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What are the Different Roles Played by the Drupal Developers in their Career Journey?

What are the Different Roles Played by the Drupal Developers in their Career Journey?

If you are planning on starting your career with Drupal, your aim would be to keep the best foot forward and be part of the best rewarding path. With minimal skills, you can definitely crack some of the basic Drupal development gigs, but is that enough for you to build a career with this technology? Probably not!

Therefore, you must emphasise learning just the right set of skills to be able to provide full-fledged Drupal web development services to your clients. As you know, Drupal is consistently evolving as a powerful CMS platform, and a lot of organisations have put their trust in it. Therefore, being a Drupal developer will bring you closer to a lot of career opportunities.

In this article, you will get a closer insight into the different roles played by Drupal developers, which paves their path for a successful career journey.

What are the Reasons One Should Choose Drupal Development as a Career?

Before stepping into the roles that Drupal developers have to deal with in their career pathway, here are some reasons why one should pick this in the first place:

  • Demand is High for the Drupal Developers

Drupal, being one of the secure and scalable CMS platforms, is preferred by businesses and government firms around the globe. People use it to build or manage their web apps or websites and implement Zoho CRM integrations with it to maintain an all-round management proficiency.

Considering this, there is a constant demand for Drupal developers or administrators across companies around the world, making it a very rewarding career pick.

  • Supports Continuous Learning

The Drupal ecosystem is being upgraded continually, which opens up the gateways for developers to learn or adopt new skills consistently. Thus, if you are a professional offering Drupal web development services, you will find your career progress to be interesting and competitive in terms of earning productivity.

  • Earn Competitive Salaries

When you are a Drupal professional or developer, your salaries will be immensely competitive when you hold special skills and experience in handling different roles associated with the technology. Your location, job role, experience, and expertise will affect the overall salary package that you will be getting.

  • Better Job Security

As Drupal is now being adopted by a lot of organisations as the preferred CMS platform, the demand for it is never going to degrade. There will be an immense need for Drupal professionals to maintain, expand, and update the sites or apps, which will provide you with job security upon seeking this career path.

What are the Different Roles that Drupal Developers Can Offer?

If you have made up your mind to learn the skills to become a Drupal developer, there are specific roles that you can be experts in, which include:

1. Site Builder

Drupal enables you to be a site-building expert, where your expertise will lie in configuring or customising the core features or modules of Drupal in order to create some functional sites.

When you are assigned the role of a site builder, you won’t be responsible for writing the codes but will be liable for using the flexibility and UI features to offer Drupal web development services to the clients.

As a site builder, you will be collaborating with the theme developers and designers to determine the appearance of your website project and meet its goals. Following that, you will be held responsible for quality assurance, documentation, and user management aspects of a web development project.

2. Front-End Developer

When you are a Drupal front-end developer, your job is to look after the main appearance of the site. You will be implementing the overall feel and look of the website by using custom themes.

When being a Drupal front-end expert, you will mostly be skilled in working with JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and Drupal theme development attributes to create efficient design mockups and functional pages over the site.

Following that, your job will also be to align the visual elements of your site with the design goals. Thus, the end purpose will be to build better navigation, an optimal user experience and enhanced performance for the Drupal website.

3. Back-End Developer

As a Drupal back-end developer, you will be working on the server side of the website to implement customer modules and functionalities. Drupal back-end experts play a major role in enhancing the overall performance and features of the site.

Your job will also demand you to integrate third-party extensions or APIs for adding more functions to the site. For instance, Zoho CRM integrations can be achieved by bringing together your customer relations and content management attributes under one roof.

Troubleshooting the issues on the website and debugging the errors are other crucial jobs that you must attain as a Drupal back-end developer.

4. Module or Extension Developer

When learning Drupal development, you can be the extension or module developer, and you will be responsible for creating custom modules for your Drupal site to enhance the CMS functions.

Your responsibilities as an extension developer will allow you to take on complex projects involving adding unique features to the platform. In short, you will be writing, modifying, or optimising the PHP code for building or enhancing modules or extensions.

Beyond creating these extensions or modules, you will also be responsible for maintaining or updating them over time to make them more compatible and relevant over time.

Bottom Line

This isn’t the end of the roles that a Drupal developer can adopt for a great career. It is because you can be promoted to senior positions as a project manager or technical architect as well, beyond the roles mentioned above. All you need is sheer dedication and foundational knowledge of Drupal web development services.

Following that, you can take up the right course or training to create an ocean of opportunities for yourself. As the demand, community support, and versatility are on point for Drupal CMS, it is a great choice for all budding developers to master it. Do not delay it further, and get started with mastering the skills associated with Drupal development.


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