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20 Tasty and Edible Types of Crackers


Crackers are flat, dry-baked biscuits usually made with flour. The flavors, or seasonings, are salt, herbs, seeds or cheese. It may be added to the dough on top of it before baking.

Crackers are mostly branded as a nutritious and convenient way to consume a staple food. Crackers can be eaten on their own, but they can also be eaten with other food items such as cheese, fruits, jam, butter and peanuts.

Bland or mild crackers are sometimes used as a palate cleanser in food product testing or flavor testing between samples.

Those characteristic holes that are found in many crackers are called “the docking holes.” The holes are poked in the dough to stop overly large air pockets from forming in the cracker during the baking process.

Crackers come in different shapes and sizes. Not only that, they are also versatile snacks that can be eaten alone or with other ingredients.

Different Types Of Crackers

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As much as all crackers have something to offer, some crackers are healthier than others, and in this article, I will be discussing the types of crackers you should know about.

1. Keebler Crackers

These are chocolate-covered wafers and they are produced by the Keebler Company. Although these crackers are similar to cookies, the only difference is that they do not contain eggs.

These crackers are one kind of snack that comes in different flavors.

2. Graham Crackers

Graham crackers are owned by Americans. This cracker is honey-flavored. Graham cracker crumbs are used for the creation of Graham cracker crust for fruit pie and moon pies. The most commonly used ingredients for making Graham crackers are the Graham floor, oil, shortening, molasses and salt.

Graham crackers contain a source of protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins. They are delicious, versatile and nutritious.

3. Triscuit Crackers

The triscuit crackers brand has been there since 1903; it was owned by Nabisco but is now owned by Mondelez International. The Triscuit brand is one brand that has been producing different kinds of crackers. These crackers are one of a kind and can be enjoyed anytime. It is a combination of sweet flavors and salt.

4. Breton Crackers

These crackers are good when it comes to drinking coffee or tea. It is among the crackers made in the United States and Canada. Jam and butter are the perfect combination for eating these crackers.

5. Goldfish Crackers

If you’ve been searching for a cracker that will smile at you, search no more! Goldfish cracker is the cracker you are searching for.

This cracker is one of the brands of crackers produced by the American food company Pepperidge Farm.

6. Almond Flour Sea Salt Crackers

These crackers are protein-rich, and they are also gluten-free. They are made with organic sunflower oil, which comes with a serving of fancy bags that form purses later on.

7. Mary’s Gone Crackers

The Mary gone crackers are kind of crackers. It is packed with different kinds of seeds and has about five grams of protein and three grams of fiber in it. It is one of the crackers that gives you nothing but the best taste when it gets to your mouth.

8. Cheez-It

This cracker stands as one of the best crackers in America and it is one of the best sellers when it comes to selling out. It has been in existence since the year 1921. It also comes in flavors such as: cheese, cheddar jack, cheese pizza, hot and spicy and pepper jack.

Talking about flavor options, Cheez-It offers plenty of them.

9. Chicken In Biskit Crackers

Another best-selling cracker in the American snack market by Nabisco is Chicken In Biskit Crackers. This brand has gone far in business and has now become one of the best selling crackers of all time in the United States of America.

Its original flavors include; Better Cheddars, Chicken, Vegetables things. It is the sixth best selling in the USA.

10. Club Crackers

The club crackers is the eighth best selling crackers in the United States of America. It is one of the best crackers, loved by Americans and beyond. It is made with a buttery melt-in-mouth texture and the lightly salted and flaky crackers make the perfect snack. You can eat the Club Crackers with cheese or sandwiches.

11. Toasted Crackers

Toasted crackers are one of the best crackers sold in the United States and they are included in the best selling crackers that are topping the list. Toasteds can be super enjoyed by themselves with a slice of real cheese. No matter the type of flavor you use or choose for it, it will always come out impressive.

12. Black Rice and Sea Salt Crackers

This cracker is one of a kind and not only that, it is good when it comes to health. They have low sodium and no added sugar. You can take up to 21 of them for only 130 calories. People who have had a taste of it love it.

13. Captain’s Wafers Crackers

The company for these crackers was founded in the year 1885 and they have been up and doing in producing delicate crackers since then. They are known for their scrumptious taste and outstanding shape.

Captain’s Wafers Crackers come in three different flavors, which are: honey sandwich, peanut butter and cream cheese.

14. Zesta Saltine Crackers

These crackers satisfy the cravings of the customers because of their salty nature without the addition of sodium or fat. It is many people’s favorite cracker.

They are also free of artificial taste and color.

15. Flackers Flax Seed Crackers

This cracker offers many health benefits to its consumers and it can make provision for healthy omega-3 fatty acids. The cracker is meant to help people meet their nutritional needs on a daily basis.

16. Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers

This cracker is made from almond flour, and it has carved a niche for itself in the market with its rich-nutrient profile, which has been providing a good source of proteins and fats that are healthy from the almonds. The flavors include: dark chocolate almond, sea salt, honey cinnamon and artisan bread.

17. Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Cracker

This cracker is known for its unique blend of whole grains and variety of seeds. Consumers are in love with the fact that they can maintain dips and heavy toppings. They are also celebrated for their high quality and healthy snacking.

18. Hu Paleo Vegan Crackers

This is one of the types of crackers that come in tasty flavors. Example; Sea Salt, Pizza, etc.

19. 365 Everyday Value Cracked Wheat Crackers

This particular cracker is known for its unbleached flour and wheat, plus it does not in any way contain 100% sodium. It is healthy to eat and also recommendable.

20. Beloxxi Crackers

Beloxxi Crackers are one of the best crackers you can find in Nigeria. It is rated as one of the best because of its taste and quality. A taste of it will make want to empty your pocket in minutes. The crackers are not just meant for kids but also for adults.

Why People Love Crackers

Crackers being one of the snacks that is not leaving the market soon has become people’s favorite and always go-to anytime snacks.

In this phase, we will look into why people love crackers.

  • It is loved because of its health benefits, flavors and texture.
  • They are fond of it already.
  • It is nutritious and convenient to eat.

Health Benefits Of Crackers

  • As a source of carbohydrates, it helps to provide energy in the body.
  • Many crackers have salt in them, which contributes to their taste. It is vital to know the sodium content, especially for people who have dietary restrictions.
  • They have low calories.
  • It helps to reduce the blood cholesterol level, which is responsible for lowering the risk of heart disease.
  • Some crackers contain protein in them in order to boost their protein content.
  • Some types of crackers, like whole wheat, can be a source of dietary fiber. Fiber helps when it comes to digestion.
  • Cracker snacks are also suitable for weight management.
  • Eating crackers like wheat crackers can help one to be relieved of tension and have a sense of comfort.
  • There are nutrients in crackers that are beneficial to human general health.
  • Crackers may be good for weight loss if they are eaten in moderation.

As someone who is trying to lose weight, you must consider consuming fewer calories.

Crackers, as produced by John Pearson in 1792, have become the best snack chosen by many people around the world. Sometimes, some people want a simple snack to munch on and have their peace yet quench their hunger and Crackers answered the call. Fortunately, there are different kinds of crackers one can always choose from. From the above, you should know the crackers you’ve eaten and your experiences with them.


The purpose of crackers is to bring another taste and experience to the consumers and also to the market places. It has been serving its purpose since it came to the board; not only do people love crackers, they also love the variety of them all.

Taking a bite of any today will convince you.

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