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What to Do After a Bike Accident

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In the first moments after your crash, it is essential to take stock of yourself. Check to see if you are injured, and make sure your limbs move as they should.

Also, try to preserve the scene of your accident. Make sure you describe the incident in great detail.

Collect Witness Information

Ask the witnesses for their contact information and what they saw. Their testimonies could help prove you were not at fault for the crash.

Always prioritize your safety. Ensure you are out of harm’s way and away from potential hazards, such as vehicles or loose debris.

Even if you don’t believe you are hurt, have a doctor give you a complete medical evaluation. Sometimes, injuries do not manifest immediately but can become severe and permanent over time. Also, save receipts for any bike parts you had to replace because of the collision. These expenses may be eligible for compensation.

File a Police Report

After you are out of harm’s way and have confirmed that your limbs move as they should, it is time to call the police. Ensure you get all parties involved in the crash’s name, contact information, and insurance information.

Also, try to get a complete description of the driver and their vehicle, including the license plate number. Obtaining the police report early on is vitally important because it will provide your lawyer with documented evidence of how the accident occurred. It will also provide an accurate account of your injuries from the accident. This will be important for calculating the amount of your personal injury claim.

Contact a Bike Accident Attorney

Cyclists are much less protected than drivers, so even a minor crash can be devastating. Injuries require costly medical treatment, cause missed work, and often change people’s daily routines.

Always get prompt medical care, even if you think you’re only suffering from scrapes and bruises. A surge of adrenaline can mask pain, and what may seem like minor injuries could be a sprain, fracture, or torn muscle.

If possible, the driver must stay at the scene to collect their information and never speak to the driver’s insurance company before consulting an attorney. A bike accident attorney near me will be able to provide helpful insight and ensure that you’re not being taken advantage of by the insurer.

Take Photos of Your Injuries and Your Bicycle

It is essential to take photos of the scene, your injuries, and your bicycle. Doing this will help your attorney prove the extent of your damages.

Ask witnesses for their contact information if you can. They can provide a crucial crash account to help your lawyer determine who is at fault.

It’s also good to save receipts for clothing or bike parts damaged in an accident. This will allow you to have those expenses reimbursed through the driver’s insurance company. It’s important not to accept money or a ride home from the at-fault driver, even if you feel fine.

Consult a Doctor

Injuries sustained by cyclists often require expensive medical treatment, time off work, and other adjustments to daily routines. These costs can quickly mount, especially for those who have catastrophic injuries.

Immediately after a crash, it’s essential to consult a doctor. Even if your injuries seem minor, you might have internal bleeding or other conditions that could become serious later on.

In addition, you should get a copy of the police report. It’s essential to ensure that your statement of what happened is included so that your version doesn’t get ignored by the police.

File a Claim

While at the crash scene, take pictures with a camera or phone to document any damage caused by the motorist to your bicycle and yourself. Doing this before moving the vehicle or bike is best, as it may be unsafe.

Additionally, speedy medical attention is crucial after your injury. Even seemingly minor injuries can become severe later on. A doctor’s exam will lay the foundation for your injury claim and help you avoid settling for a low offer from the insurance company. Most bike accident claims are resolved after negotiating with the insurance adjuster.

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