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Joseph Kalu

20 Fitness Facts Backed By Research For That Extra Kick Of Your Week

20 Fitness Facts Backed By Research For That Extra Kick Of Your Week

As we move into the fifth month of the year, how are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? How is it going with developing new healthy habits? Hopefully, you haven’t canceled your gym membership yet! If you’ve already considered skipping a workout this month, you may need some extra reason to keep going. And, ...



15 Types of Recognitions to Motivate Employees at Work

Recognition is proven to be one of the best methods of boosting work motivation and employee engagement. However, 2 out of 3 people receive no workplace recognition in a given year, which means you’re potentially keeping your employees from being more productive and motivated at work. Making your employees feel appreciated and valued can play ...


Employee recognition

Motivation Unveiled: The Role of Recognition in Employee Psychology

Employee recognition is an essential component of creating a positive and productive work environment. It’s not just about giving compliments or perks; it’s about understanding the power of acknowledgment. Recognizing employees for their hard work and dedication can boost their morale and motivation, ultimately leading to higher levels of job satisfaction and loyalty. When employees ...

Chinonso Nwajiaku

Positive Ways To Kickstart Your Day Joyfully

6 Positive Ways To Kickstart Your Day Joyfully

Ask any successful business owner the secret of their accomplishments, and they will tell you how strongly they believe in a healthy morning schedule. Anything you do after you wake up is what you follow the entire day, whether you start by using your phone, sulking about your job, or being grateful for the life ...