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Uno Reverse Card Rules: 7 Most Important Uno Rules

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If you are a player of Uno card games, then you definitely know the Uno Reverse Card. If you are not a player or you haven’t heard of the game, you might have heard about the Uno reverse card meme because it is quite popular and was derived from the game.

Uno is a card game designed for 2–10 people played with deck cards.

The Uno deck card consists of 112 cards in total (2018 model). There are 76 number cards, 24 action cards, and 12 wild cards. Uno cards come in a suit of colors: red, yellow, green, and blue. Each color suit contains. 19 cards, one 0 card, then two cards each of numbers 1–9, for a total of 76.

There are three action cards (Draw 2, Skip, and Reverse). Each action card has two cards, each in the colors red, yellow, green, and blue. Making each action card 8 and, in total, 24.

Then four (4) wild cards: four wild draws, one wild shuffle card, and three wild customizables.

What is the Uno Reverse Card?

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Okay, it’s time to take a look at the Uno Reverse Card. You can even find the biggest collection of Uno Reverse Cards on the internet if you know where to look.

The Uno Reverse Card is an action card in the game Uno, just like Draw 2 and Skip. An action card is different from a game card and a wild card. An Uno deck contains 8 reverse cards (2 of each color).

According to Uno rules and Uno attack rules, when this card is played, it changes the direction of the game; in simple terms, the order of turns is reversed.

The reverse card in Uno is one of the most powerful action cards in the game and is not to be underestimated. The game of Uno can be going normally, but a reverse card would alter the whole game, causing a major disruption and forcing a player to go in the opposite direction.

However, according to the general rule, other Uno action cards or wild cards can alter a reverse card. Playing another card, like Skip or Wild Draw, instead can get the game going normally.

Your Uno Reverse Card may look different depending on the version of your card. There’s the old version, which consists of 108 cards, and the 2018 version, which consists of 112 cards. However, you will always recognize a reverse card by its arrows. It has two arrows pointing in opposite directions.

Functions of the Uno Reverse Card

The Uno Reverse card can be a powerful tool in the right hands. It is such a legend that it has been included in virtually every version of the Uno card game because it simply can’t be done without it.

Uno Reverse Cards can be used to disrupt the flow of the game and prevent other players from getting rid of their cards, thereby ruining the victory plans of a player who has calculated his or her moves for the latter. It can also be used to force players to draw cards that they may not want.

The Uno Reverse Card has also been known far and wide by people who haven’t even played the game because of its popularity as a meme.

Uno Reverse Card Rules

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The game of Uno has its own official rules and house rules. The official rules were instituted by the owners of the game. These are the general rules that are not subject to change.

The house rules came up with different versions of the game, whereby house players come up with their own rules to suit the version they’re playing.

However, the general rule of Uno card games states that the game goes in a clockwise rotation, and the first player is usually the player to the left of the card dealer. But when any player drops the reverse card, the rules change. If the direction of the game was moving clockwise, then it must now move counterclockwise, and vice versa.

Here are the official rules for the Uno Reverse Card.

  • The reverse card is also considered an action card, just like skip, draw two, and wild cards.
  • The reverse card can only be played on a card of the same color or another reverse card. It is wrong to play it on a mismatched card. If it’s turned over at the start of the game, then the dealer plays first; that is, the player moves to the right instead of the left (anticlockwise).
  • When Uno is played by two people and one player plays the reverse card, it will function exactly as the skip card. This means that the player who placed this card immediately plays again while the other player awaits another turn.
  • When a reverse card is played, it reverses the direction of play so that play goes in the opposite direction. This could switch it from clockwise to counterclockwise or the other way around.
  • The player who has the reverse card played on them must then draw cards from the draw pile equal to any number of cards they have at hand. So if they have five cards, they must draw five cards from the draw pile. Their turn is simply drawing the penalty cards, so they are not allowed to play any cards from their hand on their turn until it goes around to them again.
  • A reverse card can be reversed by another reverse card from another player. Therefore, if two reverse cards are played simultaneously, they cancel each other out, and the direction does not change. The last reversed player would then resume their turn.
  • Another powerful action card, like Draw 4 or Draw 2, can override a reverse when played. However, the reversing player would still need to draw the penalty cards instead of reversing the next player.

These are the few official reverse card rules. In an official tournament play, there will be no “house rules” or alternate rules allowed, like canceling a reverse. The above rules must be strictly followed, or the game is not official.

Alternate “house” Reverse Card Rules

  • In a case where an even number of reverse cards is played, the reverse cards will cancel each other out, and the direction of play will continue in the way that it already was.
  • If an odd number of reverse cards are played, then the direction of play will actually reverse.
  • Players can decide at the start of the game that reverse cards will have a different rule, such as allowing the player to play twice instead of reversing the game, passing the next player and actually reversing the game, or having the Draw 2 card drawn and passed to the next player.

House rules differ for every version of the Uno game, so the above rules are not limited to certain players. Any Uno player can come up with their own alternate rules, but they cannot be used in an official tournament.

Uno Reverse Card Meme

Well, you can’t be let off without knowing what the Uno Reverse Card Meme is, right? Right!

Apart from its literal game meaning, the Uno Reverse Card is a metaphorical symbol that has been used to reverse a negative statement, action, or situation.

Someone can send you an Uno Reverse Card to flip you off and say, “Take back your bad energy.”.

On a final note

The Uno card game is a very popular and interesting one, played by millions of people around the world, and the reverse card is part of what makes it so interesting.

However, as said earlier, the rules may vary based on the version of Uno being played. But the rule of the reverse card acting as a skip card when two players are involved is still not clear because it was later removed from Uno’s official manual, but many players still abide by it. Now it’s up to the house players to decide if it should stay or not.

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