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16 Ways to Respect Your Wife’s Feelings

As a man, one of the keys to a successful marriage in your home is to walk in unity with your wife to build your home together. This includes the way you treat and respect her feelings. Marriage is hard work, and it takes consistent building to have a happy home. A husband who regards ...


Lonely Wife’s Letter to Husband

Couples can experience loneliness from time to time, especially in circumstances beyond their control. Circumstances like job , sickness, financial lack, etc. This mostly occurs among new couples or even older ones. I remember being distant from my husband in the early period of our marriage because of our jobs. It was immediately after our ...


How to Know Someone Loves You Back: 9 Ways to Find Out

The realization of someone actually loving one back is a feeling everyone wants to have because it’s beautiful and comforting. When someone begins to love you back, you’ll know. It becomes palpable. The person either says it vocally or with actions. Love doesn’t hide; with time, it’ll speak. Love is patient, too. Sometimes a lot ...


15 Different Types Of Couples

We come across different types of couples daily. Some couples make marriage appetizing, while others show you the worst in marriage. However, every couple is distinctive in their characters and dealings. Do you know which type of couple you are? Couples are different, each having a distinct and unique love story and scene behind how ...