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What does it Mean When a Girl Plays with her Hair?

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We all know there are two types of communication (verbal and nonverbal). We also know that about 80 percent of our communication is nonverbal.

Girls are one of the most confusing species on earth, and I am one. I beg to disagree, but it’s popular opinion, so let’s take it, right?

When it comes to boy-girl relationships, guys have to be careful to correctly interpret all the languageuages of a girl in order to understand what they are saying and not cause havoc, right?

Most guys are able to understand some of the girls’ body language, while others are as clueless as a baby.

One thing guys want to know about body language is What does it Mean When a Girl Plays with her Hair. If you are that guy, bravo! You’ve come to the right place.

You must have noticed when a girl who you were talking to began to play with her hair in the middle of the conversation, and you might want to know why she did it and what it means.

This article is for you. It will help you understand What does it Mean When a Girl Plays with her Hair while talking to you and why other girls might do it to you.

First, you need to know that girls playing with their hair can mean a lot of things, from something as simple as grooming to something as serious as flirting. Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’ll take it slow and steady.

What does it Mean When a Girl Plays with her Hair?

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Here’s What does it Mean When a Girl Plays with her Hair?

1. She Is Attracted To You And Wants Your Attention

This is mentioned as the first answer because it is the most popular answer guys give to the question, What does it mean when a girl plays with her hair?

Playing with her hair is one of the signs that show a woman is attracted to a man. Interestingly, it happens subconsciously. By touching or playing with her hair, she is saying, “Hey man! I like you.”It could also be her way of flirting with you. She plays with her hair and turns her wrist towards you to see.

She might also be playing with her hair to draw your attention to her. So it’s giving, “look, I’m trying to get your attention here.”

It has been said that a woman’s hair is the second attractive part of her body after her face.
So, it’s okay to think that a girl who always plays with her hair when you talk to her likes you. However, you should know this is not always the case as there are other reasons a girl would play with her hair.

2. She Is Grooming Herself

Females are always conscious of the way they look, at least I know I am and you know several females who do too.
We (females) understand that our hair can either break or make our looks.

A bad hair day can ruin the rest of our day or even our week. It is powerful that a good hair can embolden us to go through any door and march up any staircase and take on any difficulty while on the flip side it can also make us wish to finish quickly and leave a place or feel less confident. So we tend to pay attention to it most of the time.

Most importantly, when in the presence of a guy, girls tend to be over a hundred percent conscious of the way they look, most especially their hair because that’s the part that chooses to be “gone with the wind” at important moments.

Something as simple as a stray lock, baby hairs unwinding, parting on the wrong side can mess up her game plan. So to ensure she is always looking sharp, she will touch her hair many times in one minute.

Thus one answer to what does it mean when a girl plays with her hair is that she is grooming herself, trying to adjust her hair to look presentable.

3. She Is Comforting Herself

When most girls are faced with situations that are a bit confusing, distressing or stressful, she tends to need comfort and a way to get that comfort is by stroking her hair.

You must have noticed by observation or movies that when a female is sad and wants to cry, someone would always pat down her hair. And on occasions where there is no one to pat her hair when in need of comfort, she does it herself.

Have you ever noticed that when a girl is talking to you about something that elicits emotional responses of sadness, grief, guilt or pain, she grabs her hair and begins to twirl it round her fingers or she puts her hand on her hair and pats it down? Next time, pay close attention to it and see that I am right!

So what it means when a girl plays with her hair is that she’s comforting herself over some situation.

4. She Finds You Boring

This is one interesting answer to the question, what does it mean when a girl plays with their hair?
First let me apologize in advance in case you are a boring fellow, “I’m sorry”. There, we can go on!

I’m not trying to blow your ego or anything but when a girl finds you too boring to converse with and she is too polite to walk away she chooses to play with her hair instead. It gives her something to do while she waits for you to finish.

Have you ever listened to someone talk and wished you could be somewhere else, doing something else but you can’t leave out of respect or politeness? That’s the exact same scenario for the girl. In such cases, what do you do?

To know if you are boring her or death with your words, observe the way she twirls her hair. Does she have a vacant look on her face? Or is she looking somewhere else other than your face? If yes, it’s time for you to stop talking and give her the chance to escape. Thank you.

5. She Is Shy

Females that are shy tend to focus their attention, energy and actions on something to keep them stable while performing a task. One of such actions may be playing with their hair.

Because she can’t look directly at your face, she chooses to direct her focus to her hair, twirling it from left to right, back and forth, winding and unwinding the strands.

There are other obvious signs you could take note of alongside that of playing with her hair: there’s a permanent smile on her face throughout the period of your conversation; she doesn’t hold your gaze and rarely makes proper eye contact with you, she occasionally looks you in the eye and as quickly looks away or look down.

Since her eyes cannot wander, her hands must stay busy.

What-does-it-Mean- When-a-Girl-Plays- with-her-Hair
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6. She Is Anxious or Nervous

This is another answer to the question, what does it mean when a girl plays with her hair?
Generally, when someone is nervous, he/she employs a coping mechanism to get rid of nervousness and calm down their bodies.

He/she could do things like playing with their hair, picking or chewing his/her fingernails, tapping the floor, adjusting body posture, rubbing the thighs, or playing with something.

You know these things because it might have happened to you before or someone you know. These things actually work and help us feel better.

This reaction is the same for most girls too. They could begin to play with their hair to make their mind relax.

Before you begin to protest, she might have been just fine before you walked to her or stopped her on the street or vice versa. She might have brought up a subject that made her anxious or is answering a hard question or the environment might be very uncomfortable.

She might also be anxious due to certain internal and external factors that might be connected or not to you. She might feel intimidated by you, she might be worried about something happening at home or in the environment around her, she might be concerned about how you’ll react to something she wants to say or do, and playing with her hair is the only thing keeping her calm.

Just like explained in a previous point, playing with the hair is a soothing and comforting action.
So next time you see her playing with her hair when talking to you, consider the environment you are in, consider the subject of the conversation and know if that’s what is making her play with her hair.

7. She Is Feeling Confident

Yes! I know this looks off considering the other factors we’ve looked at previously in this article. Still those factors do not rule out the possibility of this one.

Years ago, women were shamed for their hair. There was a certain style to present your hair, a certain way that was acceptable of children, singles and married females.

Over the years, the fashion world as concerns female hair have evolved to celebrating all kinds of hair. Now females feel more confident with their hair.

One sign of confidence in a girl is that she would try to show off. It happens all the time. So if she’s feeling pretty confident in her hair, she will try to draw your attention to it by playing with the hair.

She wants to see and know that she looks good and she knows it.

Look out for the lifting of her shoulders and chin, and the bright light in her eyes. See it? There you go. You’ve got another answer for what it means when a girl plays with her hair.

This article has attempted to answer the question what does it mean when a girl plays with her hair with seven answers which include: attraction, grooming, comfort, boredom, shyness, nervousness and confidence.

These answers are tested and trusted as they’ve been observed over the years and agreed to be true. You can also do the observations yourself and compare with the answers explored here. You’ll find it to be true as well.

However, I must counsel that it is important to note that not all of the reasons stated in this article might be the answer you seek for. This means what you think might not be the reason, it might be another.

For instance, you might think it’s flirting while she’s afraid.

In that case, you have to carefully discern the undertones and subtle signs accompanying each of the answers given in this article. In understanding the context of her action, you’ll give the best interpretation to the reason she is playing with her hair.

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