How to Play Android Games on Steam Deck

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The trend of handheld gadgets is currently on the rise, and the Sony PlayStation Project Q has made a significant contribution to this. Popular handheld devices, such as the Steam Deck, are at the top of the market, and most players already prefer the aforementioned consoles.

What if we told you that you can access and enjoy your Steam library on your Android phone and that you don’t even need a console to do so?

Yes, with the help of the Steam Link software, which is accessible on the Google Play Store. The Steam Link application functions similarly to the PS Remote Play and Xbox Cloud Gaming applications. The Steam software employs an Android smartphone as a secondary display, while the PC handles all of the processing and streams the video output via the desktop Steam client. Now, we must keep in mind that the iSteam link will not provide the same level of portability as the Steam Deck.

Nonetheless, it works well for gaming from a different room. In this article, we will discuss how to use Steam Link on an Android device. You should be aware that to play Steam games on your Android smartphone; you will need to have a PC with the Steam client installed.

There is currently no direct way to play Android games on Steam Deck. Please keep in mind that Steam Deck does not officially support Android games. The first thing to think about is if your Android games are compatible. Because Steam Deck supports native Android apps, the majority of them should work right away.

How to Play Android Games on Steam Deck


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If you truly want to play Android games on your Steam Deck, there is just one method to accomplish this. Because Steam Deck does not directly support playing Android games, you can play Android games on your Steam Deck by using an Android Emulator.

You may now wonder which emulator to utilize on your Steam Deck. On your Steam Deck, you can download and install a third-party emulator called LDPlayer. LDPlayer is an excellent emulator that has been tried by multiple people for running Android games on the Steam Deck.

How to Install LDPlayer Emulator on Your Steam Deck and Play Android Games?

You can download and install the LDPlayer emulator on your Steam Deck by following the steps below.

1. Switch Steam Deck to Desktop Mode

The first step is to switch to desktop mode on your Steam deck. On your Steam Deck, tap the STEAM button, then Power, then Desktop.

2. Download LDPlayer

Once in desktop mode, simply drag and drop the LDPlayer from the browser onto your Steam deck. Open the Firefox browser on your Steam Deck and search for and download the LDPlayer emulator.

3. Add the LDPlayer to your Steam library

You must add the LDPlayer to your Steam library as a non-steam game. To do so, go to your Steam screen’s upper bar, select Games, then Add a Non-Steam Game to Your Library. Select LDPlayer as a non-Steam game, then click Add Selected Programs to add it to your Steam library.

4. Select LDPlayer from your library and launch it

Simply launch the LDPlayer emulator from the Steam library and use it to search for and play Android games. If you are having issues, you should examine the hardware and app constraints. You should also be conscious of the framerate limiter on your device.

Game Compatibility

You may notice a gray circle with a diagonal line on your Steam Deck. This means that the game you’re attempting to play on your Steam Deck isn’t supported by the device.

But don’t worry, because Valve’s testing team has tested every game in the Steam catalog, the chances of your game not operating on your Steam Deck are small to none. Some things to look out for in a Steam Deck game are listed below.

1. Hardware

If you want to play Android games on your PC, you can now get a Steam Deck, a portable gaming device powered by a special AMD processor.

A quad-core, eight-thread Zen 2 CPU and a 1.6 TFlops RDNA 2 GPU power the Steam Deck.

AMD’s Ryzen CPUs are not exactly equivalent to consumer processors. Hence, none of their features are available.

The Steam Deck sports a 7-inch touch-enabled LCD screen with a refresh rate of 60Hz.

2. Apps

When it comes to portable gaming solutions, Steam Deck may be the finest option.

While this handheld gaming device has numerous functionalities, there are many unknowns.

Let’s begin by looking at how the Steam Deck library page works.

You should be able to simply navigate the Steam Deck library page after logging into your Steam account.

3. Framerate Limiter

The Steam Deck is a $399 gaming PC capable of delivering smooth 30fps games. To conserve battery life, the new device will include an optional built-in FPS restriction.

This feature, which Valve teased on Twitter, is a wonderful addition to Steam’s already fantastic gaming experience. During the first week, however, it is not feature-complete.

4. Desktop Mode in Linux

To play Android games on your Steam Deck, you must first learn how to activate desktop mode on your device.

This can be accomplished by booting your Steam Deck into desktop mode. A keyboard, mouse, USB C Hub, and Bluetooth must be connected to your Steam Deck.

Then, on the Steam Deck, press the Windows Button to launch Desktop Mode. You must now go to the software center (which should be pinned to your taskbar).

What You’ll Require

You’ll need the following items and prerequisites to get started:

1. Steam Deck

To play games on it, you’ll need the Steam Deck, a handheld gaming device made by Valve.

2. Android Emulation Software

On the Steam Deck, you’ll need software that can imitate Android. For this reason, an application such as Anbox or a modified Android image can be utilized.

3. Android Games

Make sure you have all of the Android games you wish to play. You may get these games from the Google Play Store or other trusted sources.

4. MicroSD Card

Because the internal capacity on the Steam Deck is limited, having a microSD card to enhance storage for your Android games is a smart option.


How can I add a game that isn’t on Steam to my Steam Deck?

You certainly can. Go to the Steam client on the desktop and select the “add a game” button in the lower left corner, then, pick ‘add a non-steam game’ and find the application you installed in the list.

Is it possible to play any game on Steam Deck?

The quick answer is yes. Technically, the Steam Deck can run any Steam game in your library but another question is whether or not all titles will run smoothly. Valve maintains a list of Steam Deck-verified titles that have been optimized for play on the Steam Deck.

Is EmuDeck compatible with Android?

EmuDeck for Android is a more limited version due to Android’s many constraints. We can only assist you in downloading emulators, creating folders for your roms, and configuring RetroArch systems with Bezels and shaders on Android; all other platforms require personal configuration.

How can I get Waydroid to work on Steam Deck?

  • Run (recommended: copy commands line by line or execute directly).
  • waydroid-extras -a 11 is certified.
  • Insert into /home/deck.
  • At game mode, add /home/deck/ as a non-steam game.
  • Set Plasma to always conceal the bottom panel.
  • Start Waydroid from the menu.

How do I add Roms to my Steam Deck Emulator?

  • Launch the File Manager.
  • Locate the location where EmuDeck was installed (the internal HDD or SD Card).
  • Navigate to Emulation, then Roms.
  • Place the game ROMs in the appropriate folder.

How can I use an Android emulator to run an APK?

Drag an APK file onto the emulator screen to install it on the emulated device. APK Installer dialog box appears. When the installation is complete, the app will appear in your app’s list. Drag a file into the emulator screen to add it to the emulated device.

Will there be a Sequel to Steam Deck?

Valve’s Steam Deck is a popular handheld gaming system on the market, particularly among PC gamers. In an email to The Verge and CNBC, Valve’s Pierre-Loup Griffais stated that the replacement to the Steam Deck will not be available for at least the next couple of years.


Playing Android games on the Steam Deck is a novel and exciting way to increase your gaming collection on this multifunctional handheld gadget. You may set up Android emulation, download your favorite Android games, and set up the controllers to begin gaming by following the steps provided in this guide.

Keep in mind that the performance of Android games might vary, so before entering into this experience, do some research on compatibility and system requirements. On the Steam Deck, you may have fun exploring the large library of Steam titles or diving into the world of Android gaming. It’s a gaming universe in the palm of your hand!

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