A Complete Guide to Quality Assurance in Offshore Website Development


A Complete Guide to Quality Assurance in Offshore Website Development

Several companies today are leveraging offshore web development to reduce costs and get the most out of a diverse pool of talented people. The strategy wherein businesses delegate website development to an offshore team wherein experts come up with functionally-rich websites, helps them reap maximum benefits.

But one of the key aspects of offshore web development is ensuring quality control or achieving quality assurance as it is likely to impact the final output of the services you secure. If you fail to take this issue into account, it may lead to poor deliverables and result in the wastage of valuable resources. Eventually, your brand image may also suffer a serious setback. That is why you need to understand the significance of quality control from the beginning and ensure that it is enforced at different stages of website development.

Quality control in offshore web development projects

Quality control is a strategic process wherein businesses try to overcome defects and ensure the delivery of high-quality products. With the processes of quality control implemented, you can make sure that website development meets quality standards. Moreover, you can also identify the problems early on to save time and money. Here are the principles of quality assurance that you need to implement when working with an offshore web development company in India.

  • You need to have a defined and process-oriented approach in place wherein your project undergoes systematic screening.
  • The process needs to mitigate the risks at the start of the project instead of dealing with the defects later.
  • The quality control procedure needs to ensure high-quality deliverables after the completion of the project.

If you are planning to outsource web development shortly, try to implement a well-defined QA procedure for maximizing the output. Offshore web development projects come with numerous challenges. But by having a quality assurance procedure in place, you can make sure that the projects meet the quality standards with ease.

Challenges in offshore web development

What are the challenges you may face when delegating web development to an offshore location? Here are they:

  • Communication is one of the principal barriers that you may often face when working with a web development outsourcing company as local teams are employees to work on the project. Some of the key members may not understand the language of their clients, resulting in misunderstandings.
  • Cultural difference is another barrier that may alter the fate of the project. The team delegating the work to an offshore-based web development company may belong to different cultural backgrounds.
  • Differences in time zone may lead to coordination issues when meeting project deadlines.

Strategies to implement quality control

To make sure quality control is effectively implemented when you avail of offshore web design services, follow these strategies for success:

1. Are you working with the right team?

To implement quality control in an offshore web development project, the job begins with picking the right team. If you need a team having the skills and experience to match the functionality of your projects, Digital Concepts has a wonderful accomplishment you can trust. The company has maintained a consistent track record for delivering high-quality web development solutions.

2. Training procedures

None other than the technology world changes faster than you think. So, find out whether the development team of the outsourcing company you are planning to hire undergoes training and is aware of the latest tools, technologies, and methodologies of web development. That way, you can make sure that the quality of web development meets the required standards of business.

3. Implement rigorous procedures

You must implement strict quality measures when delegating web development to an offshore location. Be sure to check that the testing procedures are implemented in various stages of development. The problems in web development need to be identified at the start so that you can avoid making substantial changes in the later stages when the project is about to come to a close.

Why is quality assurance important?

With quality assurance, you can be sure that the website functions correctly and is free from glitches and errors. Furthermore, it improves the user experience, and as they find it easy to navigate the site. Finally, it ensures customer satisfaction and compels users to return to the website.

Quality assurance plays a crucial role in delivering high-end websites to customers. If you implement quality control procedures in your web development projects, you can overcome the challenges and meet the quality standards.

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