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20 Types of GFs

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The different types of GFs are common around us. Ladies possess distinct and unique personalities that can be traced back to the background they came from, their previous lives, or the challenges that shaped them to be who they are. There are two-faced girlfriends who act happy when they are around you, whereas they are not. The party girlfriends can spend all they have just to be at that party. The emotional girlfriend cries a lot, even for issues that are not worth it.

Would you like to know what type of GF you have as a guy or are you trying to figure out what type of girlfriend you are as a lady? Then this article is for you. Stay tuned while we unveil the types of GFs.

20 Types of GFs

Here are a few types of GFs. However, always keep in mind that individuals are unique and may not exactly fit into any of the types; some might express two or three characteristics of the types of GFs, while others might have fluctuations in their personalities.

1. The Supportive Girlfriend

Supportive girlfriends are always there for their partner; they don’t put themselves first when the need arises. They are willing to offer emotional and financial support.

Among other types of GFs, the supportive girlfriend is every man’s dream, she is very interested in the growth of her partner. She puts in her quota to ensure her partner is stable. She supports his dreams and ambitions. Guys opt for a supportive girlfriend because they believe she will make a great wife and mother.

2. The Adventurous Girlfriend

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The adventurous girlfriends are the ones who are eager to learn and try new things. They are good at taking risks; they love traveling, visiting new places, visiting different tourist centers, and exploring.

She enjoys spur-of-the-moment trips and activities; she might enjoy hiking, camping, rock climbing, or other outdoor pursuits that offer a thrill and a connection with nature. She embraces challenges and sees them as opportunities for growth. She tends to have an optimistic and adventurous mindset.

3. The Party Addict Girlfriend

This type of girlfriend gets satisfaction only after attending a party, she surrounds herself with people like herself, and her entire life revolves around parties and clubhouses. She loves hookups and mingling. A responsible man who wants to get married doesn’t find the party addict girlfriend attractive. Such girlfriends are only meant to satisfy their present urges and pleasures.

4. The Homebody Girlfriend

Among other types of GFs, the homebody girlfriend is the most gentle and quiet one. They prefer to be alone, stay indoors, make no or few friends, and attend no outdoor activities.

This type of girlfriend might be a great cook and interior decorator but some might prefer to stay indoors and read or do research. Most homebody girlfriends always say, “I get more inspiration when I am alone and indoors,” which makes them very intelligent.

5. The Career-Driven Girlfriend

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This type of girlfriend is career-oriented, they are very dedicated to their ambitions and goals, and they are determined to succeed in their career. Most career-driven girlfriends are so passionate about their careers that they neglect to take care of themselves and their families.

6. The Creative Girlfriend

The creative girlfriend is passionate about creativity, either in music, art, writing, drawing, or other creativity. They are good at creating new things and ideas, giving solutions to problems, and manipulating things to work as they choose. This type of girlfriend tends to be very wise and skilled.

7. The Classy Girlfriend

Among all other types of GFs, the classy girlfriend has a very high taste for a luxurious life. Her outfits are quite expensive, her wardrobe is well furnished, and she buys the latest shoes, clothes, bags, make-up, perfume, and phone.

The majority of her belongings are branded; she hates cooking but loves going to restaurants, bars, and hotels. Her kinds of friends are the rich and classy types, she hardly mingles with the poor. Having a classy girlfriend as a partner entails that you must be rich and ready to spend.

8. The Fitness Enthusiast

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This type of girlfriend prioritizes health and fitness, she often engages in regular exercise and maintains a healthy lifestyle. She wants everyone around her to be fit as well. She’s a lover of sports and games.

9. The Animal Lover

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This type of girlfriend has a strong affinity for animals and may have pets or volunteer at animal shelters. She walks around with her pet dog, carries her pet on her body, feeds it, and bathes her pet. She’s always emotional when her pet is sick and prays for its quick recovery.

10. The Gold Digger Girlfriend

Among the types of GFs, the gold digger is called the extortion girlfriend. She’s there just because of the expensive gifts and money. She’s angry when her request is not granted, she’s always at the receiving end and she loves shopping for expensive items.

Her love language is gifts and less I forget; these gifts must be very expensive, and she doesn’t mind going online to search for the worth of items you bought for her. The gold digger girlfriend will abandon you when you have no money.

11. The Independent Girlfriend

These are the self-sufficient types of girlfriends. She loves to do things herself without the help of anyone, she wants to make her money herself without relying on her partner and she’s very hard-working and diligent. She caters to her needs and loves to take up her responsibilities.

The independent girlfriend is the opposite of a gold digger; she detests the thought of anyone spending money on her. She prefers to divide the cost of anything spent on her. She wants to be treated equally.

12. The Jealous Girlfriend

This type of girlfriend is very sensitive when an opposite gender is seen around you; they have trust issues, they want to question your every movement, they want to call always to be sure you are not with the opposite gender and if they discover a female friend with you, they tend to ask who she is to you.

13. The Cheat Girlfriend

This type of GF is the most difficult to handle. They are never satisfied with one partner; they are hard to identify because it is difficult to see them in the act, and they may save a male contact with a female name. Furthermore, cheat girlfriends find it difficult to appreciate and respect their partners because they have someone who treats them better than their partners and they tend to compare their partners with other people.

14. The Emotional Girlfriend

This type of girlfriend cries at any slight provocation, especially when she is unable to obtain what she desires. She has a way of manipulating you until she has her way.

Don’t try to turn down her request unless you are ready to see her cry and scream, not because she is unhappy but because she didn’t get what she wants. Most times, people wonder if the tears are always stored in the eyes, waiting for a trigger to push them down because they get teary so quick.

15. The Shabby Girlfriend

The Shabby girlfriend doesn’t care about her outward looks and beauty; she only believes in inward beauty, and she doesn’t mind what people will say. Although she puts on good dresses only on special occasions, she’s not bothered about her hairstyles or shoes. She believes that her partner will love her as she is.

16. The Dependent Girlfriend

These are the dependent types of GFs. She loves to do things with the help of others, but she doesn’t want to make her money herself; instead, she enjoys relying on her partner. She’s not hard-working and diligent. She doesn’t like to cater for her needs and she hates to take up her responsibilities.

The dependent girlfriend is the opposite of an independent girlfriend; she’s happy when she’s been spent on. As much as a man loves a dependent woman, at some point, he begins to feel overwhelmed by such a character.

17. The Foodie Girlfriend

tim samuel, pexels, 6697286.jpg

This type of girlfriend can’t stay without chewing something, she’s the full definition of food, she’ll love you more once you give her food and she loves pizza and shawarma. Even after being satisfied, she still feels like she wants to eat. These types of GFs are mostly chubby and full-sized in shape.

18. The Clingy Girlfriend

They are attention seekers, they want to be all over you, and they call and text almost every hour, reminding you of how much you mean to them and how much they love you. They love having body contact with their partners and want to be with them always. The clingy girlfriend thinks of nothing more than her partner, their plans, their children, and how they will end up with their partner.

Every man’s desire to have a partner who always thinks about him and his welfare and wants to hear his voice and be with him. However, it can be choking when excessively done.

19. The Quarrelsome Girlfriend

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The quarrelsome girlfriends are good at fighting and arguing over a slight misunderstanding. They believe that they should always fight their way out in order to get a breakthrough. They are known for their talkative nature; they never accept defeat and are always agile and alert.

20. The Understanding Girlfriend

Lastly, understanding girlfriends, as the word implies, are always understanding; they are easy to get along with, they run from trouble and they are not biased. They are similar to the supportive girlfriend, they accept things the way they are, and they are great managers. An understanding girlfriend will make a good wife and mother.

Final Words

In conclusion, the different types of GFs may not exactly depict the whole of a person, but they might give you a clue about the person’s personality. Many people display a combination of these traits or don’t neatly fit into any of the categories. However, it’s important to appreciate the outstanding qualities and personality of your partner.

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