons why a guy would pull away, so you’ll need to consider your behavior as well as his, as well as the dynamics of your relationship overall, to figure out exactly what went wrong.

Did he have any trouble confiding in you? Were you overly insistent? Is he the kind of guy who finds it difficult to decide? Does he have an anxious attachment style?

You may make a lot of inferences about his behavior by asking yourself a lot of questions. If you are in a committed relationship, it’s critical to identify areas for growth so that you can continue the connection in the future.

4. Give him space to miss you.

Allow him to miss your absence.

The greatest misfortune of humanity is that we never realize what we have until it is lost. Humans tend to take things for granted.

We are prone to forgetting how precious our possessions are if we do not constantly remind ourselves to be grateful for them.

You will need to give him the space he needs to miss you and return to you. What do you think would happen if you kept messaging him, phoning him, or engaging in any other activity that involved pursuing him?

Since you’re still there, he couldn’t possibly miss you.


Men fall in love in your absence, not in your presence. You could try your hardest to win his approval every single day, but this won’t encourage him to seek you out or come back to you.

Every man needs time to sort through his emotions and figure out what’s wrong with him. He’ll have time to think about his feelings for you and your relationship once he’s all by himself.

When he pulls away let him go. He will realize how much you mean to him at that point and want to keep you around. You may make him understand what he stands to lose if he chooses not to stay with you by giving him the chance to miss you.

Furthermore, he may believe that you are already in a relationship with someone else and that you don’t have time to pursue him.

He’ll be driven to show you that he’s the best man out there and that he can bring you happiness. So, when he pulls away, let him go.

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